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Ecological Disaster
Post by Perilous on Apr 3rd, 2016, 11:15am

(Totally not Jurassic Park wink )

The news headlines read that it was one of the worst examples of technology gone wrong. The world's largest animal preserve was thrown into lockdown, leaving people stranded. The preserve (marketing had insisted on not calling it a zoo) was situated on a tropical island all by itself. Late one night, a huge tropical storm erupted, knocking out all power to the island. Normally, the preserve locking system was designed that in case of a power outage, the locks should remain closed. However, the backup power system unexpectedly failed as well, and a glitch in the system resulted in all of the animal pens being thrown wide open.

The first several days were utter chaos. The preserve was closed off to visitors, and transportation to the island was extremely limited. The animals ran wild from every corner of the island. Eventually, however, the captive animals formed into a strange sort of ecological balance. The predators established their hunting grounds and territory from other predators. The prey found there comfortable niche. However, one thing still remained out of place. Meanwhile, the humans outside the island struggled to bring the situation under control.

Shay, the dominant snake at the new wilderness, lay quietly coiled up in a tree, expending as little energy as possible as he was pelted by the rain. The snake had moved out of the reptile house, and taken up residence where some of the monkeys had previously been housed. There wasn't much the apes could do about it, except protest loudly, but none of them wanted to risk doing something about him.

It was then that his eyes feel on scene that caught his interest. Down below was a human. After a moment, he recognized one of the zoo keepers who would sometimes feed him. It seems they had been trapped on the island when the power went out. She looked like she had been through heck and back, and she probably had. Not too far away was an environment friendly electric kart that the zoo staff used. However, without the ability to charge the battery, the kart had died and provided little more than a small canopy anymore.

The great python slowly slid from his resting place, and made his way down the tree. His predator instincts telling him to go for what he hoped would be an easy meal. (open to a detailed rper who will play the part of the trapped zoo keeper)
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Post by Drow on Apr 14th, 2017, 7:55pm

Kylee had been a wreck since... well, the wreck that was security had done the unthinkable. She was well on her way to the reptile house to feed some of her favorite animals, only for the power to spark, an angry herd of the rhino's had rampaged through, causing her to take shelter in what she thought would have been her escape- the kart. She had tried several times to find a way through the madness, but every time she did, a growling was heard and she'd retreat into the safety of the domed cart. Unfortunately for her on such occasion caused the thick glass to crack enough to make a hole just large enough for a serpent like Shay to squeeze through.

The redhead was flustered, her once kept, clean hair in a humid mess, strapping to every part of her keeper's suit it could find. She found it was the only comfort to twiddle her fingers through her locks of hair, otherwise she would resort to the nasty habit of biting her nails. Soft, green eyes viewed the landscape, with freedom just across a gorge with a small bridge just a mile or so away. Yet what was between her was where every predator seemed to take their fancy. It was a wonder that nothing had pursued after her in the confinements of the only shelter deemed at least worthy.

It too had an effect on her mind, for anything that moved she snapped to it in a panic, with nothing to really defend herself with except a shoe, for one was discarded to a lion who happily took it as it's prize, probably shreds by now. She was built for the job, her muscle hidden in a little pudge, with a bust and hips that framed her enough to make most men stare. Her pants were torn on the right leg on the outside, her shirt in rags as she had to wriggle out of a fallen tree that was struck by the power outage. Minor cuts were spread over her skin, but she was used to a few nicks that some of the constrictors of the reptile house had given her when they missed the meal she had given them.
"Well, Kylee, I don't know how, but it seems your luck has done it to you again," she said to herself. "It's at least been a week and still no sign of rescue, if anybody even made it out alive...." Despite her keen awareness, she hadn't had much to keep herself totally aware, for the serpent would soon be upon her, and her safe haven wouldn't be so safe anymore.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 19th, 2017, 11:19am

Shay slithered down lower to get a look at the human who was taking up shelter in the cart. His heat vision let him see into the glass windshield. He also picked out the hole that was just large enough for him to fit into.

However, his study of the situation was suddenly interrupted. There was a loud bang as thunder and lightning rolled across the sky. Storm clouds had moved in while he wasn't paying attention. Just as quickly, a large downpour of rain started. Soon the entire jungle was covered in streams of water running down the trees. Water cascaded all around the cart, entering into the cracked glass, but otherwise the interior stayed dry. The water messed up his heat vision and he could barely see anything with his regular eyes. Still it seemed likely that his prey was going to remain in place for the storm. They wouldn't be able to see his approach either. He slithered down onto the cart and silently slid into the opening. There wasn't going to be much room in the seats for a massive python and a passenger, but this suited him just fine.
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Post by Drow on Apr 19th, 2017, 12:10pm

"Well, at least I'm away from the wet storm, I just hope it doesn't start to fill this cart," she told herself. Her gaze unfortunately was turned away from the crack, as if she were groping for the bridge to freedom. Only when she felt a cold, wet leather graze her left leg did her eyes shoot open like saucers, wincing at the touch before her mouth dropped agape. Her voice caught in her throat, peeping a strained screech as she plastered against the farthest wall as one of the python specimens was seeping into the already small confinement.

Her hands quickly fumbled for her bag, taking out a rod, bent into a harmless hook at the end any zookeeper needed in order to keep the head of a snake clear from her. Yet in her weakened, and now more emotional state, it only shook in her grasp as she attempted to pin the head to the side of the cart to think about her next move. Yet, she realized this particular rod was made for the smaller, more venomous snakes, and the width of the hook didn't fit into the crook of this neck.
"Oh, no, no, no, no, no this can't be good.. uh... maybe he's just looking for warmth?" she spoke to herself. "Of course he's looking for warmth, and then a nice meal," she added, her tone seeming to change almost to another person entirely. As more of his body spilled into the cart, the more nervous she became, especially since people marveled at his size and length, larger than the rest of his mates. Her feet were pressed to the sides of the cart in a feat of splits, her hands pressed up against the roof from time to time to keep her from falling forward into the sluggish mass below her. She couldn't leave the cart... but then again she might have to just to avoid the serpent's crushing tail, but that also would mean diving in to press the button to open the hatch, which was already covered over by the thick musculature, she'd be caught for sure. She normally wasn't afraid of snakes, but out in this environment she was afraid of what he could do.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 19th, 2017, 12:51pm

The coils slowly stopped pouring into the enclosure as the last of its tail slipped inside. The giant snake was taking up most of space inside, while she tried to occupy the least amount of space as possible. For a tantalizing moment, its coils opened up a space where she could see the release button for the hatch, but then just as quickly, it was covered again. It was probably a coincidence as the snake could not have known what any of the buttons did in the vehicle. It lifted its head up to meet her's, as it looked her straight in the eye. It's cold wet coils shivered as it longed to get her warm body in it's coils. Then eventually it looked forward to a nice meal. Then the tip of its tail touched her leg where her jeans had been ripped open. It slowly and experimentally began to coil around her ankle.
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Post by Drow on Apr 19th, 2017, 1:25pm

She never expected it's head to reach up to her, as if testing if she was a prime candidate. Normally she knew to watch the head at all times, but what surprised her was the tail inching along her ankle. Her feet almost slipped from the sides of the cart, her hands darting to the tail and fumbling in removing the tail. As she did, her opposite foot slipped, and she fell hard onto the coils beneath her, and she realized the sudden movement might make the snake react harshly, and quickly held up her arms and curled into a ball, her knees underneath her chin in the fetal position, right smack dab in the middle as her heart soon leapt into her eyes.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 20th, 2017, 11:43pm

Both fortunately and unfortunately for her, Shay wasn't that easy to startle. It looked at her with a mix of cold curiosity and bemusement. Although there was a little sympathy in there as well, but it's serpentine feature were completely unreadable.

Her fetal position was completely useless for her safety. All he had to do was slip a single coil around her waist and she would be defenseless. He considered all this, but decided to play with his food a little. The coils underneath her cupped her form from below. He then lightly placed a few coils on top of her. Effectively, he had her surrounded in a sandwich with his coils on top and below her. Then he dropped his head down to meet her's once again. He waited silently for her reaction, curious what she would attempt next.
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Post by Drow on Apr 21st, 2017, 08:51am

She thought she was a goner, but when his coils gently laid on top of her rather than writhe about her form. She peered up, seeing the inquisitive face of the serpent. She used her arms to push the coils on top of her, which was easier said than done, deciding against it altogether when he kept moving them back after her effort.
"Hey there..... big guy...." she said like she did to all of the animals she helped. Her voice was filled with fear, but her face seemed surprisingly calm in all of this. She gently reached her hand up to the top of his head. "You're not so bad, now are you?" Her legs remained where they were, for she was frozen to the spot and knew that he would have to work, if even just a little, to trap her in his crushing scales. She gently rubbed his head before shifting out of the coils and moving to more of a seated position. "Now just keep these to yourself, ok? I know you want to get warm, but we can't be too careful, now can we?"
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Post by Perilous on Apr 21st, 2017, 11:12pm

The serpent continued to stare at her. She was quickly overcoming her fear, he was letting himself slip. Her words were soothing and he found himself thinking that he didn't want to be bad. And her stroking his head felt so nice. His inner eyelids closed for a second as he enjoyed the attention. It was a real shame that he was going to have to eat her.

"... Warm..." he hissed quietly. Her leg position was going to make it difficult to get a hold of her from there. He looked her straight in the eye. Much like threatening posture a snake takes with a charmer's instrument, he began to weave his head around a little to keep her attention. Meanwhile, his tail slowly made its way around and slid around her waist. Her ragged shirt did little to keep him at bay. She wasn't likely to miss the wet and cold sensation around her belly.
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Post by Drow on Apr 24th, 2017, 10:47am

She knew that he was trying to lower her defenses, but she couldn't help but watch, only to shiver at the tail sneaking around her waist, her hands quickly grasping at it more out of reaction than anything. She too had wanted a bit of warmth from the colder nights and the freezing rains, though in her shelter she had been pretty dry. She bit her lip as he eyes tore from the display of his face.

"No..." she said rather feebly, knowing the serpent might have it's way even if she fought with it. "I know you're cold, but I can't." She held the tip of the tail in her hands and gently rubbed it to attempt to dry off the wet scales, hoping that her little act wouldn't allow the rest of him to swarm about her. Yet without her arms locking her legs where they were, her focus allowed her legs to slip from their position and straighten as she sat, using her hands to wipe at least some of the water from his scales in attempts to dry him off. She probably wasn't even halfway yet when she lost track of the tail as well, her work filling her mind and her guard indeed fell before the serpent to take advantage of.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 25th, 2017, 01:04am

She was making it really hard to focus on his hunger. It was so sweet of her to try to dry him off. The feel of her hands running all over his coils was very relaxing. If he were a cat, he would purr. But even as she appealed his better nature, she was leaving herself more open to his coils. He wanted to take advantage of her dropped defenses, but he didn't want her to stop the rubbing. His tail squirmed in her grasp to keep her attention and it delicately curled over her hands as she worked.

Seizing his opportunity, he moved his head in closer to her's. His face nuzzled against her cheek. Then he swiftly curled around her neck. She had lost track of her drying progress, so he allowed his coils to curl around her hands a few times. Soon her wrists were trapped in handcuffs of coils. He was able to pull her forward a little bit in her seat. The irony was that he was no longer covering the button to release the hatch in their vehicle. If she could reach it, she could get a way out. However, her chances of doing so were rapidly diminishing.
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Post by Drow on Apr 26th, 2017, 08:46am

"Ok... ok," she said, tensing as soon as his head looped around her neck, only to also notice that her wrists were also bound. She shifted them, testing the bond, and found that it would take some difficulty to remove either coil about her form. "I can't really help you when you do this, buddy. Now..." she strained, trying to slowly and softly wrench one wrist free. It took her a while, and with his head around her neck her focus was more on where his head was, and she didn't dare move her head to even glance to see if the button was open for her to take.

One hand slipped free as she shook it, the friction a little uncomfortable as she went to remove the coil at her neck. He hadn't tightened it during the whole process, which she sighed in relief for, but she didn't know how he would take her removing him from her, but she knew from her training to have any part of a snake's body around the neck proved dangerous at any given time. She slipped her fingers between the coil and her neck, gently pushing out and up to squeeze her head out of the hold.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 26th, 2017, 11:28pm

It was so sweet of her to offer to help him. Unfortunately, he had already planned on helping himself. It amused him to allow her to pull her hands free. He even allowed her to go so far as to remove the coil from her neck. However, as she slid it up past her chin, he tightened his coil, catching her around her lips. Her mouth was covered by the coil, and her fingers were pressed against the sides of her face. Luckily she still had the ability to breathe through her nose. A sly coil was slowly creeping around the back of her head, and was going to cover her nose when it got there. Still, he wasn't squeezing too hard for her to pry it off. The rest of his coils were pulling in closer, feeling the warmth she emitted. As she fumbled with the ones around her face, a rather thick coil wrapped snuggly around her shapely hips. The tip of his tail also caught her around her ankles. It was starting to be too much for her to keep up with. Little by little, his coils were closing in around her.
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Post by Drow on Apr 27th, 2017, 12:32pm

She muffled out a slight groan when he tightened at her lips and began to cover her nose. Ok, now this isn't good, she thought, pushing up and out a little harder to push the coils from her head. Once she had she laid them aside, only to feel the coil curl around her hips, the tail slipping around her ankles. "Oh boy, no, we can't do that." She began to panic as his coils were closing in about her. Her hands went to the coil at her hips, thicker than she anticipated. She strained, arching her back, only to help the coil secure her more.
"Now, now, let me... nnngh... go now," she groaned again with another push. She waited too long, and now soon she'd be defenseless against the powerful snake if she didn't think of something fast. This behavior was somewhat different from what she had seen before. Most would snap at their prey and painfully crush them, but then again it seemed he was only searching for warmth. She bit her lip, her escape dwindling by the second. She turned to the button, finding it was just out of reach. She began to lean to the side, for maybe the rain would deter him from surrounding her in massive scales.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 27th, 2017, 11:21pm

He wasn't at all sure what she was going for, but he knew he wasn't going to like it. "No!" he hissed to her, not wanting anything to do with the rain. The coils by her legs bunched up and soon she had her knees wrapped up, the coils already around her shifted around so as to let this happen. He was going about this very oddly. Rather than starting at one end, he was slowly coiling her little bits at a time. It certainly was the most difficult method for trapping her, but he liked playing with his food. Little by little he was overwhelming her.

As she worked to remove the coil from her hips, another coil formed around her waist once again, catching her arms at her sides. Unlike before, this time none of his coils were going to let her pull away without a fight.
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Post by Drow on Apr 28th, 2017, 07:34am

Kylee's heart began to pound as her arms were trapped, her only chance of reaching the button now gone as she felt the muscles squeeze her to keep from escaping easily. There was hardly any wiggle room for her to pull her arms out, and now her knees too were caught. "Ok, ok calm down, big guy. I don't want to hurt you, but I also really don't feel comfortable with this." She felt like a worm, unable to go anywhere or pull anything out of his thick, meaty slabs. Her breathing quickened, pushing against the coil above her waist with each inhale and exhale. The bright side of this was she hadn't been comfortable in this car the past few days, and something about his scales and weight began to relax her body. It wasn't really good for fighting back by any means. Part of her hoped the snake hadn't noticed this, and still gently tried to wriggle out, but to no avail. She had no leverage, and even if she did she'd push right into the bed of coils closing in on her still.
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Post by Perilous on Apr 30th, 2017, 4:24pm

Unfortunately, the time for comfort had past. He had her right where he wanted her. As her body relaxed into his coils, he allowed them to slowly twist a little tighter. A few more coils wrapped around her waist, making sure to keep her arms pinned. Then a coil reached around her soft shoulders and across her upper chest. It tightened to the point that he could feel her heart beating. She was so soft and warm, he found himself quite comfortable now.

He moved his head right in front of her face. He silently stared her down. Then his head began to bob back and forth, attempting to keep her attention. He hadn't begun to work his magic yet, but he made sure to keep catching her gaze.
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Post by Drow on Apr 30th, 2017, 10:39pm

"No, no... pleeeease let go..." Kylee begged, leaning her head away from the bobbing, only to feel more of his scales lock her in place. She kept looking down, back up at his head, and then shaking to snap herself away, only to repeat the process several times. She felt the coils compress, and her heart rate quickened.

Before long the combination found that her eyes were watching his own. She knew he was trying to keep her attention and to eventually numb her senses, but she was falling for it without really realizing it as the dazed sensory began to hijack her reflexes.
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Post by Perilous on May 1st, 2017, 12:02am

He silently studied her eyes watching as he took more and more of her attention. Also he continued to monitor her heart rate for her reactions. His coils were no longer content to simply add one at a time. Now his coils were a fluid that shifted all around her. She was almost completely coiled now. His coils continued to squeeze her, making it more and more difficult to breathe.

"Sleep." he hissed to her. "Hungry." he added, which was a risky thing to reveal to her, but there wasn't much she would be able to do about it now. He moved out of her vision for a moment to put the finishing touches on his coiling. He wound around her, adding coils once again to her neck. But he didn't stop there, a few coils wrapped around her mouth. He decided to leave her nose free this time. A single coil rested on top of her head. It gently massaged her temples and her scalp. Then he returned to hovering right in front of her face.

His coils continued to make breathing difficult for her, but he didn't cut off her flow of oxygen completely. He had several other factors working to lull her into unconsciousness. He could feel her heightened heart rate beginning to drop. She was unable to fight or flight, and her body was only capable of producing so much adrenaline. Her body would eventually crash. Also, despite being wet and cold blooded, her body heat was warming his coils very nicely. While his coils were restrictive, they were also growing warm and comfortable. Lastly, his gaze and his head were moving back and forth in a rhythmic pattern. Despite the danger that she found herself in, Shay knew she was going to have a harder and harder time keeping awake.
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Post by Drow on May 1st, 2017, 08:06am

Kylee's muffled cries could barely be heard through the thick bundle of coils that kept her tight in place. Her eyes widened somewhat at his speech, which caused her to toss a little more, only to gasp harshly at yet another compression on her body. She couldn't fall asleep... but the massaging of the head felt so good... no, no had to stay awake.... so warm.... so sleepy.... She tried with all of her might to fight it, even though it was a helpless cause as her eyes continued to follow his movements, starting to droop softly. Her arms were the first to fall fully limp in the prison of scales, followed not long after by her legs.

Her eyes were half lidded, the warmth of the coils coupled with the gentle rippling of muscles soothed her own into submission. That and her limited breathing indeed cause her heart rate to drop to a relaxed thumping. Her breathing slowed only a little as her mind screamed to fight back. Kylee knew if she were to pass out she'd be done for, but nothing could be done to try and show the serpent she meant him no harm, but the wild had it's way of overlooking such acts anyways. Her feeble attempts now were short lived as she felt the coils compress into every curve, squeezing and shifting to make her muffled cries mix with gasps and moans. At least he hadn't bitten her and roughly entangled her in the writhing masses to push all breath out of her. Her head laid back a little only to move for her eyes to keep watching his head sway back and forth. Her eyelids popped open like window blinds, only to slowly close again, the thought of sleep now ringing into her mind to drill her into submission. Her head finally pushed into the coil holding her head, her eyes fully closed as her chest gently rose with each calming breath she took.
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Post by Perilous on May 2nd, 2017, 12:34am

The thing is, Shay had every intention to eat the poor woman. He had won his meal fair and square. But he had put in extra effort than he needed to in order to subdue her. Not only that, but he was feeling so warm and comfortable. He was just going to close his eyes for a moment before savoring her taste and enjoying his victory. The giant serpent wasn't even aware that he had fallen asleep a moment later.

The next morning, the sun shown brightly through the tree tops and into the small vehicle. The storm had cleared up. The jungle remained wet and the air was still damp. But the sun warmed everything with intense light. Shay continued to sleep peacefully with the woman in his coils. They weren't nearly as tight as they were before. His coils hung loosely around her, her breathing completely unrestricted. He had missed his prime opportunity to eat her, but he wouldn't hesitate to try again if he had the chance.
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Post by Drow on May 2nd, 2017, 09:17am

Kylee's eyes snapped open as the warmth of the sun caught sight of her. She wasn't dead, and the snake appeared to be sleeping? She thought for sure she was a goner, but her efforts to escape might have at least prolonged her demise. She realized she hadn't slept like that in a while, and with the calming weight of coils it was difficult to gather herself to start to attempt to leave. She began to wriggle backwards, letting her head slip out of the scales first, making slow movements and pausing whenever she noticed his head move or body quiver.

She was about halfway out, with her legs the last to begin to leave the comfortable prison. Such a relaxing embrace... No she had to focus on escaping. She shook her head and kept her eye on the serpent, tugging with the last few efforts to free her ankles. She quickly turned to the button, seeing that one of his larger masses had slipped over it during the night. She fitted her fingers underneath the mass, and pulled up, a straining groan peeping from her lips as she hoped it didn't wake the beast. She slid it a couple of inches, enough to reveal the button as she used one hand to free the plastic and slam her palm into it, a gentle hiss of the dome swinging up and open as she leapt to the island floor. She had no choice now. Her only safe haven had been infiltrated. She'd have to get to the bridge or die trying.

That's when a small growl was heard, and she peered up to see a swishing, spotted tail twitching from side to side. Kylee's eyes then snapped to the face of a leopard, eyes gleaming the way Shay's had been just the night before. Hunger, and the fact that she was prey. It leapt to the ground and began to circle her, as if sizing her up. Kylee didn't know if she was to move or not, for either way she'd end up being food if she didn't think fast. She quickly spotted a stick large enough to wield, and swiped it up. The leopard took his chance, only to feel a konk in it's cranium before Kylee took off running back to the vehicle again, leaping inside and pressing the button, knowing the cat wasn't far behind. She was right, for just as the dome closed the cat barricaded into the side of it, jostling the place as Kylee retreated as far away from both the snake and the leopard as she could. The leopard clawed feebly at the glass, paws sliding on it more than anything as it gave it's unique growling roar. Kylee held her chest, her heart thumping into her mouth as she prepared for what might come next.
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Post by Perilous on May 3rd, 2017, 11:20pm

Shay remained unmoving as Kylee dived back into the vehicle. He had woken up to find her gone and was disappointed that he had missed his chance. It was nothing short of a miracle that she was chased back into it. Shay reflected on how she must have the worst luck to escape and be chased back into danger. Well he was still going to take advantage of her situation...

Just as she managed to escape the leopard. A thick coil wrapped around her eyes, effectively blindfolding her. It pulled back her head firmly, though not too roughly. It encouraged her to lay back into the head rest of the driver's seat. Then a familiar weight fell on her shoulders. A forked tongue tickled her neck slightly.
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Post by Drow on May 4th, 2017, 1:58pm

She roughly grabbed at the coil about her eyes, finding it difficult to remove the blindfold, only for his body to drape around her neck again. She didn't want to make the same mistake twice and rushed to pull him off of her. Another growl resounded as the frustrated feline began to pace the car, leaping at the glass from time to time as Kylle thrust his body off of her.
"Now. n-n-now you stay away, ok? Ooh, I really wish I had something useful right about now." She was fearful more at this time than she was the night before, but even she knew it wouldn't be long before she was trapped in muscle or ripped to shreds if she were to leave the car again. Either way, she really didn't want it. And with his bulk surrounding almost the entire vehicle there really wasn't a place to defend herself well. That's when she flinched as a feline paw had found the hole Shay had used last night, lashing out at the closest thing it could find. Luckily for Kylee she was in the middle of the vehicle, but couldn't help but scream and cower as the yellow flash threateningly thrashed near her, and near Shay's coils as well.
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Post by Perilous on May 4th, 2017, 9:03pm

His coils hastily moved out of the way of the claws. He was very grateful to the cat for having chased her back inside, but he wasn't going to stand for being clawed at. Also they couldn't have it break the windshield any further than it already was. As she huddled away from the leopard, a few coils rose up and gently draped around her shoulders. He moved over to the large cat and gave it the most ferocious hiss that he could. He studied its paws for a time before lashing out and biting it. Once the leopard has withdrew its paw, he moved to make himself comfortable again. Without asking permission, he helped himself to her lap. A few coils laid themselves down in her lap. His head slithered along the vehicle roof, and he paused for a moment to look down at her. It was hard to read any of his expressions, but it almost seemed tenderly. However, he was still thinking about food.
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Post by Drow on May 4th, 2017, 10:03pm

Kylee couldn't help but long for the weight of the coils to stay upon her. She was weakened by the days of being cramped in the car. Only she realized that might be yet another mistake as she frantically looked for it's head, only to look up and find it on the ceiling of the car. She again looked out of the car at the jaguar, then down to the coils in her lap, flinching at the twitching mass. At least the snake was slow and more or less gentle in his approach to try and eat her. And it seemed like she wasn't going anywhere near freedom anytime soon. The snake both visibly saw her shoulders sink and felt her submission swifter than anything. Maybe it was lack of sleep, lack of food, but her energies were depleted and her mind wasn't working properly. Her hands gently stroked his scales.
"Well, big guy, I guess we're stuck together, huh?" She sighed with a soft smile. "At least you made me feel comforted last night, which is a plus. I'll have to get a miracle to even get out of this thing safely."
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Post by Perilous on May 4th, 2017, 10:38pm

There she went stroking his scales again. Her touch felt so lovely. He could remain in her grasp forever if she kept at it. Not only that, but her admission of defeat tugged a little at his heartstrings. He almost felt sorry for her. Besides, it was more fun when his prey resisted. Maybe he would eat her later when she had regained her zeal for life. For now he relished her gentle touch. His head moved down to meet her hands. He nuzzled against her hand until he was able to slid his head between her fingers. It was a potentially vulnerable position to put himself with her, but she hadn't threatened him once yet.

Meanwhile, his coils formed up on either side of her sitting position. One coil draped around the back of her neck and slowly slid down her back. His coil gently brushed against her spine at parts where her torn clothes were failing to protect her.
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Post by Drow on May 5th, 2017, 08:19am

Just when she thought she was a goner in his coils, the tail began to slide down her back. Her eyes were half lidded right when it started, her back arching as a drawn out, delightful moan slipped from her lips. The scales felt rather nice along her skin, even when it slipped through a rather large hole in the shirt and her skin got the entire invitation of scales. She scratched under his neck and stroked his head, giving him a soft look of relaxation.
"I just can't seem to read you, buddy. One minute I think I'm gone, the next you do...mmmm... this," she said, the coil upon her shoulders growing in size and further weighing her down. Part of her wanted the tail around all of her skin, a soft shudder rushing up her spine, and at this point she didn't really care. Even the coil in her lap felt nice as it grazed pieces of her skin.
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The serpent's face remained cold and expressionless. Devoid of any facial expressions, it was hard to read. He, himself, didn't actually know what he wanted. She was rewarding him for easing her fears, and he found that he wanted more. The chin scratches felt heavenly. He was just going to get what he wanted before eating her... at least that's what he told himself. He tried to think of something to say to reassure her.

"Safe." he hissed. The material of her shirt moved around quite a bit as more scales slid into the hole. His coils looped around each of her shoulder blades. A little pressure and her arms started to work their way into a relaxed position. The coil along her back gently rubbed along the entire length of her spine. Yet another coil reached around her ribs for support as he massaged her back. By now her shirt had lifted up to the point there it barely covered anything for her.

"Relax." he nuzzled further into her hand.
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Kylee's lips already parted, releasing short gasps with each twitch of the tail. She could barely keep up with stroking his neck and head, seeing her shoulder blades were being tenderized her arms instinctively laxed. An ordinary purple bra began to emerge the more the snake invaded the hole, and she could hear the distant tearing of cloth as he gained more access.

With a coil framing her ribcage, he could feel the slowing breaths rise and fall, pressing up against her bosom. She wondered why her arms hadn't been trapped again, but guessed that part of him enjoyed her treatment, however weak it might be. The hissing was enough to set her ears on a heavenly trail of bliss, barely registering he was speaking to her in simple words. Her shoulders buckled forward little by little, spreading her spine and pushing her chest down on the coil around her ribcage, letting a satisfied moan escape her lips. Her scratching slowed as she found difficulty in focusing properly, turning more into a gentle rub of his neck and head.
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As more of his coils snaked their way inside her shirt, there was another ripping sound and the cloth completely fell away from her. Oops. He hadn't meant to rip it further, but he wasn't at all concerned about it either. She was making the most unusual sounds. He quietly hissed to her more, adding his own noise to the mix.

The coils piled around her shoulders slipped away so he would have space to work. A single coil slid around her upper chest and around her bare shoulders. It pulled a bit tighter, scrunching up her shoulders together. He could now feel her heart beat once again. A few more coils delicately wrapped around her neck. He gently tilted her head back as the coils massaged her neck. Each one moved back and forth in an alternating pattern. Meanwhile, one coil dropped down around her belly and experimentally tested her shorts.
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Though the sensations were wonderful, Kylee tensed severely as her shoulders and neck were consumed. She understood, however, that she wouldn't be able to fight it, for fear of angering the snake and that she was already weak and practically defenseless. She let out more sighs of relief and bliss, blushing madly as her useless shirt was now removed, and again as a coil teased at her shorts, only for the thought to drift away as the cool, sliding scales pressed on more of her bare skin. Her lips had parted into a peaceful, happy state, her eyelids half open. She was starting to forget that he could eat her at any time, though maybe it was for the best. Her hands fell limply in her lap, straining to continue to caress his head.
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When she tensed form having her neck coiled, he let his coils loosen from there. He didn't want to ruin her immersion. She was failing to keep petting him, so instead he wrapped her up from one arm and down the other. He lifted her arms up over her head. Meanwhile, her shorts were proving to be particularly stubborn, so his coil slid inside, coiling around her hips and then down one leg. The rest of his coils, particularly the ones manipulating her back continued their massages. Finally, he moved his head to return in front of her's.

"Comfortable?" he hissed to her as he made sure that he filled her vision.
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A surge of pleasure rocketed up her spine as the tail dipped in her shorts, binding her hips, waist, and beginning down one leg. She pushed up with her feet out of instinct, finding her arms were wrapped and pulled out of the way above her head. Under normal circumstances she might have slapped him or something along those lines, but one her arms were trapped, and two, the massaging quickly melted all thoughts other than the blissful experience.

Her eyes opened as he asked the question, still in awe that he could speak simple phrases. "I-mmmm, I-ye-yes.. nnnnngh I believe I'm... very.. oooh... comfortable, thank you." She figured she'd best be polite, for the snake could have harshly swallowed her by now, or even last night for that matter. She would have said more, but another slip of euphoria pulsed and her body gently twisted in the massaging embrace, helping him somewhat remove her shorts as they worked down to her thighs.
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With a little help, it was a simple matter of a quick tug to remove her shorts the rest of the way. His coils finished wrapping up the rest of her leg. He lifted up both of her legs so that she couldn't get anywhere to brace herself with. His tail slowly worked at reliving her feet of the boots that she wore. Once free, his coils set about including her feet in the massage.

Shay considered how easy it would be to eat her now. He wouldn't even have to wait for her to fall asleep. He could just direct her head towards his jaw and she probably wouldn't put up much of a fight. But she had been nothing but polite to him this whole time. He figured she deserved a chance to enjoy her time. He would hold off for awhile still. "Thank you." he said, without really explaining why. He wasn't much for long conversations.

His face moved in closer to her's. As he occasionally flicked out his tongue, it flicked against her nose. Then he moved around the back of her head, moving through her lovely red hair. He affectionately nuzzled against her cheek and quietly hissed into her ear, almost like a purr.
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She leaned her head against his own. "Aw.. you're welcome, big guy." She groaned again as he curled around her head, twisting softly in the scales. "Now this.... I could get used to.." she said gently, her weakened state relaxed in a matter of moments. She wanted to hug his head, but her arms were stuck above her head as he was allowed free roam of the car and her own form.
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Shay could feel her attempt to move her arms. He could feel that she wanted to cuddle with him, and he felt a strange longing when he realized it. The coils around her arms loosened, and he let go of her arms. It was a trusting move, but he didn't really have any reason not to trust her. It was really him that she put herself in danger by trusting him. By now he had all over her completely coiled, and his coiled loosened just a little all around her. The were tight enough that he was still holding her, but free enough that she could shift into whatever positions were comfortable. Her full body massage continued, although it was starting to slow.
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As her arms were released, she gently cupped his head in her hands, planting a gentle kiss as a thank you on top of his head before pulling him close to her bosom, slowly stroking his head, neck, and occasionally stroke some of the thicker muscles that contained her curved body, fitting like a glove inside each of his own bonds, shivering every now and again as the scales kissing her skin gave her goosebumps and rendered her helpless even with her arms exposed.
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Well there wasn't any coming back after this. Kaa had still had ideas about eating her, but he had let her go for her own comfort. Now that she was kissing him, he wouldn't be able to bring himself to hurt her later. He let out a long and contented sigh in her arms. Despite putting her in massaging bliss, it was he that soon fell asleep. He was so comfortable as they held each other, he didn't even realize as he drifted off to sleep. When he awoke later, there wouldn't be anything to do except try to help the poor girl-cub.
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Kylee frowned, more for the cute way he had treated her despite the fact she knew that part of him wanted to consume her on first encounter. It wasn't a sad frown, but it made her want to squeeze him so tight in thanks. But she was content with cuddling with him and couldn't help but love the sensation of scales along her skin, the way they held her so lovingly her fear had melted away, even as she began to drift off to sleep, her body ready for a better night's rest than she had the night before.

Shay would be the first to arise in the morning, as again the fatigued 'jungle' girl had sleep deprivation to catch up on, and bundled in a warm, cozy, tight sleeping bag of sorts would give her that refreshment she desperately needed. She would groan and moan sweetly in her slumber every time he would move, even at the most minute of movements, a happy smile broadening her face.
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As Shay woke up, he was immediately aware of being hungry. He had gone too long without a meal. He stopped for a moment and studied the woman in his coils. He was having trouble imagining eating her anymore. She had been so nice to him the entire time he threatened her. His stomach growled loudly. He would have to find something soon. As he shifted a little, she lightly groaned. The snake stopped and looked at her again. He experimentally shifted a few more times, and each time he did, she reacted accordingly. He was just going to have to wait for her to wake up as well. He looked outside to search the leopard that kept them trapped in the vehicle together. He didn't see anything, but that didn't necessarily mean anything for a stealthy cat. However, he also didn't sense any moving heat sources nearby either.
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Kylee had slept better that night than the night before as she began to stir, her groans and moans echoing in the car as her skin rubbed and pressed against the scales. Her eyes flickered open, and she found she was still alive, with the snake looking directly at her. His coils had pooled over her a bit awkwardly in the night, but she was able to reach a hand and rub his head and neck with a thankful smile.
"Well, big guy, you've catered to me these past coupled nights, I think it's time I return the favor," she said, trying to get herself out of the knots of coils, but finding it was more difficult than she thought. Part of her wanted to stay in them forever, but she knew he hadn't eaten in at least the two days they were together, if not longer. She laid her head back, chuckling softly, turning her gaze to him again. "Well, a little help?" she asked.
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The large serpent watched her curiously as she talked about returning the favor. He remained silent and unhelpful as she attempted to climb out of his coils. He really didn't want her to go, but she seemed determined. Eventually, he was forced to do something when she asked for help. He reluctantly shifted his coils away from her, creating a small gap that she could squeeze out of. Once she was more or less free, he expectantly watched to see what she would do next. Meanwhile, his stomach growled loudly once again.
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She turned to pat him once more on the head before reaching for the button, watching the hatch open before cautiously stepping out of the safe haven. Her senses were well on the alert, and she made it to the edge of the clearing, and sure enough, as she would have guessed, the piercing growl followed by a leap of yellow blur found the jaguar once more, and she fell back, watching it soar over her before turning. Grinding it's shoulders, it was ready to pounce her, unfortunately for it unaware that the beast inside the van was just behind it. It leapt into the air towards her as Kylee put up her arms in defense, just now realizing she was still more or less in her undergarments, and began to blush slightly.
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Shay look on very alarmed as she climbed out of the vehicle and attempted to take on the jaguar. He reacted like lightning when the large cat went to pounce on her. Unfortunately, he just missed the creature. It took a flying leap and knocked her to the ground. The beast stood over her, eyeing her exposed figure. It leaned in and gave a couple of long licks. These weren't signs of affection, but sort of testing to see if she was tasty.

This was just the opening that Shay needed. A thick part of his tail wrapped around the beast's neck and lifted it's front paws off of her. Then the rest of his coils quickly got to work, wrapping up the rest of the cat before it had time to react.
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Kylee held as still as she could, though a fearful wail was welling inside of her throat and her limbs began to shake as the jaguar licked her almost teasingly, and clamped her eyes shut, only to feel the weight lifted from her body and the whiny wheeze of the animal being bound in bands of muscle. Her head raised up to watch the magnificent work of the serpent, and couldn't help but be mesmerized at the writhing coils squeezing the life out of the cat. To think that could have been her, but this treatment was far from what he had done to her not once but twice.

She inched her way back to the vehicle, taking up a stick and watching the surrounding area and hoping nothing else would disturb her and her protector as he fed. Part of her was glad for the little security, but another piece of her mind nagged at her. Why was he more affectionate about his approach with her? Maybe he liked to toy with seemingly smarter prey as a joke, but last night he catered to her. Shaking her head loose of those thoughts she returned her attention to the feast, and already half of the beast was bulging in the gullet, an occasional cracking or squelch reaching her ears.
"Remind me not to get on your bad side," she muttered to herself, though he probably could hear her.
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Once the suppressing and the swallowing was done, Shay allowed himself to stretch out a bit. The vehicle was very comfortable shelter, but it was nice to be out in the jungle air once again. It would take time for him to digest and he was looking a little sleepy, but he wasn't able to settle down with how much sleep the two of them had gotten lately.

"Good side." he quietly hissed to her as he ran some scales along her shoulder reassuringly. His tail reached up and plucked a banana from a bunch in the trees above.

"Hungry?" Of course, one banana wasn't going to be nearly enough for her.
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The sight of it caused a grumble to contort her stomach. She placed her hands there, looking down before back to the banana. She eagerly took it, only to stop and turn back to him and stroke his chin until it was close enough to hug shortly. "You're too sweet."
Her shoulders pressed up against the scales upon her shoulders as she bent the peel and practically swallowed the fruit. Just the taste of it was enough to make her sigh, and she was content with the small offering. As she finished, she realized again that her clothes were still sitting in the car, and she blushed softly to herself. She didn't pay any attention to his tail and coils as she ate, and part of her wanted to sit there in them as they waited for his digestion to complete, yet another part of her wanted to get dressed for the day as well.
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Shay, however, had other plans for her. While she was busy enjoying the fruit, he had taken the time to slither up into one of the trees above. His tail then lowered down and formed a small loop around her waist. His coils pressed up against the back of her knees until her legs bent and she was scooped up. He carried her high up into the trees where she would find easier access to more bananas and other fruits if she desired.

And for once, she would be able to get a good look at the jungle from so high up. Trees stretched out for miles. However, there was another important sight. Off in the distance, there was the glimpse of freedom.
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Kylee eeped before grasping the nearest part of his tail that she could. "Wait, I..." she started, only for the coil at her waist and legs to rub once again at her aching muscles. That coupled with the spectacle of fruits before her set her mind on hunger mode, straining even before he had fully lifted her to gather some. She moaned with each bite, her physique molding into his coils. By the time she had swallowed several fruits, she found herself lounging in the meaty tail.
"You're just a basket full of surprises," she cooed softly, stroking the coil at her waist in thanks, her legs dangling on each side of a branch, her arms crossed loosely on top of the coil binding her belly.
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Shay looked off into the distance. Despite how comfortable she felt, there was something weighing on his mind. His new friend just wasn't tough enough to survive in the jungle on her own. And he wasn't always going to have a convenient place to keep her safe like the vehicle below. Now that she had eaten, he needed to her to think about something else. His tail curled around the top of her head and pointed her in the direction of the docks in the distance.

"Escape." he hissed to her.
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Kylee had forgotten about the true 'mission' at hand, a curious look on her face as his tail took hold of her head. Her eyes then lit up and she almost leapt out of his coils, only to latch onto him.
"Oh, right, yes yes of course. But uhh, I might need some better attire...." she said with a sheepish smile as she was only in her undergarments, clearly not the best for traversing the zoo. Though her shirt was in tatters, and her pants soon to follow, she realized she didn't have much in her reserves. "We'll get started right away, if you'd be so kind as to let me down...." she said, biting her lip softly.
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The large snake was reluctant to do so. He really didn't want her to leave anymore, however it was best for her chance of survival. Seeing how she had eaten her fill, his tail dropped down to the jungle floor. It made a fireman slide for to easily slide down to the ground. Once she was safe on her own two feet, his head dipped down to meet her. He didn't know anything about human needs for decency, but he would assist her with her plans.
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She found the remainder of her clothing,tying her shirt around her torso much like a belly shirt, since that's what it became, and tied the ends of her pant legs as they were now more like capri's. She slipped her socks and shoes on before returning to Shay and giving his neck a good rub and scratch. She took a section of his body not far from his neck and draped it gently on her shoulders, curling the thicker end along her collarbone to act like a scarf. She knew she couldn't carry all of his bulk, but she was willing to help carry his load. She was surprised to find his meal was mostly digested at this point, but made sure to make slow movements so as not to jostle the serpent. "Alright, big guy. I think I'm ready, are you?" she asked.
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The mighty serpent wound some of his thick coils around her. A coil looped around her ribs, around her belly, hips and down one leg. It wasn't going to work well for long-term travel arrangements, but it might be comfy for the moment. He nodded his head that he was ready. The two of them set off toward her means of escape. However, many hungry predators and obstacles lay between them and their destination.

They managed to put in a good day's travel. They only occasionally came across a fence that she would have to climb over or through. The jungle vegetation grew thick in some areas. However, their progress came to an abrupt halt. Shay grew aware that his friend had pitched forward, and some of the coils around her leg grew wet with mud. It seems the storm had formed a pool of quicksand and unfortunately, he was weighing her down.
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Kylee heard the squelch, knowing all to well what that was.
"Now, now hold on, big guy," she said as her free leg was up to her calf as she tested the sands. "Ooh.. that certainly won't do," she said, biting her lip. "We should find another way, don't you think? Maybe more solid ground, or something off the ground? Though these trees are much too broad for me to climb."
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The large snake moved his head to look down at her leg that was somewhat submerged in the mud. Then he looked up at the trees above him. He moved some coils around her shoulders and attempted to launch himself up towards the trees. But it wasn't any use. He couldn't get enough spring to reach them. Then he slithered down from around her, slipping down the leg that was still on solid ground. For several moments, he disappeared into the trees. Then, just when the jungle had grown silent around her, his tail dropped from one of the branches above, creating a soft of tree swing.
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Kylee stroked him gently in thanks, reaching out for the tail, only for her free leg to slip on the loose soil. Her face glomped into his tail, her hands fumbling to catch herself only to land face first in the sands. Panic now crept into her calm mind as she struggled to pull herself up, only to find with each thrust her legs and arms were only swallowed more by the swamp, as if toying with her. She was able to lift her head and sputter, shaking her head in attempts to regain vision of the situation. "Oh... I've really done it this time. Such a cluts."
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Shay immediately reached down to catch her fall, but unfortunately he wasn't able to reach her. As she sunk down low into the quicksand, his tail was unable to get her. He was going to have to get closer. As he slithered along the trees, each second meant that she sunk deeper and deeper. Finally he managed to get a secure place among the tree limbs and his tail dipped down to fish her out. It took him a few tries to find where most of her was disappearing into the sand. Finally, he managed to catch her just under her arms. Then was the delicate but firm process of pulling her out. He didn't want to pull to hard and hurt her, but he also didn't want to lose her any further.
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Kylee sputtered as Shay's efforts were able to lift her head above the sands. She found it harder to breathe once she fell, and now as the snake had to press her chest in to help hoist her from danger. Now covered head to toe in the wet coating, she worked her shoulders until her arms squelched free, spreading them flat across the surface so the loop at her armpits wouldn't slip free and she'd sink again.

She wanted to kick her legs up as she was halfway out, feeling rather helpless in all of this yet again. She hugged the dangling body in front of her, and finally the last gurgle of her feet leaving the surface she tucked her knees upward. Safe again, and breathing hard, she tried to calm her nerves. He could feel her twitch as her life seemed to flash before her, frozen as most prey would be in their last moments of life. The more she ascended to the trees, the slower her breath became as she buried her face in his tail.
"Oh I'll be lucky to get out alive."
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Unfortunately as he lifted her up, he could feel his grip on her start to slip. He was sure it was going to scare her further, but he didn't have time to explain. He tossed her lightly in the air and grabbed ahold of her once again to get a firm grip. He had to do this a few times before he could safely lift her up into the tree. Once there, he gently set her down on a branch. She seemed traumatized. Despite the fact that she was covered in head to toe in mud, he gently coiled around her and held her for a little while.
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She yelped loudly with the first slip, fumbling and almost clawing at the coils to keep herself balanced. Once in the tree, she huddled. With knees close to her chest she was frozen from the experience, only for the tail to slip around her waist and slowly climb and twist around. With the first formed coil, her breathing began to slow, and as the tail climbed, her knees lowered until they dangled on each side of the branch. She allowed the tail to trap her biceps as her eyes glanced down and watched the tip move from left to right each time it appeared.
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Seeing her watch the coil wrap around herself, he allowed his tail a few more passes. It seemed that it had a calming effect over her. However, he didn't allow himself to coil her completely. Once she seemed to be less panicked, he leaned in and bumped her shoulder with his snout. Despite the close encounter, the two of them would need to continue pressing on. The coils slowly fell away from her. Then he wound his tail around the branch connecting two trees together. He acted as a sort of rope bridge to give her access over the quick sand pit.
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Her shoulders had already buckled forward as her head seemed to bob left to right, watching the tail tip appear and disappear with each pass. She shivered with his snout upon her shoulder, shaking herself out of her trance to see the bridge. "Right.... I owe you one, big guy, again," she sighed, though a smile brightened her lips as she briefly hugged his head before looking down to herself still sopping. "Well, could have been worse, now lets get me a little more prepared for crossing."

She squeegeed as much of the gunk from her arms and hands as possible, scraping against the side of the branch until her hands were more or less normal, despite a still rather thick layer. She stepped to the edge of the branch before stooping down and hugging his girth. She inched out a little before slowly moving to hang from him, her arms and legs wrapped around him as her back faced the jungle floor. A deep breath pierced the silence as, hand by hand and foot by foot, she moved similar to a sloth towards the next tree, pausing every time she felt she was slipping. She only lost a leg once, able to hoist it back to it's position to continue.

Her skin sighed as she met with the brittle branch of the second tree, clambering onto it before sprawling on it entirely. "That's one down, now probably a whole lot more before we're clear of those sands..." she groaned.
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Shay desperately wanted to help her each time she slipped slightly. However, in his position, doing so would loosen the coil bridge. So he had to remain perfectly still and hope she didn't fall in again.

Once she was to the other side, he reeled himself in. She was absolutely right, they had a ways to go before they were clear of the sands. He tried to imagine other ways to ferry her across, but none of them were going to work out very well. So coil bridge it was. They moved from branch to branch this way. Then, when they had finally reached the end, he was able to form his tail into a slide for her to reach solid ground.
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Kylee flopped from exhaustion as she met with solid ground. She rolled onto her back, staring at the canopy, only to groan and strain into a sitting position. "Well, a mud bath wasn't in my plans, but I don't see myself getting clean anytime soon." As he approached, she hugged his neck before shifting to a kneeling position, freeing the python before surveying the surrounding hills looming before them. She guessed the bridge was farther than she'd calculated, and frowned slightly. The ground rumbled softly beneath them faintly.
"You are quite the life saver, big guy. I've really got to think of how to make it up to you once we're out of here." She cupped his lower jaw in her hands to allow him free roam, and gently lowered them to her lap. "Now I don't know about you, but I sure would hope for a cave nearby without any inhabitants. I could use a little safe haven right about now."
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He took a moment to curl around her waist. Then he made a show of looking around them. Unfortunately a safe cave was not forthcoming. He looked back at her expectantly. Regardless, he had resolved to keep her safe regardless where they went. Personally, he would have preferred a tree, but he was a snake and she was a human. He spied a tree with low hanging branches and a hallowed out section among its roots. It would fit her quite snugly. But it wouldn't be too much walking to find something else either. He gently tugged at her waist to get going.
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"Alright, alright," Kylee snickered. She followed his eager eyes to the trees, and nodded. "Well, it seems the trees are on our side. After you," she said with a quick curtsy, her arms hugging the ring around her waist. On the outside she was positive, but underneath she was really exhausted and anxious about what's around the next corner.
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The opening among the tree roots was large enough for her to climb into. Once the two were inside, he wasted no time in making her comfortable. He gently twisted his body around her, coiling up her belly and down to her waist at the same time. The drying mud around her began to fall away.

"Relax." he told her, being a snake of few words.