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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:29pm

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xx Site Notice!
« Thread started on: Oct 11th, 2017, 8:58pm »

Ok guys, so here is the deal...

For the last couple of months/years, we have had somebody that has continually came to this site creating and deleting their accounts. This individual offers to role play with a select few people (usually involving thumb sucking if my understanding is correct), and then vanishes without a trace. While this particular sort of content isn't a problem, the act of creating and deleting accounts continuously IS prohibited here.

Unfortunately for the staff and I, we have had a difficult time confronting this individual as to WHY they do this as well as keeping them off of the site. So the moderators and I are asking that if you (the members) receive a message from this individual, please contact either myself or one of the moderators IMMEDIATELY. Don't bother interacting with this obnoxious individual... We would all like to get to the bottom of what is going on and solve the problem accordingly as we are all VERY tired of dealing with this individual.


Knock it off, I mean it! If you want to be here, then make one account and STICK WITH IT! This behavior of yours is unacceptable and if it continues, the staff and I are prepared to take more drastic actions if needed. Consider this your final warning! MAKE ONE ACCOUNT AND STICK WITH IT, OR STAY OFF OF OUR SITE!!!

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I. I'm mostly into Snake/Victim-type role plays.
II. I strongly prefer to be the victim.
III. I like soft vore.
IV. I do enjoy a little bit of foot-play, but not tickling.
V. I like participating in stories with a good amount of effort and details put into each post. <3
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