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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:30pm

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xx Official Forum Rules!
« Thread started on: Jan 6th, 2013, 11:20pm »

Mandatory Rules:

*Prejudice against anyone because of their sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation is strictly forbidden and will NOT be tolerated.

*All content within the role plays here are NOT to go over the PG-13 mark. Because we have minors on the boards, any content found that exceeds our PG-13 mark shall be deleted on the spot whenever found. A list of unacceptable content includes the following:

1. There is to be NO nudity.
2. Sexual content and activities such as intercourse and orgasms are forbidden.
3. Usage of sexually related terms such as arousal is prohibited.

*Because of problems we have had in the past with outside parties attempting to affiliate us with websites of mature content that we are not associated with, I would appreciate it if the members would refrain from posting up any topics or links pertaining to websites with mature content.

*As we are on a standard PG-13 content level, there are some things that are acceptable to include in a role play here. The following things below are a list of content that is acceptable to include in a role play:

1. Clothing may be removed down to just the underwear.
2. Common romantic traits may be added (Ex: kissing, hugging, chin strokes, hand holding, hair strokes, etc.)
3. Romantic exploration with lesbian/gay/bi-sexual content is acceptable.
4. Minor play on fetishes is acceptable.
5. Vore (Being eaten by the snake) is allowed

*All I ask regarding the content above is that you handle it responsibly and with great care. Failure to do so can lead to stricter regulations on the forums, and no one wants that... RP responsibly, and if you have any questions regarding a particular type of content that you aren't sure of, message me and we can clear everything up.

*Creating multiple accounts on the forums is against the rules here. No one is allowed to make more than one account for any reason. Once you make an account, stick with it, or delete it if you intend to make another account.

*Deleting and recreating accounts is a violation of site policy. Should you have a need to delete your account and recreate it, inform myself, or one of the moderators. Otherwise, do not constantly delete and recreate your account.

*Do not share your account or password with ANYONE. Account sharing on the forums is forbidden and will not be tolerated. Keep your password and account to yourself and allow no one else to access it.

*Please do not advertise on the forums. It's ok to post your pictures, videos, stories, etc. It's a different scenario though when an advertisement is put up trying to sell something. Keep advertisements off of the forums.

*Keep any and all drama OFF of the forums. If you are having problems with something, or someone you need to contact me at once. Otherwise, issues between people should remain private and be settled by PM, not in the forums.

*A tie in to the last rule, be nice and courteous to the other members of the forums. Handle any misunderstandings you have respectfully and treat others as you would like to be treated. Please don't make me have to step in and settle an argument...

*Do not post or bring up incredibly controversial topics. Topics that have to do with religion, politics, or other controversial things are to be kept off of the board. We are NOT a debate club!

*More of advice then a mandate, but please donít give out any personal information. I am not responsible for whatever happens should you give out information and it is abused by someone else.

*Do NOT interject or make any posts in role plays that aren't your own without first obtaining permission from the original owner(s) to do so. Make your own role plays and leave those that don't belong to you alone.

*The Kaa Roleplay - Chat is to be used simply as a chat system. As such, every member is expected to follow these basic rules when using the Chat box...

1. Racism and religious prejudice is strictly forbidden.
2. Sexism is strictly forbidden.
3. No role playing or hypnotic induction is allowed in the chat box (using anonymous users when your account is accessible falls under this category).
4. Bullying will not be tolerated.
5. Settle arguments outside of the chatbox.
6. Sexual content is strictly forbidden.
7. The light use of the word "damn" is allowed, no other expletives may be used, even if censored.
8. This chatbox is to be used for chatting, not for deep discussion or advertising. Topics referring to religion, politics, and other controversial topics should not be brought up.
9. Respect and obey the moderators.

*I reserve the right to add or take away from these rules as I see fit.

Guidelines for Role Playing:

*These guidelines are not official rules for role playing. They are however things that are naturally expected of you. Most of these guidelines are stuff you should already know how to do by now. However, should you not be able to comply with the things listed, it is important that you strive to obtain the skills necessary to role play here. You will find things better and easier here if you able to do these simple things.

- Write your posts and RPs in complete sentences.

- Use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation appropriately.

- Format your writing correctly.

- Use details and descriptions properly to enhance your writing.

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I. I'm mostly into Snake/Victim-type role plays.
II. I strongly prefer to be the victim.
III. I like soft vore.
IV. I do enjoy a little bit of foot-play, but not tickling.
V. I like participating in stories with a good amount of effort and details put into each post. <3
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