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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:27pm

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xx Information about KainaKaa
« Thread started on: Jan 6th, 2013, 11:22pm »

About us:

KainaKaa (Kaa forums) is a forum for members who have an interest in Disney's Kaa the snake, or have an interest in hypnosis in general. This forum provides an atmosphere for those of this interest to come together and talk, role play, and partake in other various activities. We are a friendly group here and welcome everyone to join us.

What we do here:

On this forum, the members can partake in a lot of different activities. Most of what we do here revolves around talking and role playing. Casual conversations can be done in the chat and general boards while role playing can be done in the role playing section of the site. In addition to this, we do allow people to also post up their stories, pictures, and showcase their O.C.s as contributions to the site.


This site is strictly for entertainment use only. It is not associated with Disney, or any other company in anyway. In addition to being a forum for entertainment, we have a list of rules that we expect each member to read and abide by. Those rules can be found here. We also ask that you would please abide by the Conforums TOS and follow all the rules respectively.
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I. I'm mostly into Snake/Victim-type role plays.
II. I strongly prefer to be the victim.
III. I like soft vore.
IV. I do enjoy a little bit of foot-play, but not tickling.
V. I like participating in stories with a good amount of effort and details put into each post. <3
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