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The fire that burns in my heart
Post by Thebigsqueeze on Jan 28th, 2016, 7:21pm

He returned to his village to find it burnt completely. Not a single house remained. The stones were blackened as if they were torched, which they were. Not a dot of green was visible through the thick carpet of ash. His name was Christopher drake, and he was on a mission to deliver a special artifact to the king, when tale of a dragon attack had spread through the land. Some said it was a frost wyvern from the north. Others said it was a lava salamander from the volcano country. There was something they all could agree on. The village of hostar was gone.

Christopher wore a dark cloak that went down to his ankles, and a scabbard that lay across his back. The blade was a black steel with a slight purple tint to it. His hair was dark brown, and hung down to his shoulders. He was weary from traveling so far so quickly, but none the less, he still was using energy. Christopher stood six foot three inches tall, and had green eyes. He surveyed what was once was his home. He found himself drawn to his very own home, burnt down like all the rest. There was, however two differences. There was a smoothe light blue scale that seemed to glimmer and shine under the light. Christopher dare not touch it. His family name was a reminder of what his foolish grandfather had done, and touched a dragon scale, immediately ending his life. Large amounts of magic were stored in those scales, and one scale was enough to kill anyone. The color was enough to tell Christopher the dragon was a frost wyvern, for lava salamanders had dark black scales that glowed red slightly between each scale.

The second difference, was that his home had a back cellar. "Is anybody there?" He called, out, looking at the two stone doors, blackened, but not incinerated. He looked around, trying to see if anyone was there. He remembered his wife and children. He hoped they were safe. He didn't know when the dragon attacked, but usually, around this time of the year, they went out of town to get supplies for making food. He found a new worry, and pulled on the door. It was bolted from the inside. Someone was in there.

Christopher banged on the door, "Open up! Who's in there?"

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She knew something was wrong when the bells rang in the middle of the day. Usually, the bells at the hall of Hostar would ring at the end of the day, a sign for all the farmers to return to their homes, before the gates shut for the night. In the day, they meant danger, an attacking horde.

Caitlyn had been sitting on the floor of one of the small rooms of the family house, her mother sitting quietly on a chair nearby. At the first ring of the bell, her mother looked up, curious. Upon the second ring, she rose, looking nervous, and walked slowly towards the window. She gave a shriek of surprise, and shut the windows sharply. She turned to her daughter, looking shaken. "Get into the basement." Caitlyn opened her mouth to ask, but she was silenced by her mother, shouting "Now!" She raced down the stairs. "I'm off to find your brother," she shouted behind to her. Caitlyn nodded, still not moving. "Go!" her mother shouted, and, suddenly in control of her body again, Caitlyn rose, and dashed down two flights of stairs, into the tiny cellar. Struggling against the weight of the great stone gates, she pushed the doors shut.

She realized a moment later that she'd brought with her no light sources, and, too scared to open the door to go find anything. She closed her eyes, listening carefully. She could hear sounds, oddly distant behind the stone doors. She could hear men shouting, a child crying, a dog baying in terror. Then she heard another sound, quieter than the rest, a sort of thwapping sound that echoed slightly throughout the narrow room.

And then she'd heard a dragon roar. Even here, locked in a little room sealed in a basement in a two-story house, it was deafening. She could hear the sounds of running and shouting and crying and, above it all, the ferocious roaring, drowning out everything else, and, moments later, the crackling sounds of wood burning. She felt a terrible, terrible thud as something huge smashed into the door. She opened her eyes.

The room, once so dark, was now lit, if only slightly, by the narrow crack in the door. Bright, orange light gleamed through the slit between the two chunks of stone. Her house was burning before her very eyes. She took a terrified step back, walking straight into the wall, and leaned against it, tears running down her face.

She did not know how long she sat there, curled up in the darkness, the sounds of her childhood burning around her her only company. It could have been hours, days, it could have been a few minutes. She was awoken from this trance like state by someone banging on the door. She paused, staring up at the latch, still terrified. Surely, dragons could not knock on doors. But who might this be? Some robber, come to loot the last remains of Hostar? Still...what was the worst that could happen, she wondered, rising slowly, her hands going to the bolt, lifting it gently. What more could she possibly have to lose?
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Christopher heard the door unlock, and realized there was someone in there. He heard sniffling, and realized it was a small girl. Hope filled his body, as he realized that his family might have been lucky enough to escape the dragon. He heard the latch come off, and he pulled the doors open. Light flooded into the underground cellar, and he saw Caitlyn standing there tears in her eyes. He mistook them for tears of joy that he'd come for her.

He snatched her up in his arms, and felt tears welling up in his eyes. "I'm so glad you're alive Cat," he said, using his little nickname for her. "Where's your brother and mom? Where's Lucas? Where are they?" He asked, setting her on the ground, only then did he notice that she was crying harder now. He realized the horrible truth, but couldn't accept it."no," he said, as he dove into the cellar. "No, no, no, no, no," he cried, when he didn't find them. He came out of the cellar, his eyes wet with tears, carving paths of moisture down the cracked skin of his cheeks. Dirt and hay clung to his padded pants, due to him crawling around, looking for his wife and son in the bottom of the cellar.

He returned to Caitlyn, who stood no taller than up to his chest. He knelt down on one knee, and wrapped his arms around his daughter. He cried into her shoulder, and let her cry into his. There were times when a man needed to remain strong for his family. Now was one of those times. Unfortunately, Christopher was not a strong man. The sword he carried was purely for show. He'd never had to defend himself agains a single bandit. He felt like a failure as a father. He stared over at the wreckage of what was once his home. More specifically, he stared at the blue scale sitting in the middle of the ruin. He felt like that would be his best option right now. To go out like his grandfather. His hands quivered, and shook, as he got up, and released his daughter from his embrace. He felt like he could no longer go on. He started walking towards the house, remembering the tales he'd told his children, regarding his grandfather. He remembered specifically telling his children of how his grandfather had died from simply touching the scale. That's what he planned to do now.
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Caitlyn eagerly held onto her father, clinging onto him and sobbing, her only surviving relative, the only person she was sure was not ashes. Her home was in ruins, her mother and brother were most certainly dead, but at least she had her father, her invincible father. "There was..."she weeped into his body. "Fire," she mumbled, closing her eyes, her eyes still getting used to the sudden light she had leapt into. She scanned across what had only this morning been a house. Rubble lay scattered across it, she couldn't even identify which chunks of charred stone were stone, which were wall, and which had been outside.

As Christopher stood up, he let go of Caitlyn, who looked at him surprised, a surprise that quickly turned into alarm as she realized his face was gaunt. He looked shaken, broken, his face paler than she'd ever seen. The surprise of that scared Caitlyn almost as much as the sudden dragon attack that had turned home into rubble. Her father, to her at least, had always been the epitome of strength and masculinity, and here he was, shattered, and sundered. As he stumbled away from her, his eyes cast down on something Caitlyn did not see, Caitlyn latched on to his arm.

"Where are you going?! Dad?! What are you!" She gazed at him as he shambled away, zombielike, feeling terrified. Leaping over one of the stones, she intercepted him, standing in front of him now, between, unbeknownst to her, the scale and her father. "Don't go!" she pleaded, backing away as he continued to walk away from house. As she stepped back, she tripped over a stone. Falling back, her arms extended to try and catch herself, and, as she fell, her fingers brushed, for the slightest second, against something smooth, and unexpectedly hot. She gave a gasp, and held her hand with the other, looking at the slight burn.

Then she felt something, something bizarre. A strange feeling swept over her, a burning hot rage that filled her blood with fire. She looked over at what her hand had touched in time to see the shell disintegrate before her.

"What was-" the story her father had told her caught up with her, of her great grandfather who'd died. She looked up at her father, terrified.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly.
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Christopher was horrified, his daughter had just touched the dragon scale. He not only was he afraid for Caitlyn's life, but also of the fact that he was so willing to leave her alone by herself. He put his hands on her shoulders, and felt a strange energy pulsing through his daughter. He stared her in the eyes, trying to make sure she was still okay. He disgusted himself. How could anyone even think of doing something like that to their own child? She looked okay, and tears began pouring out of his eyes, "I'm so sorry, Caitlyn," he said, his voice wavering as he cried.
His whole body tremored as he tried to apologize for almost leaving her. Then he remembered all te stories of people who've touched scales and died. He looked over his daughters shoulder at where the dragon scale had been, and saw it had vanished.

Christopher's heart stopped for a moment, as he realized what happened. "Caitlyn, show me your hand," he said, slowly. She held her hand out for him, and he saw a mark on her wrist that looked like a wyvern, the type of dragon with only back legs, and a pair of wings. He looked back and forth from her face down to the mark on her wrist. "Your eyes are a different color!" He exclaimed, noting the purple glow coming from her eyes. There was something strange going on.

"Does it hurt?" He asked, holding her hand gingerly in his. He wiped away his tears. Now was not the time to be sad. He had to be a father for Caitlyn, or he didn't know how he would end up. He told him to look on the bright side. At least he had his daughter with him. Christopher promised himself he'd be there for his daughter, and that they were going to make it through this together.
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"It..."Caitlyn blinked, hard, several times, fluttering her eyelashes experimentally. She felt...different, her senses weren't quite the way they usually were. Her vision seemed off, different. She stared at her father. He seemed much closer than he should have been. She took a step backwards, slipping slightly over another piece of rubble, before sitting down on on a larger chunk of their home. "I think I'm all right," she said, looking somewhat unsettled.

She was a little confused at her continued existence, if she was honest with herself. She had heard the stories of course, of her great grandfather who'd died. He had been a strong man at the time, and she was just a little girl. How was she still alive? She looked back at her hand to see, to her great surprise, a red burn on her skin, in the shape of the scale the dragon had left behind. The burn itself, however, was not what had surprised her. What surprised her was that she couldn't actually feel the pain of a burn. Had the shell transferred some resistance to fire? Was this the first step in some terrible process that would end with her dying, as her great grandfather had? Would SHE become a dragon, doomed to become the thing that had destroyed her family and home?

She looked over to her father, scared and confused. "What's..what's happening?" She asked, terrified.
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Christopher was relieved to hear that his daughter wasn't in any pain, but the. Thoughts went to what had happened to her. 'wait, it can't be... But I thought it was just a legend...' Christopher wanted to diss miss the idea, but was unable to. If the legend was true, then... He found himself staring into his daughter's glowing eyes, and put two and two together. "I can't believe it," he said, holding up a hand to Caitlyn's chin. Her purple eyes were very mysterious, and only begged the question, is she? "Caitlyn, I know we just," he choked on a lump in his throat, "lost Lucas and mom, but we need to go, we'll stay the night, but first thing in the morning, we need to leave." he said, putting his left hand on her right shoulder. There was only one person that knew much anything on the matter, but they lived more than ten towns away.

Christopher stood up, and turned to face the way he came, his horse stood at the top of the hill, weary, and barely strong enough to stand on its own. Christopher gave a sharp little whistle between his teeth, and the horse walked forwards, and stood before them, before kneeling down and laying itself down, before giving a relaxed snort. He pet it's head right between the ears, and looked at his daughter, who was staring down at her burnt wrist. He took her hand in his, and said, "Cat, I can tell you're confused. I am too, but I promise you, we'll find out what's going on." His thoughts went to the prophecy, was it coming true? Was his daughter this hero of legend? He brushed her hair behind her ear, showing a bit more of her face. "I promise. He took the riding blanket off of his horse, and went to the cellar, before saying, "there'd be no sense in getting the blanket covered in ash," he said, realizing his daughter might be a bit against going into the cellar again. He set the blanket down on the floor, and smoothed it out. The sun was starting to go down, and Christopher knew that burnt out villages were perfect targets for bandits, who would make them their dens. He headed back out to make sure his daughter was okay.
He stopped moving when he felt something underfoot. He picked it up and realized it was the stuffed animal bunny he'd given her for her third name day. It's ears were slightly singed, but other than that, it was fine. He brought it to her, and said, "look who I found. He'll keep us company, but we need to go inside now, before nightfall. I know you understand why.
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Caitlyn reached out for the bunny. It was scorched black in a few places, and an ear was singed badly, but she held it tightly nonetheless. It was, she realized, the only thing she had left to remember her mother, her brother, her entire home, by. She looked over at her father, smiling tenderly down at her, and tried to reciprocate. But, try as she might, she couldn't do it. Her face was still stuck in a horrified gasp, her lips parted slightly, her eyes leaking gently.

She looked over, at the little room she'd taken shelter in. On the outside, it looked like a tiny box, burned black by dragon fire, but the inside was still quite safe. But still, just looking back at the room made her shiver. "I...I can't go in there, I just cant," she sobbed, pressing her face into the bunny. She brought her face away from the bunny just as quickly, wiping ash out of her face. Still, she thought, her father did bring up a good point. It wouldn't be safe to stay up her, crying in the middle of the burnt wreckage of their village. Her mother hadn't sent her into the cellar to die that night. She had to keep going, she had to keep going.

She took a deep, slow, steadying breath, locking eyes with the horse. He looked back at her, his huge eyes placid and peaceful. There was something very relaxing about looking at him, she found herself slowly becoming more calm. She took another deep breath, and wiped her eyes with an ashy arm, shaking her bunny slightly. Looking up at her father, still smiling down at her. She could tell that, although he was smiling, he was still very nervous. Neither of them knew what was going to happen to her, and, although just thinking about it made her shiver, she was, somehow now, able to smile up at her father. She rose, slowly, looking around.

The thriving, small town of Hostar was a field of rubble. Dozens of houses were nothing more than piles of charred black stones. There was a huge gash in the road, where a huge claw must have torn through. The stone walls stood in a few places, toppled for the most part, the main gate blasted open, smoldering gently in the dirt, at least twenty yards away from where it had originally been set. She took another few deep breaths, keeping her cool despite herself.

"You...you lead the way," she managed to say to her father, turning towards to little stone doors of the cellar.
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Christopher smiled when he heard his daughter convince herself to go down. "There's a good girl," he said, taking her by the hand. He led her back into the cellar that had saved her life not too long before. He went slowly, hoping Cat wouldn't change her mind. When Cat finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, he went back to the top, and went to latch the doors. He saw his horse laying in the ash in front of the door, and realized that it's presence in front of the door would be dangerous for the horse itself, and his daughter and him. He clicked his tongue, and the horse got up, and galloped off. He closed the door, and latched it tight.

A few hours passed in silence. The only noises to be heard were Catelyn's sniffles, and Christopher's deep breathing. Then, they heard many pairs of feet, galloping their way. Towards the town. Christopher hurriedly clapped a hand over Catelyn's mouth, and whispered, "stay quiet. Bandits." Christopher was correct. Bandits were approaching the town, and they were bringing along with them their spoils from previous raids. Christopher stared up at the doorway, and saw light flooding in from the cracks between the doors.

"There's gotta be gold somewhere," said a bandit up top. "Maybe there's some in there," said another. Christopher's heart raced. The doors made a large clattering noise when the doors were being tugged at, but not budging. Then there was the sound of squeaking, a pause, a mother volley of squeaking, another pause. Twice more this went on, and the doors were ripped open, letting torchlight flood into the cellar.
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Caitlyn, curled up again in the little room, was thinking quietly to herself. It was nighttime, and it would have been good to sleep, but she knew that, no matter how tired she got tonight, she wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Memories of that afternoon, the sounds of wood burning, the sounds of people screaming, and the unearthly screech that was a dragon's roar, echoed in her mind. She shook her head slightly. She still hadn't fully processed the fact that her mother was dead, that her brother was dead, that virtually everyone she'd ever known was dead. She should have felt sad, and she did, but she also had the feeling that soon, she'd be much, much sadder.

She also thought about the little blue scale that she'd accidentally touched. Ever since then, she'd felt off, though, she reminded herself, that could also be the melancholy that surely came with the destruction of her hometown. What, she wondered, would happen to her? She hadn't died upon touching the scale, like her great great grandfather, but that did not mean she was safe either...

Her meditations were broken as her father suddenly put a hand over her mouth, and muttered something about bandits, and she was instantly terrified again. Then again, she reminded herself, she was in a sealed box that had, after all, just survived a dragon attack. Surely this was the safest place to be.

The door flew open with a slam, and it occurred to Caitlyn that these raiders were humans, and thus could open doors. She swallowed nervously, and looked up at her father, who looked determined. He was a soldier, and, as far as Caitlyn was concerned, invincible. That being said, she had just lost the rest of her family, and did not want to lose her father on top of all that.
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Christopher looked to his daughter to find the courage to face these bandits. When he saw his daughter was practically doing the same thing, he felt all the courage he needed. As soon as he was on his feet, he heard the bandit at the top of the steps call out, "we've got some entertainment!"

Christopher reached over his shoulder, and pulled the great sword from its scabbard, the steel making a ringing hiss as it slid out of the scabbard. The noise alone gave him the strength he needed.

"I don't got all day," Christopher muttered. The bandit came barreling down the stairs, wielding a knife, not even as long as the greatsword's handle. Christopher had an advantage. The two blades collided, and Christopher took the opportunity to pull this guys feet out from under him

"Look away Cat," Christopher said, making sure she wasn't looking. With the slice of his sword, it was over for that man. Christopher looked up, and saw a man wearing a green trench coat. The man glared down at him, and snapped his fingers. Men came charging down the stairs, and two on each arm, dragged Christopher up out of the cellar.

"Caitlyn! He shouted,only then realizing his mistake in pointing her out to the bandits. He thrashed around in their grasp, and managed a glance behind him, and saw a man bringing His daughter out of the cellar.

"You killed one of my men," the green cloaked man said, and brought out his own sword. It was half as long, but it looked much sharper than Christopher's greatsword. "I think it would only be fair if you paid the price with your flesh." The bandit chief put the blade to Christopher's throat, and asked, "don't you agree?"

(Let's see what Caitlyn can do!)
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Caitlyn curled up into a ball and leaned against the wall, terrified. The bandits were in! The cellar had, in the past twenty four hours, become synonymous with safety, the only place to have survived the dragon attack. Now, it was breached. No place was safe.

Her father raced up the stairs, sword in hand. He paused for a half a moment, and turned back to her for a moment. His face smiled at her, before hardening into a wrathful glower. He turned, his sword easily matching the enemy's diminutive blade. She covered her eyes, and heard, once again the sound of death.

It was quite different, the sound of a sword slicing through a man, quite different from the sounds she'd heard earlier. It was much quieter. Terrible as it was, there was something admittedly grand in the destruction a dragon wrecked. Not like this death. There was a quiet, strangled gasp, a thwump as he hit the ground, and then, silence. She peaked, staring through the gaps in her fingers, and looked, for a moment, at the corpse lying on the stairs before her, staring blankly up at absolutely nothing.

Someone was grabbing her, someone was shouting, but she couldn't bring herself to care. Once more, she had stood by and watched another human being die right in front her, and all she'd done was cover her face. She looked up, and saw a man, held down by two other men, a third man, his face indistinguishable behind the massive coat, standing before him, his little sword out, brushing against the first man's side. She knew him, she knew she did...he was her father...

her father...

Her father was about to die.

Something awoke in her. She could feel her body growing white hot with rage and anger. She screamed, a high pitched, girlish scream that gave way to another, louder, deeper call that she instantly recognized, that she would never forget. A Dragon's Roar.

The man holding her yelped and let go of her, his hands burnt red on having made contact with her bare skin. Free at last, she leapt forwards, knocking the man in the green coat over as she barreled towards her father, her hands outstretched, pointed at the two men holding him back. Two great orange plumes of fire burst forth from her hands, blasting the two men with raging flames. They released her father instantly, and leaped away from her, yelping in pain, surprise and fear. Her father collapsed on the dirt and she jumped over him, racing towards them, her hands pointed at each of them, still roaring that terrible roar. The two mean raced away from her, yelping. She turned to the man in the overcoat, still on the ground, watching her in a mixture of amazement and terror. She growled at him, and he scrambled to his feet, running off after his cronies.

There was silence.
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Christopher's first reaction to Caitlyn's high pitch scream was heartbreak. He couldn't believe she would have to watch. Then he heard the roar of a dragoon drowning out Caitlyn's own screams, which brought out a primal fear in him, and all the men in the area. They all looked to the sky, fearing death to come from above in the form of dragon fire.
Christopher however wasn't looking to the skies. He was worried for Caitlyn's safety. He stared over in her direction, and he saw her running towards him. The man who'd pulled her from the cellar now had blackened hands, and his wrists were scorched. That's when he noticed her eyes. They glowed purple, brighter than ever. They seemed to bathe the scene in a purple light, brighter than the torches held by the bandits. He felt the air around him becoming extremely cold, and he watched as two balls of fire were formed in each hand by his daughter.
Questions flooded his mind. How was she able to summon such power? Was this what the scale did to her? Was his daughter going to stay the same sweet girl he always knew her to be?
The two men restraining him let go, and began running and screaming in pain as their bodies became cloaked in flames. The bandit leader in the green cloak now had a black handprint branded on his face, over his left eye, the fingers splayed across his forehead. His eyes were intact, from some form of luck.
The man spun around as soon as Caitlyn let out a growl. Christopher was petrified. He had just watched a little girl, his own daughter, scare off a band of bandits singlehandedly, using strange powers unheard of by the drake family.

He slowly stood up and watched as the glow in Caitlyn's eyes began to fade, and she collapsed.
"Cat!" He yelled, as she fell, and he caught her before she hit the ground. She was still breathing, which filled him with relief. He was surprised to find that her skin was ice cold. He took his cloak off, and wrapped it around her to warm her up. He pulled her in close to him, ignorant of the dangerous powers he'd just witnessed. He had faith that she wouldn't want to harm her own father. He brought her back to the cellar, and brought down a couple of logs from the bandit loot, which had been left in their hasty retreat. Christopher lit the fire ,at the bottom of the stairs,with a piece of flint and his sword,me made sure Melanie was close to the fire, but not too close. He didn't want to suffocate her with the smoke. He held her close to him, and close to the fire, so when she finally came to, she would be warm.
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Caitlyn watched as the bandits flee, smiling at their backs, her hands still glowing with small flames. They were safe. She felt happier than she had all day. She had not sat idly by, and lose the last remaining member of her family. She'd protected her father. She turned, to check on her potentially injured father when she felt a sudden lightheadedness. She fell to the ground, slowly, her eyes slipping shut, and then...

She was high, high in the air, soaring swiftly across the horizon. Far, Far below her, she could see the earth, trees and mountains whizzing past her as she, miles above, flew past them. She turned, her great leathery wings flapping powerfully. Her huge, red tail turned gracefully, guiding her like a rudder through the air. Her long mouth opened, and she roared, a great and terrible roar that shook the ground, miles below. A great burst of fire spewed forth from her mouth. She was a dragon, soaring through the air, reveling in her power. The world was her whim, she would wipe out empires in an afternoon. She soared down, the wind in her face, towards a mountain, far, far to the north of where she'd gone, back home.

She jerked awake with a quiet gasp. Her father was looking over her, looking concerned. A fire crackled nearby. She reached out a hand for it, stroking the scorching flames, feeling no pain from them. She turned to her father. "Is this what happened to your grandfather?" she asked, nervous, but with a fire in her purple eyes.

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Christopher saw his daughter stir, and put her hands into the fire. Out of fatherly instinct he immediately pulled her hands away from the fire, and checked to see if she was hurt. To his surprise, she wasnt.

"No, Cat. To be honest with you, im a little bit scared right now. I've never seen anything like this happen, and I never thought something would happen to you." He sat by her, and wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair. He worried about her. She didn't seem much like herself. Was something about her changing? Those purple eyes stared into his, as he spoke, "is there something bothering you sweet pea?" He asked, using another one of his nicknames for her. He wanted to know what was making her feel so gloomy, but he couldn't help her if she didn't tell him the truth. He could tell when she was lying, because she'd always wrinkle up her nose. He smiled gently at her, hoping there was something he could do to lift her spirits.
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Caitlyn looked at the hand she'd put in the fire, and saw, not to her surprise any longer, that it was unharmed. She'd clearly gained a resistance to fire, and the ability to create flames of her own. She looked over at her father, eyebrows raised slightly. He was smiling at her, trying to raise her spirits. She couldn't help herself, and smiled back.

"I feel ok," she said, still lying down. "I just..." she paused, trying to understand how she felt, trying to express it in words to her father. "I couldn't just stand there and let someone die...not again." She rolled over to one side, facing her father while resting her head on the warm dirt. "The dragon came, and all I did was hide. Now...now everyone is dead," she said, softly. "And I didn't do anything...I couldn't just watch you die...not you too,". A tear rolled down her cheek. She brushed it away quickly, and rolled back on her back. She looked up at the stars, and sighed.

"So," she said. "What should we do now?" she asked. "I don't know if we'll be safe here, they, they might come back," she sat up, far too quickly, and, sat back down, feeling slightly dizzy. She closed her eyes, and, a moment later, felt herself falling asleep.
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"Shh, shh, shh," Christopher said, pushing his daughter back down so she wouldn't waste the energy in attempting to get up. He knew she must be exhausted. He pulled her over so she was resting her head in his lap. He noticed that she had already fallen asleep. He kissed her forehead, and let her sleep.

He thought he noticed a change in Caitlyn. She seemed like she was acting more mature. Worrying about the safety of staying here. The prospect of the bandits returning was scary.

Christopher looked to the stairs, and saw the man laying there one leg bent, an arm crumpled weirdly underneath his weight, while the other reached out towards Christopher and his daughter. The man's eyes seemed to be staring directly into Christopher's, and it terrified him. That man had been his first kill. People always said the first one was the most difficult. What scared Christopher was how easy it was. It was his family motto that said, 'only a monster kills without feeling.' Was he a monster? No! He felt desperate, and believed the only way to protect Caitlyn was to fight back.

A new thought ran through his mind. Would people call his darling child a monster because of her eyes? He hoped not. Those eyes kept staring, and he kept staring right back.

Christopher knew it would be much safer to stay put for the night, for bandits were much more dangerous on the road than in a den. If they were to run into black hand on the road, who knows what he'd do. Tomorrow morning , Christopher planned to take Caitlyn to the neighboring village of Faela(Fay-ell-uh). There lived a man who knew of the prophecy and the whole story behind it. If anyone knew what was happening to Caitlyn, it would be him. Christopher laid down next to his daughter, and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Tears came to his eyes as he thought of his wife and son who had just died that day, and his daughter, who had been taken by some strange power. Was he destined to suffer? Who knows? As long as his daughter was alive and happy, that made him happy. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep next to his daughter, who seemed to be generating heat from her core.

Night visions didn't bring any solace this night. He watched as a great shadowy beast flew around the village of hostar, and breathed fire upon the buildings. He saw two people running towards him and instantly recognized them, as his wife and son. They were screaming, tears in their eyes, as they ran from their home. Then, in a brilliant burst of fire, they were gone, and the dragon landed in front of Christopher, kicking up ashes from all over the place. As soon as the ashes settled, standing where the dragon had been, was Caitlyn. Her eyes glowing purple, and her skin a scaly blue.

Christopher woke with a start, and remembered where he was. His daughter began to stir in his arms. Christopher looked up to the stairs , and saw a trickle of blood leading down the stairs from the dead man, pooling in a puddle at the foot of the stairs. The morning sunlight shone into the Cellar, warming Christopher's face, as well as Caitlyn's, coaxing them to get moving.

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She opened her eyes. It was dark, and cool, but that was no matter, her vision was excellent. Great walls of rock surrounded her on all side but one. She rolled over to one side, and looked out the cave entrance. The world unfolded before her, forests and rivers and hills miles away all in her view. She breathed in the night air, cool and fresh, unlike the stale air of the cave she'd been breathing in for the past few hours. She opened her great jaws, and yawned, a slight burst of fire lazily flowing from her maw. She moved slowly, crouching to get out of the massive cave entrance, still slightly too small for her, and perched herself loosely on the mountainside. She stretched her wings, and yawned again, the flames now spitting out of her mouth with a slightly greater ferocity. Then she let go of the cliff face.

She was falling swiftly down towards the rocky shores of a small lake, the hard pebbles fast approaching, but she felt no fear. She was in complete control over what was happening. Just at the last second her wings stretched out, catching her before she hit the ground, and landed smoothly. She heard a rustling as whatever creatures had been by the lake front scurried towards the treeline, to some form of shelter. It would have been of no use, she could turn this entire lush area into a burnt wasteland in a minute if she wanted. But she had not come for to hunt, or to burn. She was thirsty. Her long neck arching low over the water, she drank deeply, the entire water level of the lake lowering as she took in a tremendous amount of water. She looked down at her reflection, and saw a great, dark red scaley face staring back up at her, huge teeth bared at her.

Caitlyn jerked awake with a gasp. She was in the cellar again. Morning light shone down the stairway at her face, and she blinked a few times, unaccustomed to the sudden amount of light. She looked up to see her father, still half asleep, waking as well. "Good Morning," she yawned up at him. She sat up, and stretched inside the cramped quarters of the cellar. She turned to the stairs and took a horrified step backwards, her head bumping against the rocky wall behind her. The dead man was still there, looking ever worse than he had the night before, his face a look of blank surprise. His death had been quick, there was no fear etched onto his frozen expression. She took a deep breath, and turned away from him, towards her father, rubbing the back of her head slightly. "So, what will be doing today?" she asked, somewhat shakily.
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Christopher saw that his daughter felt " uncomfortable about the dead man in the room. Who wouldn't be? He felt bad about his daughter having to go through everything recently. Caitlyn didn't deserve to be put under all the stress an event like the death of half her family at such a young age.

"We'll be on the move today to the city of Faela." He asked for confirmation. He brushed back a bit of her bangs that had fallen across her face, curtaining her left eye. Christopher had already anticipated his daughter 's next question, and said, "we're heading there because there's a man there who might have some answers about what's going on with you." Christopher took a step toward his daughter, and picked her up, before carrying her up the stairs so she wouldn't have to go near the dead man. He could have sworn those eyes followed him.

When they reached the top of the stairs, he set his daughter down on her feet. He put his fingers to his lips, and let out a high pitched whistle . His horse came galloping out of the tree line, and stopped in front of the two people. The horse looked into Caitlyn's purple eyes, and whinnied in fear of the small girl in front of it. Christopher put a hand on the horses long forehead, and shushed it so it would calm.
"Shall we go? Christopher asked, smiling at his daughter.
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Caitlyn looked up at the horse, staring at her nervously, it’s ears standing up; clearly on edge around her. She felt an extreme sensation of melancholy. The horse had been such a reassurance to her that evening, when she had been scared and confused about what would happen to her. She still had those worries, she realized, but they were no longer as overwhelming as they had. Her contact with the dragon scale had given her powers beyond her own comprehension. Would they destroy her? Only the prophecy could tell, and the only way to know the prophecy was to go to Faela, and meet with this mysterious man.

She steeled herself, and leapt up onto the horse. Unfortunately, she was far too short to make the jump onto the horse, which was slightly taller than she was, and ended up falling back on the horse. Not hurt, but a little surprised, she turned to her father, and laughed awkwardly. “Let’s go to Faela” she said.

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Christopher smiled. He was happy to see his daughter smiling again. The horse whinnied a complaint, and he simply stroked its mane to calm it. "Easy girl. Easy." He said, before pushing his heels into the horses sides to get it to move. The horse began its forwards March, it's hooves clopping against the ground beneath. They headed in the direction they believed was the path to the main road. As soon as they'd left the scorched ruins of their home village, they were easily able to locate the path. They rode down the pathway, and listened to the noises of the animals. Christopher pulled back on the reigns and the horse came to a stop. Something was blocking the path.
Sitting in the middle of the path was a grey wolf. It looked very thin, but cunning nevertheless. There was a gentle look to its eyes, which looked to be a stunning sapphire blue color. The wolves tail was tipped black, and it had a black coat of fur over the top of its back. It looked incredibly out of place , for this was a winter wolf. For a winter wolf to be out in a place like this in the middle of the sun season was unheard of.

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For a moment, Caitlyn was terrified. Their way was blocked by a wolf, staring intently. She had often been told stories about wolves. Their ravenous nature and savage nature made them among the most dangerous creatures she was likely to come across, the reason she had played in the back garden of the house instead of the woods outside the city of the wall.

This wolf did not quite appear to look the way she’d imagined. Wolves were gigantic, fearsome beasts, with teeth the size of swords and numbers as vast as the stars in the sky. Perhaps it was her vantage point on the horse, but this wolf seemed small, thin, and not extremely intimidating, though that might’ve been because she’d seen the destruction a dragon could wreak.

Then there was the matter of the wolf’s eyes. It was unusual, not the soulless, terrifying thing she’d imagined wolves would look like, the eyes looked nervous, and oddly human.

“Wolf!” She cried out to the creature blocking their way “What is your business here?” She did not know what it was about the wolf, but something about its expression told her it was more than a wolf.

The Wolf tilted its head to one side, eyeing the girl with curiosity. A moment later, there was a swooshing noise, and a bright flash of light blinded them all for a moment. When they were able to see again, a woman stood before them, tall, thin, and with a menacing smile on her face. “Shall we go with your money or your life, girl?” She shot back at Caitlyn.
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"Wolves can't talk sweetheart," Christopher said, just before the blinding light appeared. He shielded his eyes with a hand, and watched as the light faded, and in the wolfs place was a woman with black hair, and wolf ears. It, or ,ore rather, she, was sporting a wolfs tail from her lower back that flicked impatiently. Christopher immediately dropped from the saddle, and drew his sword, he knew of this creature. It was an animus, a being who could go between an animal form, and a human like form. They were notorious for infiltrating towns and learning secrets using the form of stray animals.

Christopher put a hand back behind him, Palm facing his daughter, and he said, "cat, stay back. I wouldn't want this dog hurting you." He slowly approached the animus, and asked, "tell me, what is your name? What is it you want?" Animi were capable of being negotiated with, and no one had ever been reported to have been killed by an animus, so Christopher didn't feel in any danger. He held the sword all the same, in case she was armed. Those sapphire blue eyes shone directly into his, and he found himself briefly staring into her eyes for a moment, before coming to his senses, and tightening his grip on the sword in his hands.
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Caitlyn looked down at the woman, startled. She, unlike her father, had never heard of the Animi. She hoped that her father would be able to handle the situation. She was afraid, not only for herself and her father, threatened by an Animi, but for the Animi herself. Caitlyn was not entirely sure what her powers were, and was afraid for what she’d do. She’d come very close to burning a few people last night, she wasn’t sure what would happen if she were to lose control with the Animi.

The wolf-tailed woman approached him slowly, her eyes darting between Christopher’s face, his hand clenched on the hilt of his sword, the horse between the two of them, and Caitlyn eyeing her over his shoulder. She smiled grimly. The man was armed, and on a horse; the odds did not appear to be in her favor. Still he was not without his own liabilities, the girl behind him for a start, he would not stray too far from the girl, or the road, or the horse.

“What do I want?” Asked the woman, coming to halt just out of striking distance from the horse. “I want whatever money you’ve got, I want whatever food you’ve got...the horse, I could use that,”

The woman smiled at him sweetly. “That’s about it. Oh, and as for my name...you may call Zyliria,”

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"Now listen here, Zyliria, is it? we just came from the village of hostar, which just recently suffered a dragon attack. Do you really think we would have any food or coins on us?" He began reasoning with the woman. She looked young. Younger than him, but older than his daughter. "As for the horse, she's the only thing we got. We'll happily let you come along with us to Faela. You and I could take turns walking." He relaxed his grip on the hilt only slightly. Zyliria stared him in the eyes, seemingly pondering the offer. Christopher then said, "please, i'm offering you all I can. You see, my daughter, she just lost her brother and ma. Don't take the horse from us please."
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“Hostar’s been attacked by a dragon, you say,” said Zyliria, slowly. “So that’s where it went.” She’d seen the dragon as it flew over, and remembered it vividly.

She’d been walking, alone and depressed, after losing everything. Then, for a moment, the sky had darkened entirely. She’d looked up to see a long, long red tail whip through the air. It was gone before she’d fully understood what it was. A few moments later, a deafening roar ripped through the forest, shaking the trees and terrifying birds from their perches.

“Do not think you are the only people who have suffered recently.” She said quietly, for a moment quiet, looking sadly away from the two of them, at the trees she had come out from. Then the moment passed, and she was glaring at them again.

“Very well. Where are you headed. Surely somewhere where you plan to get food, money,” she smiled at them, but there was no amusement on her face. “Lead the way, sir,” she said.

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Christopher smiled. He sheathed his sword, and said, "we are headed to the town of Faela, and where Is it that you come from, Zyliria?" He extended a hand out a hand to the animus before him. He knew very well that once a deal had been struck with an animus, it wasn't in their nature to go back on their deal. "Please, take a spot on the horse and we'll be off." He offered her to sit in the saddle, in front of Caitlyn.
The horse whinnied a complaint as another person with strange eyes approached her.

Christopher hushed her again, and gave Zyliria a friendly smile.
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Zyliria frowned up at Christopher. “No, I am from these very woods,” She looked over shoulder, at the darkness behind the trees. “But there is nothing left for me here.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and turned back to Christopher. “I will go with you to Faela.” She paused, and looked at the horse. There were already two people riding it, the well-built knight and the little girl. She smiled at it, and looked up to Christopher.

“I don’t think the horse will be able to take all of our weight, and I’ll probably the fastest of all of us. I can keep up with you,” She transformed into a wolf, and looked up at Christopher expectantly. “After you,”

Caitlyn turned in the horse, looking down at the wolf excitedly. She was curious about the new addition to the team. “Hi! I’m Caitlyn,” she said, introducing herself. “Tell me about yourself!” She realized that she was being very outgoing with Zyliria, trying to make her feel more relaxed around her. Since the dragon attack, she’d spent all of her time with her father, with the exception of their brief encounter with the bandits. Above all, all she desperately wanted someone to talk to.
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Christopher smiled at his daughter trying to make new friends. He didn't know whether or not he fully trust Zyliria, but she seemed like a friendly animus. He smiled, and said, "i'm sorry, ms. Zyliria, but I must insist you get the first ride. He dismounted from the horse, so his daughter was the only one sitting on the horse. "I made a deal with you, and I'm willing to adhere to our agreement." He knelt down in front of the animus in wolf form, and began scratching between her ears, meaning it in a respectful manner. His scabbard glinted in the sunshine, and it cast beautiful golden reflections all around. Christopher went back to his satchel and took the artifact out, before hiding it in his cloak. He still needed to return to the king. Hopefully he could barter for some actual equipment he could use.
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The wolf snarled and backed away quickly from Christopher, transforming quickly back into a human. “Don’t pet me!” She said, sounding horrified. “I am not some pet of yours, and I will not be treated like your dog!” she hissed at him menacingly. She walked past him delicately, still frowning at him over her shoulder, and paused once she reached the horse, one hand on the horse’s back.

“You know,” she said slowly. “In my wolf form, I can sprint for miles without need of stopping to rest. You humans are incapable of such a thing, so, it might be best if you rode the horse, and I ran alongside.” She smiled over at him. “It’s not a problem.” She let go of the saddle, and began walking back the way she’d come. “Maybe we can talk on the way there, girl,” she added curtly to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn watched Zyliria as she walked back over to Christopher, looking at him expectantly. She was, Caitlyn decided, an odd person, proud and haughty one moment, and kind the next. However, she felt there was more to Zyliria than she was letting on, and she was determined to befriend the animus. She had suddenly gained so much destructive power, she needed to know she could still act like a normal human being, making friends, chatting with someone other than her father, and the likes.
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Christopher jumped back and brought his hand back to his chest. His heart skipped a beat, and he couldn't breathe for a second. "Alright then. Suit yourself, but I don't think you'll be let in if they see you as a wolf. I mean, it's a town full of children." Christopher put a hand on her shoulder, cautiously trying not to invoke her anger once more. He smiled, before saying, "besides, I think Caitlyn likes you." He pointed out behind him at his daughter, and gave her another friendly smile.
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Zyliria looked over at Christopher somewhat scathingly. “When we get to the city,” she said simply. “Then I will revert to my human form. The way is long, we’ll be going all day. We won’t reach the city until sunset, and if we stick around here and chat about it we’ll won’t make it in time and the gates will be shut,” She looked over at him imperiously, and smiled, despite herself. For a knight from a town that had just been annihilated by a dragon, he was awfully friendly towards magical creatures. He’d have to be careful, not all of them were quite as nice as Zyliria.

She cast a glance at Caitlyn, still smiling down from the horse at her, and sighed. Transforming back into her human form, she wordlessly joined Caitlyn on the back of the horse.
“I don’t want to hear any complaints from you!” She called, kicking the horse into a trot.

Caitlyn looked over her shoulder, flashed her father a grin, and turned back in her seat on the saddle. “So, Zyliria, tell us about yourself!”
Zyliria sighed. “Don’t push your luck, you’ll find out all about me in time,”
“When I feel like it!” Snapped back Zyliria. Caitlyn was quiet for a moment, planning her next move.
“Well, I’m Caitlyn,” she said, determined to keep the conversation going. It was going to be a long ride to Faela.
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Christopher chuckled at his little victory over Zyliria. He almost believed nothing would get her on the horse. When she did actually sit herself on the horse, he smiled, and took the reigns. He may have seemed very trusting, but he very well wasn't going to let a stranger have control over the horse, while his daughter was still on. He made sure she wouldn't ride away by holding the reigns.
"You seem well acquainted with the distance to Faela. Have you been there before?" Christopher asked, flashing his teeth at her in a smile. He kept up well with the horse, and looked up at his daughter, smiling at her, seeing the smile on her face. She and Zyliria seemed to have completely polar opposite personalities, but he felt like Zyliria was hiding her true personality under a harsh shell of emotion. He felt like he could understand. He himself was hiding his heartbreak, for his daughters sake.
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“Not...exactly,” said Zyliria, slowly. “I have been TO Faela, but I’ve never actually been inside the city,” she said, uncertainly. “We...the animi, that is, are not welcome in Faela. But I can enter the city in my human form, and they’ll never know any better,” She smiled. “Trust me, I know the paths between here and Faela very well,” Zyliria was an expert in the areas forests surrounding Hostar, from Faela one the Western Coast to Contacto on the Northern Bay. She had resided in these vast forests for her entire life, and knew every inch of it perfectly. “We just head down this road until we reach Faela, this is the Faela road.”

Caitlyn looked over Zyliria’s shoulder, down the road. It swept through the dark forest, twisting off into the darkness. It looked indubitably dangerous, and made Caitlyn feel very nervous, despite her previous incidents. The darkness of the woods scared her, somehow, and she found her grip on Zyliria tightening.

Zyliria turned, irritably, but, upon seeing Caitlyn’s fear, her expression softened. Although Zyliria had previously been somewhat irritable, she had a soft spot, despite herself, for Caitlyn. She smiled, ever so slightly, before turning in the saddle, and riding on, to Faela.

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Christopher nodded in understanding, since it would make sense that a wild animal coming out of the woods wouldn't truthfully be welcome. He looked forwards, and stopped on the path, staring out into the dark road Zyliria was trying to lead them down. "What is this? Where does this lead?" He wasn't completely trusting of Zyliria, and he didn't want her taking him and his daughter somewhere where they'll be attacked by a new group of bandits, or even worse, the old group.

Christopher saw the look of fear on his daughters face, and saw she wasn't the only one feeling nervous.
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Zyliria looked over her shoulder at him. “This is the path to Faela,” she said, haughtily. “Have you never taken this route, it’s the quickest one, we’ll get there before sunset,” she said, offhandedly. Certainly, it might have had its dangers, all the paths had some sort of danger, but she’d always taken the paths when running with the pack, and there were very few creatures that were a threat to the power of the pack. Even the three of them were a powerful team. Christopher was a knight, who probably matched her own strength, if he had a sword with him. She could handle her own in a fight as a human, and as a wolf, she would be able to either fight or escape any creature that usually roamed these woods. And then there was the girl…

She looked over her shoulder, at the girl smiling over at her. Something unsettled Zyliria about the girl, there was something she couldn’t identify that...she realized she’d been gazing directly into Caitlyn’s face blankly and turned back, to watch the road. Then she realized what she’d seen and her head whirled back to look at Caitlyn’s eyes. They were a dark purple. She looked over at Caitlyn, unsure and increasingly nervous.

“What’s happened to you?” She said, her heart racing. She wasn’t sure what it was about the purple eyes that made her so scared, but there was definitely something unnatural going on here.

Caitlyn placed a hand on her shoulder, attempting to soothe Zyliria. There was no point pretending, better to tell her all.

“Well,” she said, slowly. “I was in Hostar when it was attacked. I touched a dragon scale, and...it’s changing me. I’m not really sure how,” she said, quickly. She smiled determinedly. “But everything will be fine,” she turned to her father, trudging behind her. “Right, Dad?”
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"Of course you will!" Christopher lied. He didn't know if she would turn out fine. He didn't even know if she would end up staying human. What he saw from her when she fought off the bandits, it didn't seem human.

He could see the worry on Zyliria's face, and could understand how she might have those questions. If this was how an animus was going to react to Caitlyn's eyes, who knew how the townsfolk would react. Christopher stared down the pathway Zyliria wanted him to take. He didn't like the prospect of leaving the main trail. For all he knew, Zyliria could be setting up a trap. But the promise of getting to Faela by nightfall was too good to pass up.

"We'll go your way Zyliria. I'm putting my faith in you."
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Zyliria looked at Christopher, curious. He’d spoken with such confidence to his daughter but when she looked at him she could tell that he was not being honest with her. It made sense, of course, she wouldn’t have been able to tell Caitlyn that she was probably dying, and she’d only just met the human girl. Her father was probably feeling even more conflicted.

They travelled through the woods for the rest of the day, the sun slowly lowering down, casting every longer shadows across the route, dark eyes watching them from behind the tree line, shielded by the darkness, before disappearing in a rustle of leaves and branches. There was nothing to fear, Zyliria knew that. In all her adventures through the woods, nothing existed that would challenge her and a knight. Their journey was uneventful, besides Caitlyn still attempting to wrest some conversation out of Zyliria, who generally kept her responses monosyllabic.

As night fell, they reached the narrow walls of Faella. The approaching road was overgrown, and trees had grown so close to the wall that the ramparts above them were invisible to the three travellers. Caitlyn looked over, curiously, at the wooden door, just large enough for their horse to pass through. It was shut.

“Hello?” She called out, towards the shut door, experimentally. She had been to cities before, on rare occasions, but had never seen the gates shut, and was uncertain as to how to approach the situation at hand. “Is anyone there? We’d like to enter the city,” she continued, still a little awkwardly, conversing with the blank door.
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"I don't think they want to talk,"Christopher said, unhappilly. He walked forwards, and smashed his fist against the door.

"Open up!" Christopher called out. A man could be heard stirring at the top of the rampart. A bucket filled with vile contents spilled over the side of the ramp, and splashed at Christopher's heels. "HEY!" He banged on the door again, and caught the attention of whomever it was up there.

"Oh sorry down there young lad. Didn't see you there!" Christopher glared up. "No need to apologize if you let us in.

"Sorry sir. Can't do that."

"Why not?"

"I have special orders from the Jarl."
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Zyliria snarled at the still shut gate. “We appear to have made it a little too late, the gates are shut and this...man,” she said the word with as much annoyance as she could, glancing up venemously to where the unknown person was probably still standing. “Does not wish us to enter,”

Caitlyn smiled over at Zyliria, attempting, in vain, to calm her. She looked up to the gate. “Who is the Jarl.” she asked, attempting to sound as young and innocent as she possibly could. “Please sir, we seek safety for the night...the forest is dangerous,” she looked over her shoulder, at the darkening road behind her. The trees rustled menacingly at her. She definitely did not want to spend the night on this side of the walls of Faela.
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"I'm sorry folks, but you'll have to turn back the way you came. The gates must not open anywhere near sundown."

Christopher growled, and smashed his fist against the gate, rattling it violently. The gate didn't budge. "You fool! We have no home to go to! Didn't you hear the dragon?" There was a few moments of silence.

"Let me go talk to the jarl and I'll see what you can do." There was the sound of footsteps as the man walked away. Christopher let out an exhasperated sigh.

"Caitlyn honey, a jarl is like a king, but he's ruled by a more powerful King."
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Zyliria led the horse forward a few paces, a little closer to the wall, gazing austerely up at the man standing beyond her vision. “Boy!” She shouted up to him. “You don’t know too much about what happens beyond these walls you so ardently hold, do you?” She gestured over at Christopher and Caitlyn, who was still atop the horse. “A dragon attacked the city of Hostar! These poor people have lost their homes...they’ve lost everything.” She paused, wondering whether telling the guard about Caitlyn’s illness.

Zyliria, she was sure, would have been able to survive spending the night out in the wilderness, but she did not like the idea of being alone out there with two humans to protect. Caitlyn’s magic -whatever form it would take- was far too unpredictable to rely on for protection, and Zyliria doubted Christopher would be much of a defender. His were the senses of a human, he’d be easily snuck up on by any creature that lurked in the woods. “They won’t last a night in these woods, you must let us in!”

Caitlyn looked at Zyliria, touched. The animus that had earlier attempted to rob them was now trying to help them enter the city. She remained silent, for the moment, pondering their situation. She was not sure what lurked in the forest, but Zyliria seemed confident that they would die if they spent the night there, and so she was justifiably nervous. She snuck a fearful glance across the path, and the trees crowding up against the narrow path, half expecting to see a pair of terrifying eyes staring back at her. A question occurred to her, and she asked it as it formed in her head. “Why are the gates closed? Why can’t you open them?” she wondered aloud.
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No answer came from the walls, for the young man atop the parapet had already left for the Jarl. Nonetheless, Christopher couldn't help but give Zyliria a look of gratitude. Although her actions in speaking out for the group were not heard by the boy, Christopher and Caitlyn had heard it all, and were glad to hear it. Christopher looked into his daughters big purple eyes, and looked back at the gate.

"We may have to wait a bit," Christopher said, sitting exactly where he'd stood moments ago, waiting for Zyliria and his daughter to sit with him. "So, Zyliria, why were you waiting in the middle of the road before you met us Zyliria?"
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Turning away from the gate with a mildly annoyed sigh, Zyliria turned to Christopher, and, for the first time, looked nervous. She turned quickly away from him, awkwardly looking back at the gate. “Well, you know,” she said, attempting and failing to sound conversational. “I’d just...decided to leave, you know,” she muttered, unconvincingly. “I needed to go,” she said, a little more quietly. “So, I needed some materials to sustain me while I got into the city. Money, food, that sort of thing. That’s why I went to the road, to find that,” she paused, wondering what to say next. Her first impulse was to ask them what had happened to them, but she’d already been told that story by Caitlyn several times over the course of the day they’d spent travelling to Faela, and wasn’t quite up for hearing about that again. She instead allowed the moment’s pause to turn into a longer silence.

Caitlyn listened carefully, and, when it became clear that Zyliria did not intend to speak any more, pressed her with a question. “Why did you choose to leave?” she asked, somewhat hesitantly. Zyliria looked at her with an expression that clearly told the girl to not press the topic any further. Zyliria, for all the one-sided conversation they’d had, was still not entirely up for telling Caitlyn or Christopher everything just yet.
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"now now Caitlyn, we need to be patient and not rush her. Although I find it curious that you'd be planning to head to Faela, given how us humans view you animi as suspicious creatures and all. Why go to a place where prejudice for your kind is strong?" Christopher stroked his chin, and sighed. "I'm sure you'll tell us in due time, but you don't need to share if you don't feel comfortable yet." He noticed the nervous tone in her voice and smiled. Looks like she wasn't always as calm and collected as she wanted to be.
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Zyliria turned to Christopher, looking a little indignant. “I only agreed to go to Faela with you, it was not my intention to originally go to this city.” She looked back up the road, at the forest she called home, now looking oddly unfamiliar. She’d never strayed onto the road at night, and certainly tried to avoid spending time this close to Faela. “As for being an animus...I intend to set that aside,” she said quietly. “I can just stay in this human form, and...and no one will ever realize,” she said, talking more to herself than to the two humans standing before her. She was very uncertain about the decisions she’d been making over the course of the day. Moving out onto the road had been a lifechanging decision, and she did not intend to go back on it. One life was behind her, another would begin.

Caitlyn fell silent, watching her father and the animus talk amongst themselves. Zyliria could be a little intimidating, but Caitlyn was certain that she could talk her into being her friend. She continued waiting for the guard to return, hopefully with permission to enter from the jarl.
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Christopher could see something was bothering her, just from the way she spoke, and how she seemed to be going over her plan to herself as if she wasn't sure she had planned it out. Just then footsteps could be heard atop the parapet, and there was an exasperated sigh coming from whomever it was up top.

"I'm sorry, but it's just not possible to let you in at this time. The woods are infested with wraiths, and heaven forbid one get in the walls. Not to mention the risk of letting in an animus. Those things are even more dangerous than the wraiths."

Christopher tensed up, and could tell that was the wrong thing to fall upon Zyliria's ears.

"Listen to me! Do any of us look like wraiths or Animus!?!"
There was silence.

"I'm sorry sir. Orders are orders."
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Caitlyn looked somewhat dismayed at the news, but picked herself up fairly quickly. “Well, we’ve got all night, we should set up camp close by, right?” She attempted to smoothly dismount, but was far too short to easily get off the horse, and fell, landing awkwardly on the narrow path. “You coming, Zyliria?”

Zyliria reacted far less amicably. She had not wanted to spend another time in the forest, but it seemed she would have no choice. She looked around at the woods, listening and watching every tree and bush carefully, cautiously looking for the sounds of woodland predators...or them. She looked very nervous, but shook her head for a moment, reassuring herself. It would be fine. She was in the company of a knight, together they would not dare approach the three of them. She easily dismounted, landing smoothly by Caitlyn’s side. “I...yes,” she said, decisively. She turned to Christopher. “I do hope you have the necessary items for which to make camp, do you?” she asked.

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There was silence for a few moments, as Christian started cursing himself in his own head. "Sadly, our only possessions are what we have on our backs," He said, sullenly, and looked over at the badly singed bunny doll in Caitlyn's arms, "and in our arms." He started watching around the surrounding, and said, If you're able to take care of a shelter, I'll take first watch." He sat down on the root of a tree, and looked up at Zyliria.
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Caitlyn looked over at her father, and wandered over to him, dropping down by his side, leaning up against the thick oak. The hard wood was unrelenting, but, after having spent the entire day on the back of a horse with no back support whatsoever, the tree felt more relaxing than her bed ever had felt. She turned to Zyliria, not entirely sure what Zyliria was going to do to for their shelter.

Zyliria swallowed nervously, and looked around the forest. Come nightfall, the road would perhaps be the most dangerous place. Bandits and other rogues would gather by the side of the road in wait for unwary travelers, and would not hesitate to attack a group this small camped on the side of the road. On the other hand, other, more dangerous creatures lurked deeper in the woods. Most of them would be more than willing to give their group some space, except, of course, for them. She gave another look down the road, and shook her head slightly. The deeper in the forest, the better off they would be. She looked over at a gap between the trees they could lead their horse, and made her way over to it. “We’ll be safer deeper within the trees, come! I know a place that we should be safe.”

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Deeper into the forest didn't seem like such a good idea to Chris. There was a reason the towns and villages built large walls around the buildings. It was to keep the beasts of the forest at bay. Sure some of it may have been out of prejudice for species like the animi, but mainly it was for the protection of the civilians inside.

Christopher stood up, and said, "i'm sorry Zyliria, but that doesn't sound very wise. I've heard talk of the beasts that live in these woods. Gruesome bloody talk. I don't want to go out just to become a story whispered by drunks in the taverns. I'd like to keep my life for longer than a few hours from now." He'd slightly forgotten about his daughter, and hadn't held back on the truth about the woods. He began worrying about wether or not he had just scarred his daughter.
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Zyliria paused for a moment. True, she was sure that the two of them could probably beat most of the beasts of the forest, but there was still them…and she really did not want to meet with them any time soon. It would be an awkward reunion indeed, her with two humans. Besides she’d always been told that the roads had been packed with bandits, and yet, over the course of the day, the only person who’d stopped the travellers had been her. Maybe she had also been exposed to prejudice, that humans were nothing more than an unseemly horde, and endless tide the entire forest could not stem. “Maybe you’re right,” said Zyliria, leaning against a nearby tree. “We’ll spend the night here, then,” she offered.

Caitlyn cast another anxious glance at the woods around her. She’d known they were dangerous, after all, Zyliria had jumped out from them. Caitlyn had a feeling that Zyliria was not the most dangerous creature in this forest. She slide over a little slightly, leaning against her father for comfort, and a greater sense of security.
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The father wrapped his arms around his daughter who was basically trying to tuck herself into him so she could feel safe. Looking over at Zyliria, he thought he could see the wheels in her head turning. "That sounds like a good plan Zyliria. Besides, the nearest bandit clan would probably run off the moment they saw us. They already know what we can do.
"So, should I go and get some wood?"
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Zyliria watched, smiling despite herself as she watched the father and daughter attempt to get comfortable. “No, it’s fine, allow me,” she said, transforming into a wolf and galloping off into the night. As she ran, she thought to herself about what she was doing. She wasn’t supposed to be spending another night in these woods, and hoped that they would not stumble across her and the humans she was with over the night. They would probably kill them, and her, if given the chance. Of course, being on the road did help against them, and Chris had apparently pacified the local gang of rogues, so there was no trouble in that regard. Still, however, it made her feel a little uneasy, spending another night in this place.

Caitlyn rested gently against her father, and closed her eyes, feeling safe in his embrace. She cast a glance at the walls of Faela. They had only barely missed the security of the city, and now they were sleeping outside the city. She shivered slightly, thinking of what her father had said. There was a reason walls were built... She soon found herself drifting off to an uneasy sleep.

It was dark. A glimmer of light came through the edge of the cave she rested in. She opened her eyes blearily and snarled, smoke pouring forth from her jaws. She slithered out of the cave, crouching in the close quarters of the cave, whose roof couldn’t have been more than twenty feet high, before launching herself out of the cave, and into the cool night air, her wings guiding her as she swept low over the tree line, searching for a morsel.

About half an hour after she’d gone, Zyliria returned, carrying with her a small set of wood that she set on one edge of the road and carefully set about making a fire. She had little experience with fire, generally she’d tried to avoid fires and the humans that came with it, but she understood the basics well enough, and, soon enough, a fire glowed weakly from the stack of wood she was working on.

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When Zyliria had turned into a wolf, and ran off, it worried him very much. In his logic, why would she go into wolf form to carry some wood back? When he came back carrying sticks however, he smiled, sitting with his daughter in his lap. He was starting to trust Zyliria more and more now. Christopher watched as Zyliria made a tiny fire. He understood that she may be Unfarmiliar with the concept of making a fire. He leaned his head forwards, and whispered into his daughters ear, "mind if you give her a hand?" He could see that Zyliria was struggling a little bit with the fire, and wanted to help out.
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Caitlyn jerked awake. The wonderful pressure of cool air hitting her face as she dove vanished, as did the cave, and the forest. She was back in her father’s lap, sitting outside the walls of Faela. She shook her head for a moment, turning to her father. “Wh..what?” she sat up, rolling out of his lap, and saw Zyliria, in her human form now, still struggling to build a fire. She rose and walked over to her, kneeling next to her and helping Zyliria work on the fire.

Zyliria took a step back, watching Caitlyn work on the fire. She wanted to talk to her, wanted to warn her about what might happen if they came across the three of them, but couldn’t find the words. Moreover, she was afraid of how the outgoing Caitlyn might react to learning that particular secret of hers.

A moment later, a fire caught, and was soon burning quietly beside the group. “Thanks,” Zyliria muttered, leaning against a tree. She looked at Christopher, one eyebrow raised. “I believe you said you’d be taking first watch?” she said, before shutting her eyes.
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True enough, he had said he'd take first watch. Even still, he felt as if Zyliria was on edge about something. Whatever it was, it was enough to worry Zyliria. Christopher got up and went to his horse, and took the small blanket from his horses back, too small for a tent, but big enough for a blanket. He walked over to Zyliria and gently set the blanket over her, to keep her warm. He went to a log on the other side of the fire, and took off his back and wrapped it around his daughter to keep her warm.

"Sleep well you two."
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Zyliria scowled as Christopher placed a blanket on her, easily rolling out from under it. “Please,” she scoffed. “I can be a wolf whenever I want to be, I have no need for this synthetic insulation,” She tossed the blanket over beside Caitlyn. “Here child, the nights can be cold for those not used to sleeping outside.” Rolling over, she transformed, and a moment later, in wolf form now, she curled up into a fluffy ball.

Caitlyn smiled. For all the hardness Zyliria would have Christopher believe, there was still some tenderness in her yet. “Thanks,” she called over to the wolf, who did not respond, tucking herself in. Warm under the two blankets and with the crackle of the fire lulling her, she soon found herself drifting asleep.
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Seeing as Zyliria had tossed away the blanket, and given it to his daughter, Christopher sighed, and said across the fire, "you don't have to be so independent you know. We're a team now, so you can rely on us at least a little you know." He truly did want her to have a bit of faith in return.
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Zyliria scowled at Christopher. “You know,” she said, mockingly, before softening slightly. “You two have just lost your home, your family, and nearly all of your belongings,” she noted. “If I’ve learnt anything by living out here, you need to be as independent as possible. Kindness will get you nowhere,” she looked over scathingly at the walls of Faela, now out of sight in the darkness. “The Faelians are not a kind people…” she muttered, before turning back to Christopher. “They will take advantage of you if you give them the opportunity. They won’t care that you’re homeless, alone, helpless...You need to keep yourself on your guard,” Zyliria rolled over, facing away from Christopher, and again closed her eyes.

Caitlyn closed her eyes slowly, the flickering fire soothing her to sleep, warm under the blankets. She did not really worry about what Zyliria had said. After all, they’d dealt with bandits only the night before, she doubted whether the citizens of Faela could be much worse than that!
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Her words did come across as quite harsh. It seemed that the animi had their own prejudices against humans like they did to them. "Actually, Zyliria, I feel like that's the exact reason we should depend on one another." He put a hand on his daughters head and stroked her hair soothingly. "To keep hold of those dear to us, and those who we can trust." He looked over at Zyliria, "and you're one of those people Zyliria. You've more than proved to me that you're more than trustworthy around Caitlyn." He smiled at her, "if anything ever happens to me, I want you to watch over my daughter."
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Zyliria reluctantly rolled over to face Christopher. “Fine,” she said, abruptly. “You’re right. We’re a team, we should work together. But...be careful with Faelians.” Zyliria urged. She looked over at Caitlyn, smiling tenderly at the sleeping girl. “I will,” she said, after a moment’s pause. “She’s a strong girl, to have survived what she has survived. I only hope there’s nothing too bad going on after she touched that scale,” said Zyliria. She sighed for a moment, looking at the fire meditatively, before giving Christopher a final glance. “Well, I’m going to try to get some sleep,” she said, before rolling back over to face the forest, her eyes shutting.
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Christopher smiled, and sighed happily. "Have a nice nights rest Zyliria." He got up, and picked up the blanket from where she'd tossed it away. "The offer still stands by the way," he held out the blanket to her, and set it down next to her neatly in case she wanted a place to sleep off of the dirt. He walked over back to his horse.

"Hey girl," Christopher said, holding the horse's face, and stroking it's mane. The horse snorted in response, and nudged His shoulder. Christopher chuckled, and reached into the pack on the side of the saddle. He brought out an apple for her, and she ate it out of his hand. He smiled, and went back over to the log, and sat there, looking at the fire, and then at his daughter.
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Dawn found Zyliria awake, having taken over the watch several hours into the night. Christopher and Caitlyn were still asleep By the forest edge. Zyliria watched them for a moment, her ears listening carefully for the sounds of movement amongst the trees. It was still fairly dark and, although her vision was superior to that of the average human, she would still hear a visitor long before she would hear it. She looked down the road to Faela, and thought about what they were to do once they finally entered the city. Caitlyn had told her, among many things over their daylong journey, the reason she and her father wished to go to Faela. There, they expected to find someone who would understand more about the state Caitlyn was now in having touched the dragon scale. Zyliria turned to look back at the sleeping Caitlyn.

Caitlyn opened her eyes. The light of the rising sun illuminating the cave with a dull glow. She turned slightly, her huge head rolling over slightly, before sliding further back into the cave, to where the garish glare of the sun would not bother her. Her tail moved smoothly, feeling the path she would take before she took it, as she gently retreated further into the narrow cave.

Caitlyn opened her eyes. The first light of dawn made the world dimly visible. A few feet away, the fire burned quietly to one side. She looked up to see Zyliria awake, watching her with apparent unease. “Good morning, Zyliria,” she said, stretching and sitting up, still leaning against the tree. “No disturbances, I hope?” Zyliria shook her head quietly, and turned away from her, having been caught staring.
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Having heard the quieted whispers of his daughter and Zyliria having a morning chat. Slowly, he sat up, and stretched his arms out to either side, before rubbing his drowsiness from his eyes. The exchange between Christopher and Zyliria when they traded eachother's post was very peaceful, and almost a pleasant interaction between the two of them.

The morning dew covered the ground in a layer of cold dampness, but the cloak wrapped around Caitlyn had kept her warm and dry. That's all that mattered to the father. That his daughter was comfortable, and safe. A couple of pine needles had fallen into Zyliria's and Caitlyn's hair.

"Good morning you two," Christopher yawned. He started picking the pine needles out of his daughter's hair, "I do hope you slept well Caitlyn. And thanks for taking second watch Zyliria." His hands were moving as if on auto pilot. He subconsciously went over to Zyliria, and started picking out some pine needles, but caught himself, and stopped before he would anger her. He moved away quickly, and brushed a hand through his hair nervously, not wanting to say anything that might make his situation worse.
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Both of the girls turned to face Christopher, looking surprised to see him awake. “Morning,” Caitlyn yawned back at him, smiling affectionately as her father picked needles out of her hair. “I slept well, I think,” she said, rolling away from her father to stand up, stretching herself as she rose to her feet. She frowned, trying to remember. She could remember a dream, but it was very, very faint. There had been light, and rocks...but she could not remember much else. “How was your sleep?” she asked.

Zyliria bared her teeth slightly as Christopher approached her, a move far less foreboding coming from the woman than from her in her wolf form, and she brushed the needles out of her own hair quickly. “Watch was fine,” Zyliria responded. “Uneventful,” She rose swiftly. “We should get moving, now that the gates to Faela should be open at last. I don’t know where to go once we get in the city, I don’t really know who will be able to help you” She said, her tone level, but her eyes betraying some fondness. She gestured towards the horse. “You get to ride today,” she said, evenly.
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"That sounds fair," Christopher said, smiling nervously at the woman. He noticed that here eyes and tone were each sending different messages, as if she was giving off mixed signals. There was something about Zyliria that made her seem very high strung. He wondered if she ever relaxed and how she did so. When she bared her teeth, he knew she wasn't messing around. Human form or wolf form, the message still came across clearly.

"Let's just wait here for a while and have breakfast. Day lights not going anywhere any time soon, and neither is Faela. Let's just take our time for today," he went over to his horse, and instead of mounting up, he opened the pack, and brought out some apples, and fed one to his horse, before bringing an apple to Caitlyn, before holding out one to Zyliria.
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“Thanks Dad!” said Caitlyn, eagerly accepting the fruit from her father and taking a bite, leaning against the tree and sliding back down to the ground. She closed her eyes for a moment, still a little tired, and a little sore from their impromptu sleeping location. She rolled her back a little from side to side, hearing the bones of her back click. She looked over at the road ahead of them, and felt a little nervous. She did not yet feel like she was dying, nor was she sure whether she even was. She hadn’t had any great bursts of power like she’d had when bandits had come to loot the ashen remains of Hostar. She wondered what would happen if they found someone who knew what was going on in Faela. What would become of her? She sighed, looking out over the path, her father and her new best friend, eating breakfast by a dying fire, and wished that she could stay like this forever.

Zyliria accepted the apple, eating slowly as she considered their plan for the day. Caitlyn had over the course of their trip told her about their plan, many times. They were to go to find someone “who could help her”. “So,” she said, looking over at Christopher. “Caitlyn’s told me all about what you want to find in Faela...but do you actually know who you’re looking for? Where to go?” She glanced over at Caitlyn, who shrugged blankly at her. She sighed and turned back to Christopher expectantly.

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"Yes Zyliria. I know a man who runs an appraisal business in the market district. He usually knows a lot about things with special qualities to them. I've had to come to him more than a couple times to find out wether or not something I was transporting for the king was cursed." Christopher explained. He still had doubts about whether the man would be able to define what was going on with his daughter. He took a bite of his own apple, and smiled at his daughter.
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Zyliria’s expression of curiosity instantly hardened into distaste. “We’re going to talk to a merchant?” Of all the Faelians, indeed, of all humans, merchants were very low on list of humans she approved of. She immediately disliked this plan but, as she had no offer to counter it with, and really did want to get out of the woods as soon as possible, decided to go with it. “All right, let’s go!” She stood up, finishing her apple in a moment and throwing its core into the trees and looking over expectantly at Caitlyn.

Caitlyn nodded, similarly tossing what remained of her apple over her shoulder into the woods and walking over to the horse. She was very nervous, but a little excited. She’d never been to Faela, or at least, had not remembered visiting the city, her parents might have taken her when she was very young. She looked forward to seeing what life was like in the nearby city. She was also looking forward to seeing groups of people not trying to kill her.

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The apple Caitlyn threw landed in a bush, and a protest came calling from a little mouse whom had made a rats nest in the bramble. Christopher felt the rodent run across his foot, and kicked the small pest away. He heard Zyliria's tone do a complete 180, and wondered what she had against vendors. "He's not just any old vendor Zyliria. He was an apprentice of Merlin's himself." He truly wondered why she disapproved of merchants. He took slight offense, since while he was gone, his wife would take a job as a merchant to keep food on the table. Christopher got up, and hopped up onto the horse, before holding his hand out to his daughter. "Alright you two. Let's get going," he leaned closer to his daughter, and asked, "you ready to see the big city?"
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“Hmm,” Zyliria echoed thoughtfully. Merchants were people who most frequently used the roads through the forests, and tended to be the most dangerous, attacking anything they thought would be a threat to their precious cargo. Zyliria knew little about Merlin, whatever that might be, but understood that Christopher highly respected this appraiser. “Very well, let’s go,” she said, plainly.

Caitlyn walked over to the horse, but was still too short to be able to actually get onto it without help. “Yeah,” she agreed, energetically. “On to Faela,”
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Christopher took Caitlyn's hand, and pulled her up onto the horse, starting a slow trot. Christopher's feet ached from walking all the way to Faela, but Caitlyn's and Zyliria's hips must have been hurting much worse. "So, Zyliria, if we run into any trouble, you'll have our backs right?" That's when the sound of something moving in the bushes came from off to the left.
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The trees parted at two figures walked into the road before them. They were wolves, like Zyliria but much, much larger. One of them was a dark, black wolf, with a dozen glowing golden halos burning on her coat. The other was, though it was hardly possible, even stranger. Slightly smaller than its black and gold compatriot, this one seemed less wolf than some part of the forest around them that had come to life. Its eyes, brown as the soil it trod on, glowed menacingly, and its appeared to be sprouting small leaves growing from its bodies. Its tail appeared to resemble a tree branch, lush with leaves.

As these two peculiar creatures stepped out onto the road, they transformed, and a pair of tall, austere women stood before the group, blocking their way. Even in their human form, the animi retained their unnatural accoutrements. The once black and gold wolf now had a golden halo shimmering over her head, and the wolf with a tree branch tail now seemed have leaves instead of hair, and odd tufts of leaves directly above her ears. The two radiated with magical power that Caitlyn felt. These two animi were adept witches, far more powerful than Zyliria was.

“Who are you,” asked Caitlyn, curiously. She could sense danger, knew that these women had not decided to step out from the brush to simply chat, but she did not feel uneasy about them. She wasn’t entirely sure why. Zyliria swallowed deeply. Two of them. These two were extremely powerful witches. She knew that all too well.

“Caitlyn,” she said, her voice slightly shaking, as she took a few steps forward, between the girl and the two animi. “These are my sisters. Imbyria and Lyfiria,” The two women smiled and nodded.

“I’m sorry to see you again, Zyliria. It will be a shame to have to kill you,” said Imbyria, the girl with the golden halo said quietly. “And you,” she said, raising her voice to address Christopher. “Poor boy without any magical powers...your death will not be the glorious one you knights always go on about. But you…” she cocked her head to once side, and turned to Caitlyn. “What are you, exactly?” She creeped forward, and Zyliria backed away from her, still keeping herself between Imbyria and Caitlyn. “I’ve never felt your power before, where did you get it?”
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Christopher took his sword out of his scabbard, and held it menacingly at The newcomers. "No one is going to die! Just back off and no one gets hurt!" He stepped in front of Zyliria, protectively putting himself between these Animi, and Caitlyn. He noticed there was something different about these two from Zyliria. They made him nervous. "If you so much as touch us, I'll cut off your hand!" He was shaking. These strange women seemed to have more power than Zyliria, and he didn't feel confident. These women seemed dangerous, and he remembered how easily he had been overpowered by a group of normal men. These women seemed to have some sort of magic.
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The black haired women smiled coldly at Christopher. “Such bravery. You must have been a great knight,” she said, slowly. “Tell me, boy, have you ever heard of Emeric the Evil?” she paused. “He might have been before your time. He was a legendary dark wizard whose power was possessed a power many feared and few could fight and live to tell the tale.” She paused, and took another step forward. “His was the power to bring dead spirits back to life...in a sense at least, no magic can truly bring back the dead, of course. They were only shadows, you see, but they could still fight and kill for him, and so they did...for a time. One day,” Imbyria took a few steps backwards, towards her sister. “Emeric the Evil wandered into these woods. I found him about twenty miles from here. I killed the Necromancer, and took his power for my own.” She raised her hands and, from the ground, two creatures emerged from the soil. They were dark, murky figures, whose shape appeared and faded, flickering eerily. They held swords made of the same dark, shining material as their own bodies. They were human, or had, several years ago, been humans. “Enjoy,” she whispered menacingly, and the two spirits lunged forward, clumsily but quickly, at Christopher.

Instinct made Zyliria realize that Lyfiria was even quieter than she usually was. Sensing the worst, she leapt backwards, and pulled Caitlyn away from a tree root that had been inching towards the girl’s ankle as Imbyria had been talking just as the root snapped forward at them. The trees around them shuddered menacingly as branches and leaches whipped forward at Zyliria and Caitlyn. Zyliria dodged and whirled, armed only with her own speed, keeping the flustered Caitlyn safe from harm and out of the Lyfiria’s grip.

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It was true, Christopher hadn't heard of the necromancer before, but stayed on guard. When he saw the shades rise from the ground he readied his blade for defense, but something wasn't right. Even though mud spilt forth from the unhinged maw of the shadow creatures, it stayed slightly transparent. He saw the blade, and feared the ghostly steel.
Deciding it'd be smarter to run, he tried turning on his heels, but found his ankles were bound to the spot by what looked like roots. His sword scattered away from him as he fell, and it spun, the blade tip facing him.
Taking the blade in his hands wasn't going to be smart, but it was his only chance. He barehanded the sharpened steel, and pulled it towards him, taking the pommel in his bleeding palms, and dodging the first shade's sword, it cutting into the earth to his right, and spinning out of the way of the other monster. His blood decorated the steel, and he prepared for the worst, "Run Zyliria! Run Caitlyn!" He called out, holding his blade out, impaling one of the phantoms. It shocked him when he actually felt his blade go through the thing. Phantoms weren't supposed to be killable.
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Zyliria nodded, and, throwing Caitlyn over her shoulder, took off down the road. “Follow them,” said Imbyria, nodding in the direction Zyliria and Caitlyn had run off. Lyfiria nodded, and took off at a light jog after the two girls. Imbyria smiled, as her two phantoms battled Christopher. “Ah,” she said, leaning against a tree lazily. “Now I remember. I did sense a magic like the one your daughter’s got...only a few days ago.” She looked upwards at the sky, remembering the moment she’d seen the dark wings block out the sun for a mere second before it had vanished. “That great beast...how on earth did your daughter get that kind of magic?” she smiled, stretching lazily against the tree. “It doesn’t matter...mother loves a good fight against a dragon...we’re all ready for it. I just didn’t think it would come in the form of a little girl,” she scoffed.

Zyliria ran as fast as she could, Caitlyn glancing back as she was carried. “What are they?!” she shouted as the two ran down the path.
“Animi, like me, I told you!”
“But what about that magic?” Caitlyn was quite certain Zyliria was not capable of raising the dead or controlling the woods.
“They’ve stolen it...all the powers my sisters have, they’ve stolen it...taken it from passersby. Dark Wizards, wood nymphs...each of them control some great power.”
“Why haven’t you a magical power like that?”
“I’m the youngest...I left before I had the chance...I didn’t want to go through that process,”
“What process?” Zyliria skidded to a halt. Lyfiria was in front of them, one eyebrow raised, a wall of branches and twigs blocking the road behind her.
“We’ll have to talk later, said Zyliria, narrowing her eyebrows at Lyfiria. “Hello, sister,”
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Lyfiria stood confidently in front of Zyliria, "You've always been so pathetic sister." She snapped her fingers twice, and her leafy hair rustled, seemingly communicating with the plants in the nearby vicinity. From up atop one tree, a vine shot out of the foliage, and latched itself around Zyliria's left wrist. Another copied the same path, snaring her right, and winding around her arms, lifting her and Caitlyn into the air. Caitlyn fell from Zyliria's back, and the vines wrapped themselves around the animi's neck, starting to strangle her. "It's a pity. You were always my favorite sister. Mother had such high hopes for you. To think you're buddying up with a pair of humans. Disgusting."

Christopher swung his sword upwards, cutting through the ghoul, a black ink like substance sprayed from the ghoul's now opened up chest cavity and shoulder. It collapsed to the ground, melting back into the mud. Now that Lyfiria was gone, Christopher could focus on fighting the remaining ghoul, since the roots had stopped tightening around his legs. Christopher swung downwards viciously, fazing through the ghoul's blade, but still cutting through the roots holding him down. He dove out of the way of the creature, freeing himself from the plants that had immobilized him, as the monstrous thing tried to trample him. He rolled away from the undead monstrosity, into a bush. He hoped to god Lyfiria wasn't paying attention to where he was. He hid there in waiting for the beast to try to find him.
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Zyliria, caught in Lyfiria’s vines, transformed partially, so that instead of hands and fingers she had paws and her wolf claws. She hacked at the the vines viciously, and a few broke, but as each bit of plant broke away, more seemed to grow out of the tree to take it’s place. She was, it seemed, stuck. The vine coiled around her neck squeezed painfully, and her mind was overcome with the fog of panic. Her arms scrabbled uselessly in the vines.

Caitlyn watched fearfully as her new friend was choked and tortured above her. She had no idea how exactly Lyfiria’s powers worked, how she controlled the forest that surrounded her, but she knew that she had to something to help. She was no longer the helpless girl who’d hid when dragonfire had razed the town of Hostar. She had real power now, the power of the dragon itself, and she could do something to stop this death. She could feel her fear, the terror of watching this bizarre witch torture her friend, and pushed it aside. She could not be afraid, she needed to focus. She concentrated again, and felt another, deeper feeling, a power radiating from her that she remembered well from not long ago. The power of the dragon. She closed her eyes, focusing on that power, bringing it forward, to the tips of her fingers. She felt a warmth there, and opened her eyes to see it aflame. She gasped, and the flame instantly died. She focused again, and this time aimed her hands towards the vines as they stretched from the woods to the trapped Zyliria, hoping that fire would come forth as it had when Christopher had almost been killed.

Flames erupted from her hands, a great burst of fire in both directions, torching the vines that had held Zyliria. Zyliria dropped to the ground, and lay there for a few moments, coughing and breathing heavily.

Imbyria was momentarily stunned. She’d yet to see a blade that had not been imbued with some kind of magic cut through her phantoms. She frowned as Christopher leapt into the bushes, hiding from the second phantom, which glanced around haplessly. She sighed. “Lyfiria!” she called. When no reply came, she smiled. “She’s out of earshot...that’s good, she hates when I do this,” She waved a hand across the woods, and every plant her hand passed by withered and died, crumbling to dust like the phantom Christopher had slain. As she walked slowly forward the grass, bushes and trees fading around her until Christopher’s hiding spot was revealed, as the bush he was concealed behind simply faded into ashes. “Found you,” she said quietly as the second phantom charged at him.

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Cristopher watched as the plant life fell to rot. He watched as all the forest life went silent, and all the leaves dried up, and died. As soon as he was revealed in the dying foliage, he feared he would be dissolved as well. He was sure she would be able to. As the ghoul came forth, it vomited foul watery mud, twigs stuck out of its shoulders, one stray twig protruded from its left eye socket.
The creature's pale skin sagged grossly.
Just looking at the thing made him want to vomit. As it let out a loud scream, he panicked, and fumbled with his sword, blood dripping off the pommel of his sword. He slashed down at the thing's ankle, and sliced through its whole leg, leaving it on one foot and a stub.
The creature let out another scream, this time bloodcurdlingly so. It smashed its swollen fist against Christopher's stomach, and sent him flying through the air, crashing into a rotten stump.

Lyfiria stumbled backwards, startled by the power this child seemed to Wield. She snarled as she saw her sister fall down to the earth. Snapping her fingers once again, her leafy hair rattled again, and a single vine shot out of the trees again, this time, snaring Caitlyn's ankle, and whipping her upside down and into the air. "So, she must be the reason you decided to go solo. Trying to go on your own private venture. You were gonna do her in weren't you?" She laughed and clapped her hands. "Silly Zyliria. You didn't really think you could finish her off alone did you?"
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Caitlyn was completely shocked and entirely unprepared for the world to suddenly fly out from under her feet and hover a few feet above her head. Her powers unleashed, but she herself was completely discombobulated by the sudden upheaval. She bobbed around wildly, spewing huge bursts of fire in random directions in panic. Such an attack would never work against the skilled witch.

Zyliria dodged a fireball that roasted a nearby bush. “Careful girl!” she shouted up at Caitlyn, who did not seem to pay the slightest attention. Caitlyn was now between the two sisters, and Zyliria was unsure of how to free her. Her claws had been largely unsuccessfully at slicing the vines, and any way past Caitlyn would be to risk death at the hands of a child who did not seem entirely control of her wildly dangerous powers. She scowled. It would be the only way. She certainly could not defeat Lyfiria, but Caitlyn’s firepower seemed to be able to make short work of the plant matter Lyfiria depended on. Dodging another fireball, she lunged at Lyfiria, intent on distracting the witch long enough for Caitlyn to free herself from the vines and get another fireball in at the witch.

As the phantom limped after the stumbling Christopher, Imbyria kept her distance from the fight, watching closely. “I can’t help but wonder,” she said, calling out over the clash of steel and whatever the phantom’s sword was made of. “What made Zyliria join your little group. She always was the weakest of us, but Mother thought she was promising, though, she was always waiting for the right magic to bind to her.” She paused, and grinned. “Now I see. Little Zyliria went and found it herself. The power of a dragon. And now you’ve sent the poor girl off with her.” she laughed. “You will die alone at the hands of the dead, while she faces a fate much worse than death at the hands of the woman you foolishly thought you could trust,” she taunted.
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"You're lying! Zyliria wouldn't ever hurt her!" Christopher dodged as the ghouls sword split the rotten tree in two, and splintered in all directions. He saw imbyria leaning up against a tree. Christopher's hands shook, and his face went pale as the creature came up close to him. Since it was walking on a leg leg of sorts, it would be easy to maneuver around it, but something wasn't right. Why wasn't Imbyria summoning another monster? Was she that confident? Or were there only two bodies in the area?
Christopher noticed that in order to stand up stable, it had its legs parted in a defensive stance. This was the perfect opportunity. He swung his sword upwards in a vicious swing, cleaving the creature's stubbed leg clean off, dropping it to the ground. It let out another ear splitting shriek of... Pain? Before Christopher could make the finishing move, it swung it's ghostly sword at the inexperienced knight, managing to cut his shin. There was too much adrenaline running through his body, and he didn't feel the slash. He swung down, and ended the dead creature's existence.
"K-kill this!"

Lyfiria was startled by the sudden attack by her sister, and raised her eyebrows in surprise. She simply swung an open hand in the direction. Of Zyliria, and a tree branch mimicked the motion, knocking Zyliria out of the way. Zyliria's plan had somewhat worked, as she'd lost focus on Caitlyn, and dropped her to the ground. "Very clever Sis. Tell me what did you really plan to accomplish by running at me like that? Surely you didn't think you could catch me off guard did you?" She laughed, almost maniacally, and made a motion with her hands as if she was grasping some imaginary object. As she did this, roots underneath Zyliria came to life, uprooting themselves, and tangling themselves around her, fettering her to the ground, and slowly crushing her in their grasp. "Squirm!"
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Zyliria, caught in a network of roots that was quickly suffocating her, could do little to respond to Lyfiria’s goading. She could only thrash in her bonds, trying and failing to keep the roots from her neck, where they began to strangling her to death. She looked up at Lyfiria, and hardly recognized the face she’d known and loved for so many years, now contorted in rage and vicious triumph. Of course, she’d seen that face a lot, When Lyfiria had caught a deer in her vines, a meal for the pack, or when she had a merchant hoisted by one ankle by a vine and She could only hope that the girl who’d moments ago been blasting out fireballs every two seconds had the energy to hit Lyfiria with the same sort of firepower.

Caitlyn blinked blearily, the world righted. She was back on the ground, though a little shell shocked from having been unceremoniously dropped there as Lyfiria’s vines instead wrapped themselves around Zyliria. Zyliria’s tactic had freed her from the witch’s grasp, but now it was she who was wrapped in plant life, and Lyfiria was far more brutal with her sister than when dealing with Caitlyn, Caitlyn thought. Sitting up on the ground, Caitlyn determined her next move. Burning away the vines that had attacked Zyliria the last time would presumably result in the same result as the last time she’d tried that. No, if she was to be truly successful, she’d have to go for the source. She aimed both of her hands at Lyfiria, and fired a powerful blast of fire towards the witch.

Imbyria was stunned to hear a BOOM echoing across the forest. She turned, away from Christopher, to stare off in the direction the blast had come from, the direction Zyliria and Caitlyn had run off to. “I never should have let Lyfiria take her on directly...the girl’s powers are well suited to burning out her powers.” she paused, and said, a little louder, now talking directly to Christopher “Well, I think your girl’s got more power than she knows…” she turned back to him, stepping into the shadow of the blackened remains of a tree “Keep a close eye on her, boy...I know I will,” and, with a flash of her golden halo, she vanished.
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Just as Christopher had swung down with his sword, prepared to slice through imbyria, but she melted into shadow, fading away before the sword was able to bite into her neck. He let out a frustrated yowl, enraged by her words. That's when he remembered what she'd said about Zyliria doing in his daughter. He sprinted in the direction the fiery roar was coming from, hoping he wasn't too late.

Lyfiria's eyes lit up greedily as she saw the two plumes of fire coming her way. It took her too long to realize she should dodge out of the way. She dove away, narrowly avoiding getting consumed in flame. Her leafy tail wasn't so fortunate, as it caught flame. She shrieked in pain and panic as her tail went up in flames. "Imbyria!" She wailed in pain. She rolled back and forth, trying to put out the fire.
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Zyliria, still tangled in the now still roots, hacked her way out of her bonds, sitting up shakily, stretching her arms awkwardly, trying to regain some feeling in her fingers. Lyfiria had very nearly killed her, and Zyliria had no way of knowing whether Lyfiria had truly wanted to finish her off or if she’d simply intended to knock her out and take Caitlyn. She looked up to see Lyfiria, her tail on fire and smiled nostalgically, remembering days long gone by.

She was curled up on a rocky cliff, next to her mother. They were looking out over the clearing, where Lyfiria stood, in her human form, nervously looking away from them, her fists raised. Fire blasted across their narrow clearing. Lyfiria yipped and leapt across the clearing, screeching in pain as her newly obtained leaves burned. There was a sigh, and a spout of water doused the animus, putting out the fire. “So, I guess we shouldn’t put you up against anyone who has any control over fire,” said the witch who’d conjured the water. She was in her wolf form, though her magic had altered it alarmingly. She was a light shade of blue, and her tail was now a thick, powerful fin. “Well, maybe she should go up against you, Vapyria,” called a voice from opposite side of the clearing. The fire witch who’d ignited Lyfiria’s tail stepped forward. She was also in her wolf form, her fur a triumphant orange with a golden mane and tail.

“Now now you two,” said a voice beside Zyliria. Her mother smiled warmly down at the three of them, in her human form, her pink hair pooling on either side of her as she sat on the rocky edge of the cave all of them had been raised in. “Let’s be civil here...but yes, I do think you should try your new powers on Vapyria, Lyfiria,” Lyfiria nodded, turning to face Vapyria, who transformed into her human form and lunged at her.

“Moooom!” a voice called out from the other side of her mother. Two young wolves, strode over to their mother, transforming into their human forms to sit beside her. “When will we get our powers?” one of the two boys asked. Their mother smiled, and hugged him. “Soon, my child, soon...one day we’ll go out on another hunt for you both,” the boys grinned, and watched the Lyfiria and Vapyria spar.

A small hand on Zyliria’s shoulder jerked her out of her memory. She looked over, and saw Caitlyn, looking concerned. “Thanks, Caitlyn that...that was perfect,” she said, pulling herself to her feet. She took a few steps, only to fall back down, still slightly tangled in the roots.

Caitlyn knelt and quickly set about unraveling the roots that were still tangled around Zyliria’s legs, keeping an eye out at Lyfiria, still on fire. She felt a little sorry for the burning witch, but she had tried to kill the both of them, and did not appear to be in any mortal peril. She did feel slightly pleased with herself. She’d saved her friend’s life from a witch. However, she was still a little confused on why exactly Zyliria’s sisters wanted to kill her.

Imbyria stepped out from the shadows next to Lyfiria, and Caitlyn instantly stepped forward, between Zyliria and her two sisters, her hands raised protectively. Imbyria gave her a scathing look, and attended to Lyfiria’s burning leafy tail. The leaves on fire fell away, as dead as the chunk of forest she’d killed earlier in her fight with Christopher. She rose, a hand on Lyfiria’s shoulder, and turned to Caitlyn. “‘till we meet again, girl,” she nodded curtly, and the two witches faded into shadow.
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Christopher came rushing in, but paused as he saw the torched forest before him. Whole trees were burnt down to their stumps, and some branches were caught aflame. He saw Caitlyn standing by Zyliria, and he rushed to his daughter's side, and pulled her back away from Zyliria, a shred of doubt was in his mind from what Imbyria was saying. "What did she mean?" He shouted, "she said a fate worse than death! What did she mean by that?" He put himself between his daughter and Zyliria. He noticed that her tail seemed to have been crushed, and her ankles were still tightly wrapped. "I'm not going to help you out till I get some answers!"
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Zyliria scowled at him, before hacking at the roots with her claws. “I don’t need your help,” she said, angrily. For a few minutes, she slashed at the roots, until she was able to stand. She was noticeably nervous. She’d kept this crucial information from him, and it had almost gotten them all killed. He had, she supposed, a right to be angry. That did not change the fact that she was now slightly angry with him for getting between her and Caitlyn, who she’d almost gotten killed trying to protect. She rose, slowly, her ankles crying out in pain. She ignored the pain, giving Christopher a furious expression. “Well, Christopher,” she began, before faltering. It was still a topic she still did not want to talk about. “Well, my siblings and mother...they used to be like me, shapeshifting animi.” She paused, taking a few steps backwards to lean heavily against a tree. “But my mother developed a...a process by which they could gain magical abilities.” she paused again, breathing deeply before continuing. “They could take the powers of a magical being they came across. The...they would be absorbed, essentially, their magical ability drained, along with their soul,” she shuddered, and looked back over at Christopher. “It’s..It’s a very painful process,” she said. “After that, they become witches, capable of the magic you just witnessed.”

Caitlyn looked around her father at Zyliria, still tangled in the roots, before looking up at Christopher herself. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was suddenly afraid of Zyliria, especially after she’d just tried to save her from her own sister. She stood up, and placed a hand on her father’s shoulder. “You can trust Zyliria, Dad, she saved me from that Tree Witch just a minute ago. She was almost killed doing it!” she pleaded. “She’s not like them, I promise!”
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The knight felt his face becoming pallor, and realized that if it wasn't for Zyliria, his daughter truly would have died. He brought Caitlyn back in front of him, and knelt down in front of the wolf girl. He bowed his head, and said regrettably, "im so sorry I doubted you. Please, forgive me for ignoring the truth in front of my eyes. You could have done that last night during your watch, but instead you chose to go against your family... Is that why you were trying to leave the forest? To escape your family?"

Meanwhile, miles away, lyfiria howled in pain as her tail stung. "You know I hate it when you do that to the forest, why would you do it to me!" Tears streamed down her face as she cried loudly.
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Zyliria paused. “I...yes, I couldn’t...I didn’t want that to happen to me. I didn’t want to do that to someone. Least of all her,” she said, gesturing to Caitlyn. She shivered again, before rising to stride over to Christopher. She rested a paw on his shoulder, turning it back into a hand. “I forgive you,” she said quietly. “And I apologize for not telling you about them,” she looked over her shoulder anxiously. “We should move, though...I think your horse has run off, and I have more siblings than just those two,” she said.

Caitlyn smiled, despite herself. It made her happy to see Christopher and Zyliria back on good terms they’d come so close to combat. However, she did feel uneasy at the idea of being ‘absorbed’. She could only hope that she didn’t get caught by the sisters when she was alone.

Imbyria scowled. “It was the best way,” she said, before amending. “The quickest way,” She smiled, and gave her a hug, a move less comforting when delivered by the disturbingly cold dark witch. “There there,” she said, soothingly. “Don’t cry.”

“Yes,” said another voice, and a long thick, white tendril curled around Lyfiria’s shoulders. Both witches turned, and bowed their heads.

“Mother,” Imbryia said. A soft laugh echoed through the clearing. “We found Zyliria.”
“But didn’t bring her...why?” Imbyria shivered.
“She was accompanied by a...a girl. A girl who has the powers of the dragon I saw a couple days ago,” the laughter ceased instantly.
“Well,” said the soft voice, even smoother, and somehow even more terrifying. “I do love a good dragon fight...It’s been so long,”
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Lyfiria was still sniffling on the ground, "but you don't understand!" She said, "she's a mean little girl! Look what she did to my tail." She pulled her leafy tail out in front of her, and showed off the missing leaves. "It really hurts!" She complained.

This was the first time that Zyliria had shown some kindness to Christopher. He froze up, before looking up at the animus. Admittedly, she did seem quite fond of his daughter and e didn't know why he'd doubted her. "O-okay," he said, standing up, "and your tail, that will probably give you away when we reach Faela, so it should be covered up. You didn't injure it did you?" He asked. He worried for her now, much like he worried for his daughter. He let out a sharp whistle, and his horse came galloping through the clearing. It's legs were cut up from thorn bushes, probably altered by Lyfiria to attack te pony. Christopher saw the blood, and held the horse close, "we'll all have to walk. She's hurt, and won't carry any of our weight." He reached into the pack, and saw the teddy bear from Hostar. Bringing it out, he could still see a fine layer of soot on it, which he shook off, and handed to his daughter, feeling she needed the comfort of her mother right now, since she was near fainting. She was getting stronger now. He also took out some medical gauze, and held it towards Zyliria, offering her to use it.

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Mother’s eyes, the only part of her visible in the darkness aside from the ribbon extended around Lyfiria’s shoulders, hardened. “Don’t worry, my daughter. Every bit of pain you’ve endured, she will suffer...a thousand times over. Once that’s done, she will be absorbed...she will pay for hurting you. Nobody hurts my daughters and get’s away with it.” Her light blue eyes narrowed. “Especially not another of my daughters,”

Zyliria smiled at Christopher, something she was not sure she’d ever done before, and accepted the gauze, not entirely sure what to do with it. While she had been in some significant pain, she had not, thankfully, broken any bones, though her tail had gotten a rumpling, she did not feel as if any permanent damage had been done there either. Despite her attempts at a fatality, Lyfiria had done no lasting damage.

Caitlyn took the bear, holding it a little closer to her. She felt a great swell of exhaustion sweep across her body, and she fell to her knees. Suddenly, she her vision went a little hazy. She sat down, cross legged, trying to think as pain filled her head. “I..I think I might need to take a break,” she said, slowly.

Zyliria rushed to Caitlyn’s side, keeping the girl from lying down. “There are more almost definitely coming, we need to go now,” she said, worriedly, throwing an urgent glance to Christopher. “We can rest in Faela once we get there, but if we wait here much longer we won’t be going anywhere!”
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The knight caught sight of Zyliria's smile, and couldn't help but feel slightly charmed by it. In a way, she reminded him of Caitlyn's mother. She had a fondness of Caitlyn that bordered on being maternal. When Caitlyn went down to the ground, Zyliria was the first to react. He knelt by his daughter, and stroked her hair, "you did good today honey." He lifted her into his arms, and stood by the horse. "Zyliria, you take the horse. We'll go now. I don't want to run into imbyria again. By the way, I have some questions about her power. Something strange happened and I can't explain it." He started trekking through the woods back to the road.
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Caitlyn blinked bright spots out of her field of vision, and looked up at her father weakly. “Thanks...Dad,” she mumbled, before her head flopped backwards, and she passed out.

Zyliria looked at Christopher a little taken aback at how calm he was after his daughter had fallen. “Do you think she’s all right?” she asked, nervously. “She was using quite a lot of magic, and I don’t think she fully understand her power.” At the mention of Imbyria, she instantly straightened, looking over her shoulder, as if expecting the dark witch to materialize behind her, which was of course well within her power. “Yes, we should go.” She lead the way back the way she and Caitlyn had run, to Faela. “What did you wish to know about Imbyria?”

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His blade still shone with his blood, and his hands were bleeding , but he refrained from touching Caitlyn with his hands. He held them out to Zyliria who was holding the gauze. "She fell like this last time she used her power. This is only the second time she's used them, but judging by how much longer she'd stood compared to last time, she's gotten stronger." He ended up resting the bear against his chest, with Caitlyn as a shelf for the stuffed bear. " now, about Imbyria, she was able to summon two fully formed phantoms. Judging by everything I know about phantoms, a normal blade can't kill a phantom, but somehow I did. Also, I have the feeling she could have killed me at any moment she'd have wanted to. Why didn't she?" It was these questions that plagued his mind the most. The horse snorted, and nudged the back of Zyliria's shoulder, asking her for an apple.
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Zyliria nodded, listening carefully as Christopher explained the last time Caitlyn used magic. Caitlyn had of course told her the story of how she’d fought of a pack of bandits, multiple times over that long day of travelling they’d had, but she had, it seemed, failed to mention that she’d fainted after that magical display as well.

She listened to him ask about Imbyria, trying to recall what that most dangerous sibling of hers could do with her dark magic. “I...I don’t know why your blade was able to kill the phantom. I don’t really know how those things work, I never really talked to Imbyria about them,” she had rarely talked to her older sister at all, let alone about her disturbing magic. “As for why she didn’t kill you, I also have no real idea. She likes to collect humans, along with whatever creature she thinks might fight well for her, for her little group of phantoms. Perhaps Mother gave her specific orders to not kill anyone this time around, I don’t really know.”

She turned as the horse nudged her to give it a scathing look. The creature had eaten at the same time, and of the same quantity, as the rest of them had, and they’d spent the past few minutes nearly being killed by her sister, while the horse had been running around through the forest, apparently being attacked by plants as she had.
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Christopher noticed the horse nudge Zyliria and smiled at the display of begging from the animal. He kept walking with Caitlyn in his arms, and soon enough, they came across the main road. "Alright, I guess I'll just have to ask around in Faela." they were coming up to the walls of Faela. He stopped walking, and set his daughter down. Turning to Zyliria, he said, "your ears and tail are a dead giveaway of what you are. Here." He took his coat off, and wrapped it around her shoulders, covering her up. "There. You ready to go into the big city?"
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Zyliria sighed, and accepted the coat. “We’ll be walking around carrying an unconscious child, we’re going to attract plenty of attention anyways,” she reminded him. She didn’t much like the idea of hiding her identity, much less with something as rudimentary as a hooded coat. Anyone slightly suspicious would only have to look at her carefully for more than five seconds to see through Christopher’s admittedly improvised disguise. She sighed. It would have to do, they didn't have time to come up with a better idea. They turned along the road, and the walls of Faela came once again into view. She scanned them, giving them a nervous glance before looking back at Christopher. “Yeah, let’s head straight to wherever your merchant friend lives, the less time I spend out and about here the better off we’ll all be,” she muttered as they approached the gates.
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As the company came out into the clearing, much more was visible in the daylight. A stable was set up off to the side over up against the wall of Faela. Sitting on the front porch was a young stable boy he was wearing a plain pair of brown pants, and a dirty white shirt, "hey mista?" He called out, "I noticed ya horse seems ta be in a bad way? Ya wanna bring'ear over here and we'll take care of her? For a fee uh course."

"Sorry but we have no money," Christopher said, still walking forwards with Caitlyn in his arms. He hoped that the stable boy wouldn't notice Zyliria.

"Hey what's goin on with her?" The stable boy asked, pointing over at Caitlyn, who was stirring a little in her sleep.
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Zyliria strategically ignored the stable boy, continuing on her way to towards Faela. If stableboys were asking questions before they even got into the city, they would have an extremely difficult time in Faela itself. “We need to get through this place as quickly as possible,” Zyliria whispered to Christopher. “The more time we spend out in the open, the more questions people are going to ask, and the more questions, the sooner they’ll notice me,” she muttered, trying her best to both avoid eye contact with the boy and keep a close watch on him, making sure he hadn’t noticed anything about her. “How long is this walk to your friend’s place going to be, exactly?” she asked, nervously. .
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Christopher ignored the stable boy as well, and continued walking towards the walls, "he lives just off the main market. He's not your every day 'sell you fruit' vendor." The knight prayed he'd have some answers. His daughter was still asleep in his arms. If she was still asleep when they went to see him, there may be problems. He looked over at Zyliria and saw she was still on edge. "Hey, it's gonna be alright. Relax. You're too tense." The horse nudged Zyliria again in the shoulder, and made some happy snorting.
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Zyliria nodded, attempting a smile, and walked forwar. She looked over her shoulder cautiously as the knight, the animi, and the unconscoious child walked through the city gates, and into a market of Faela. The cobbled streets were wide, and thronged with people, visitors from far off lands or the forests just outside the city, merchants selling their wares, the occasional platoon of city guards, which made Zyliria especially nervous. She turned slightly, so that her face was unseen by them as they passed. “So, which way then?” she asked Christopher. “Let’s go,” she said, very quietly, only barely audible in the crowded market.
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The city streets were full of people from different walks of life. Beggars sat to the side of the roads, sitting on blankets, spouting profanity at anyone who came anywhere near. Farmers would leave their stalls momentarily to buy seed from other vendors so they could grow more crop to earn more money. There were a few higher class citizens who would move leisurely from stall to stall, contemplating wether or not they should buy rare or ornate trinkets. All of these better off citizens were accompanied by bodyguards. Then there were a few undesirables who would skulk about on the outside of the market, mostly near the entrances to alleys, where they would peddle their illegal fire grass, or holly whiskey. Christopher knew not to go anywhere near these people, so he kept to the middle of the road. Knowing Zyliria wouldn't like being in the open like this, he sped up, to make their time in plain sight would be much shorter.
Merchants would call out, hollering over one another to attempt to advertise their products. One of the undesirables could be heard screaming, due to being caught by the city guard.
"Why. Hello there weary travelers!" Said a young woman, who was wearing a blue dress with marigold yellow lace. He had a clear pale complection, and her straight brown hair could be seen framing her gentle face, only to be covered by a small hood of the same color as the dress she wore that day. "My name is Mirabelle, and I couldn't help but notice you seem a bit on edge. Maybe I can help you at my shop. I sell insences for curing different ailments, including stress. I might even have something your lady might like," she said to Christopher.
The knight laughed politely, and said, "I'm sorry, Mirabelle was it? We're just friends." He wanted to take her attention off of Zyliria, but was doing a lousy job of it.
"Oh, I'm sorry then. Ive never really been good at reading people. But I'm still sure she'd appreciate it,"Mirabelle said happily, trying to extend a friendly hand out to the travelers. Her friendly remarks could not go unnoticed, as she walked down the street with them.
Christopher sighed, slightly annoyed by her peppy attitude and persistence. "I'm sorry but we're broke," he said apologetically. That definitely changed the way Mirabelle looked at them.
Her face turned to one of pity, as she said, "oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Here, take this. It's free," she said, bringing a small bottle of incense out of her basket, and put the little bottle in Zyliria's hands, before bustling off to try and drum up business.
The city of Faela truly was a wonderful place. Christopher turned to Zyliria and offered her a smile, "pretty greedy people aren't they, vendors," he teased, stifling a laugh. They came out into a large city center, which was much busier than the street market they'd just walked through. Shops surrounded a large fountain in the middle of the open area. Christopher began surveying the area, trying to remember the direction the expert lived and worked at was.
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Zyliria shifted in place, trying, and failing, not to bump into anyone as they crossed through the bustling market. The noise, the sounds of merchants hollering over each other to attract potential customers, the sounds of parents calling out to their children as they waded through the masses, the shouts of some poor undesirable being beaten, it was an overload for the animus, whose ears were designed to detect the sounds of deer moving quietly through the woods. She blinked a few times, trying to accustom herself to the raised volume of the world she was now in.

When the human girl approached her, Zyliria was only barely able to hold back her sheer terror. She leaned slightly back, trying to keep Mirabelle from noticing her extra pair of ears, her hands raised slightly. The girl, it seemed, was entirely friendly, and pressed a small bottle of some material Zyliria had never seen before into her hands. Zyliria mumbled her thanks, though she doubted whether Mirabelle had heard her. She herself had not heard her own words, so loud was the bustle of the streets. Then she was gone, as suddenly as she’d appeared. Zyliria looked over to see Christopher smiling at her.

“Yeah…”she agreed, still apprehensive. She kept silent, keeping herself as small as possible, trying not to attract attention, she was still certain that if she relaxed too much, she would be spotted for what she was, and hurled from the city, where she was certain Mother and the rest would be waiting to deal with her. Sitting by the fountain, she watched as Christopher scanned the area, searching for whatever house or shop he was looking for. She watched the people around them, couples strolling down the street, mothers trying to rein in their children as they darted through the streets, merchants, some standing on the edge of the street shouting of their wares, others sitting in the shade, almost asleep. Zyliria took a deep breath, and realizing that she was gritting her teeth. She took another deep breath, relaxing her jaws, loosening her shoulders. There was nothing to fear, she thought to herself, everyone was to preoccupied with their own business to harm her, or to even notice her.
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A small band of children started running towards Zyliria, laughing and smiling. For a second, it almost seemed like she was about to be tackled, when they dove into the water in the fountain. Almost immediately their mother was shouting at them, telling them how misbehaved they were. Christopher had set Caitlyn down on the fountains edge next to Zyliria, giving his arms a rest. He kept scanning the area for the shop. After a few minutes of searching, he realized where he had to go. There was a side street, not so narrow to be called an alleyway, but not wide enough to be called a road. That was where the man they were looking for was. "Over there," he said, pointing at the street. That's when he spotted someone very familiar. A man with a black handprint on his face. The leader of the bandit crew that attacked them. His heart stopped for a moment, and it leapt up into his throat. "Z-Zyliria, we gotta go. Right now!" He understood she wouldn't recognize him, but still knew that it would be dangerous for them if they were seen by the man.
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Zyliria nodded, not entirely sure why Christopher had suddenly appeared extremely nervous. She rose, picking up Caitlyn as she did so, and looked in the direction where Christopher had suddenly turned from, trying to see what -or who- had panicked the knight, but, in the crowds of Faela, saw no one that looked like a significant threat. Despite this, she was more than happy to get moving again. “What direction are we taking, do you remember?” she asked, looked around at the array of paths leading to and from the clearing they were currently in. She now understood the exact risk Christopher had taken in taking her on as his guide when they were travelling through the forest. Not knowing where to go, what direction she’d come with, surrounded by people who would likely not react kindly to seeing her true identity, her only real chance at survival was with Christopher.
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The bandit leader stood inbetween the group and the street they had to go down. Christopher's heart was beating loudly. He tried calming himself, but couldn't slow his breath. "We need to go around him, "Christopher said, pointing out the man with the black handprint on his face.
He took his horse, and prayed to god the man didn't see him, and began making a wide semicircle around the man, trying to avoid detection. The turned to Zyliria, and put his fingers to his lips, even though everyone else was loud enough to drown out their words.
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Zyliria looked again, in the direction Christopher had pointed and this time did notice the large, rough looking man with a blackened burn on his face in the shape of a handprint. She instantly guessed what had caused it, this must have been one of the bandits Caitlyn had fended off a few days earlier. How to get around him. “Are there streets that connect around behind him?” she muttered, thinking first of finding another way. In their present condition she doubted they’d do very well in a fight, what with her unable to use her powers and Caitlyn unconscious. They could always get him to see them and start a fight, to get the city guard to take him away, but, Zyliria realized, they would be far more likely to imprison or exile her than the burned man over there. “Any ideas?” she hissed over to Christopher..
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"We should go around him," the knight said, turning to look at Zyliria, who was surprisingly strong enough to hold Caitlyn up. Looking back over to the black hand bandit. "there's only one other side road and it's down that road," he turned, and looked down the direction, when his face gets pale, at the sight of a bandit.
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Zyliria sighed. “Of course,” she muttered, before leading the way towards the bandit, casually covering the unconscious girl with the cloak Christopher had given her. She approached him slowly, looking in every direction but directly at him, inching her way around him, hoping the man wouldn’t notice her. Up close, she couldn’t help but gaze at him, albeit for only a half second before looking down at the cobble stones, smoothed by generations of people trodding on them. It must have been several days since the attack on Hostar, but the man still smelled like ash. His face was in a slight frown, a dusty color, except for where the dragonfire had blackened it in an imprint of Caitlyn’s small hands. It wasn’t the ruddy hue of an ordinary burn, something about the magical attack had burned him in a different manner from conventional fire. She did not press her luck and attempt to get a closer look, skirting past him into the narrow alley behind him.
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As Christopher watched walk directly past the bandit, his jaw dropped. He was terrified. How would he make it past without being noticed? He looked across the way, and glimpsed his daughter in Zyliria's arms. Getting past the bandit would be the riskiest thing he'd ever do. Hopefully the man wouldn't recognize him. He slowly started walking through the crowd, walking with the horse between him, and the black handprint bandit. Usually, when there was a bandit leader, their cronies would be nearby. He looked around, convinced that at any moment,he was going to be stabbed in the back. He had made it halfway there, when he felt a hand clasp down on his shoulder, and he froze, petrified.
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“Christopher!” A booming voice echoed across the circle. A tall, portly man had walked out of one of the nearby stalls in the side way, and had placed his hand against his old friend’s shoulder, before wrapping one arm around the knight’s neck and leading him towards his booth. “It’s so good to see you, I’d heard of the destruction of Hostar and was afraid you’d been killed! How’s your family, is everyone all right? Come, I have some things I’m sure you’ll find interesting, take your mind off the-” he continued talking, crossing over the threshold and into his store.

Zyliria looked over at the jolly man, and couldn’t help but smile. After the drama of the day, meeting and escaping Lyfiria and Imbyria, sliding past the injured bandit, it was good to meet someone one so seemingly happy. She walked a few steps behind Christopher and the merchant, looking over her shoulder for bandits and anyone else who might have been watching them, before slipping through the doorway into the shop herself.

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Christopher froze up petrified when he felt the large hand slap down on his shoulder. "T-Tobias!" He exclaimed, "you almost scared me witless!" His hand was on the hilt of his sword when the man they were looking for has snuck up behind him. It was getting to be a habit, putting his hand on his sword when he was startled. He spun around, and looked at the widened man, a bit startled by his size. Normally Tobias would look quite thin but now he seemed to have grown quite a lot.
"M-my family is dead. Everyone except my daughter. That's why I came to you today." Tobias was pretty much squishing himself between shelves so he could get through. He turned and gave him a sad look, "i'm very sorry to hear that. You had such a wonderful family.
"Have!" The knight snapped, "I still have Caitlyn." A Zyliria opened the door, it caused a bell to ring, and the cloak that Christopher had lent her caught on a stray nail sticking out of the doorframe., tearing it at the very least down off her head, revealing her ears, and putting a nice long rip in the coat. Tobias turned and looked over at Zyliria standing there with Caitlyn in her arms. laugh
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Zyliria froze, standing the doorway. The room was silent for a moment, as the door swung shut behind them. She stood before the knight and the merchant, her true identity revealed to him. She looked at him, carefully, but was unable to read his reaction. He seemed merely surprised, either at the fact that she was an animus, that Christopher was travelling with an animus, or perhaps because she was carrying his unconscious child. Perhaps he could tell, as she had, that something about the girl was wrong, that she had a power no true human ever had before.

“Hi,” she said, meekly, stepping forward towards the two men. “I’m Zyliria,” she introduced, pausing for a moment before giving additional information. “I met Christopher a couple days ago, and led him to Faela.” She set down Caitlyn in one of the few chairs in the small clearing between Tobias’ goods, before turning to face him directly. “It’s good to meet you,” she offered.

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Tobias' eyes widened as he stared at Zyliria in surprise. "Well well, isn't this a pleasant surprise." He chortled, and offered a friendly smile in return. It was a nice treat to have someone so unique as her in his shop. Her presence was especially intriguing, that someone like her would have made it this far into the city.
The chubby man walked around into the middle of the shop, and held out his hand to Zyliria politely. "It's a great honor to meet you." He smiled and looked down to Caitlyn, and said, "you do know she's sitting in the fourth throne of the Roteron empire, right?" He asked curiously.
Christopher knew exactly what Tobias was doing. A smile found its way to his face, and he watched the spectacle before him. Christopher leaned back against a counter, feeling totally relaxed around Tobias, knowing he was a good hearted man with honest intentions.
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Zyliria eased up instantly, smiling at Tobias happily. She had been extremely nervous from the moment they’d arrived in the city, and it was good to see someone accept her for who she was so easily. She stretched out a hand, shaking Tobias’ hand. “It’s good to meet you to, sir,” she replied. After a few moments, she was able to rein in her smile, and looked down at the opulent, ancient throne she’d seated Caitlyn on. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, though she did not attempt moving Caitlyn from the Imperial seat. However, the thought that this man had somehow ended up in possession of such a relic did remind Zyliria of why they’d sought Tobias out, why they’d even come to this dangerous city in the first place. “Tobias,” said Zyliria, her smile fading into a thoughtful frown. “We came to you because we wanted to ask you about her, actually,” she said, gesturing down to the still unconscious Caitlyn. “She...she’s developed some..odd magical tendencies,” she attempted to explain. Truth be told, she wasn’t entirely sure how to explain Caitlyn’s newfound powers. “She touched a dragonscale,” she at last offered, hoping for some kind of reaction.

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Tobias smirked, "I'm just pull in' your leg. That's just a chair. The real throne is buried under a pile of relics in the back somewhere." He loved teasing new shoppers with that. He swayed back and forth listening to Zyliria speaking of Caitlyn's powers. His eyes widened when she said that Caitlyn had developed magic tendencies. "Developing magic is not a common thing to happen. Usually it takes years and years of practice to master, or even obtain," that's when Zyliria mentioned Caitlyn touching the dragon scale. His jaw dropped and he began stumbling over his words. "B-but th-th-that's not p-possible! I-i mean, I-, this can't be true!" He turned to Christopher, and looked t him for support. Christopher nodded and said, "it's true, look at her hand.
The shopkeeper did so, and discovered the wyvern shaped mark on her hand. He howled in excitement, and ran to a bookshelf, scrambling to find the right book, "where is it, where is it, where is it! Hah! Here it is!" He brought out a book covered in dust. When he slammed the large book down on the counter, dust flew everywhere. "Here it is!" He said, flipping to an old page with the same mark drawn across the pages, along with what looked like chicken scratch. "What language is this?" Christopher asked, looking at the symbols.
"It's ancient goblin. See, this part says the one whom bears the mark will wield massive power, but this part right here says the one who bears the mark shall be consumed by the magic they hold." He looked over to kaitlyn, and said, "let's hope this isn't the case."
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Zyliria stood by Caitlyn as the merchant scampered about his stores, grabbing a book from one of the many shelves that lines the narrow stall’s walls, and watched as the excited man fumbled with the pages, easily translating the ancient goblin tongue into English. She grew worried as Tobias translated, listening to the great power but also that the magic would consume the bearer and frowned. “But how can the magic both grant her massive power and consume? Surely those are mutually exclusive, no?” she asked, leaning slightly against the chair.

Caitlyn blearily opened her eyes in the chair, frowning as she looked around. The last thing she’d seen had been the forest floor. Now she was in a cramped store, an unfamiliar voice speaking. She frowned, trying to listen, her brain catching up to her consciousness in time to hear “Let’s hope that isn’t the case,” from the merchant. She frowned, trying to figure out what they were talking about, before realizing that the subject of their discussion must have been her, and her bizarre powers. “What…” she attempted to stand, but felt a wave of dizziness, and decided it would be best to remain seated. “What do you hope isn’t the case?” she asked.
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Christopher went to his daughter, and knelt down by her taking her hand in his. "You don't have to worry Caitlyn, it might be a mistranslation, or perhaps a bit of fiction. I hardly believe the goblins were a very smart people, otherwise why aren't they around anymore? Also, i'm glad you're up sweetheart."
Tobias nodded slowly, agreeing with most of Christopher's explanation. He stepped forward, and smiled down at the young child, and said, "it's a pleasure to finally meet you miss Drake." He held out his hand politely to Christopher's daughter now. "I am Tobias. Your father has told me a lot about you." His conversation with Zyliria would have to be put on hold, for Caitlyn was awake.
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Caitlyn shook her head blearily. “What...happened, how did I end up here?” She asked. Zyliria rested a hand on her shoulder, and Caitlyn stopped trying to move. She noticed the hand extended before her, and her followed the arm up to look into the friendly eyes of the man who’d been talking. She shook Tobias’ hand, and managed a weak smile. “Hi, I’m Caitlyn.” she replied. She looked over at her father, smiling slightly at him.

“You passed out after beating back Lyfiria. You used quite a bit of magic there,” Zyliria answered. Caitlyn nodded thoughtfully.

“Perhaps that what the author meant by ‘being consumed’,” said Caitlyn, hopefully. “That if I use too much magic, I faint,” she offered. She did not seriously think that that was what the goblin writer had meant, after all, the word ‘consumed’ sounded far, far worse than simply fainting after using a few fireballs.

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"Hmm, perhaps," Tobias said, pondering Caitlyn's suggestion. "Goblins were notorious for exaggerating things. But just to be safe, I'd refrain from using your powers unless there's a dire emergency in which your back is to the wall, alright Caitlyn?"he asked, bringing himself in close to make sure he heard her response. Christopher was thinking over and over again about how his daughter could be devoured by her own magic. Did his dream about her being a dragon have any significance to her situation? Also, fire is able to devour large forests within an hour. Would she perish in a ball of her own magical flame? He hoped this was the case.
"Umm, Tobias, I have a question. Would you say that she has a curse or a gift?" He wondered and hoped for the latter. Tobias turned, and said, "well, a curse afflicts the one cursed, or those around them with negative, and uncontrollable effects.. A gift however, bestowed upon the person whom is gifted, allows said person to control their magic. You know this Chris," he smirked, "so what do you think this is?" He went and started searching for another book in his bookshelf.
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Caitlyn leaned a little aways from the merchant. Tobias was best viewed from a distance. “I...okay, I’ll only use my powers in emergencies,” Caitlyn refrained to mention that not only did she seem to only be able to tap into her powers at times major crisis, but that the ability to spew great chunks of fire did not seem to be one with a use beyond major emergencies. She listened to Tobias ramble to her father about gifts and curses, not really understanding any of it. From what she understood, she had both aspects of the gift and the curse. She wasn’t really entirely able to control her magic, when thrown off, by Lyfiria, for example, she’d been unable to control her abilities. As for negative effects, blasting fire with varying amounts of control seemed to Caitlyn to be a fairly negative effect.

Zyliria still standing behind Caitlyn, was also both confused and nervous about the discussion the merchant and the knight were having. “She got it by touching a dragon scale,” Zyliria repeated. “Surely the scale wouldn’t have been cursed or...gifted. Who would have been able to curse the scale, or place some other kind of magic on it?” She paused. She did know a lot more about magic than she let on, she had spent her life with witches who’d stolen their powers after all. “This seems to be an inherent magic from the dragon, that’s been transferred from the dragon into her...I doubt the dragon’s lost much magical energy from getting a scale chipped off, so…” she paused for a moment, contemplating what she was suggesting. Her own family had done a similar process, by which they absorbed the magic another creature had. The dragon, it seemed, had enough magical power in a single scale to have given Caitlyn powers, and had likely not suffered a severe loss in magical ability of the like the passersby her sisters ambushed suffered from after they’d become witches.

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Tobias nodded approvingly at Caitlyn, when he heard Zyliria speaking about the magic in the dragon's scale.
"Actually, miss, a dragon loses scales very rarely, and when they do get shaken loose, they are infused with a fraction of the magic they possess. You see they sort of work like snakes, where they put more magic into their scales when they're young, and the amount of magic stored in these scales affect the pigment, so these scales are not gifted, nor cursed. They are simply vessels."

Christopher sat down next to his daughter on the arm of the chair, and started stroking her hair. His anxiety had been calmed, and he was content to be in a place like this.
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Caitlyn leaned back a little in the chair, content to allow her father to stroke her hair. She looked around the room, thinking about the city of Faela. Were she to stay in the city, surely she wouldn’t have to use her magic. Zyliria’s family wouldn’t be able to get past the city gates, she wouldn’t need to worry about being hunted by those witches. The city would be safe for her, surely. Of course, she reasoned, it would be difficult for them to stay in Faela, they had no money, and Tobias, friendly as he was, did not seem to the kind of person who’d left them stay with him indefinitely. And then there was Zyliria. Even inside the relative privacy of the shop, she seemed on edge to be in Faela. She, Caitlyn knew, would not feel safe in the city, for she’d be constantly at risk of her true identity of being discovered.

Zyliria nodded thoughtfully. “So in other words, depending on the color of the scale, the older the dragon and more potent the magic?” She knew admittedly little about scale magic, or whatever was the proper term for the magic Tobias described. “So, does that mean that Caitlyn here has a finite amount of magic? Could she eventually run out?”

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"Well, you see, little lady, we don't really know very much about the magic dragons possess. Scales are very dangerous, and not much testing is possible." Tobias was flipping through another book, reading more about the phenomenon of scales. A frown on his face made it apparent he wasn't finding what he wanted. "hmm, there is definitely something strange, going on, because there's never really been any recorded event in which a person was infused with the magic of a dragon, without it absolutely destroying them immediately."

"Hey, you feeling okay Caitlyn?" Christopher said, putting a hand on her shoulder, and cocking his head to one side. He regarded his daughter with a gentle smile, and a confused stare.
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Zyliria was silent for a few moments, pondering what Tobias had just said, looking thoughtfully up at the dozens of books packed into the narrow shelves of Tobias’ stall. It seemed that, despite Christopher’s confidence in Tobias, he, and indeed, the human world itself, knew little of the magic of dragons and their scales. She doubted whether more than a handful of people had even been infused with dragon magic, trying to come up with a successful understanding of how it worked from such a small amount of instances would be flawed to say the least. Nevertheless, Tobias books did prove that Caitlyn’s magic was one of a kind. She would be a powerful asset on for any team, and her abilities would be sought for, by Zyliria’s mother for one. “Do you know of anyone we’d be able to go to who might know more about this kind of magic?” she asked. “I understand that it’s something rarely written about, but a magical practitioner, someone who works magic on a regular basis, they might know a little more about magic, and might be able to figure something out if they were to witness her power.” She refrained from mentioning the person she knew would have an explanation of Caitlyn’s power, Mother. Mother would certainly know, but Zyliria was entirely certain that she would not explain, or even keep Caitlyn alive for a very long amount of time once she’d gotten her hands, paws, or those white ribbons of hers, on the girl.

Caitlyn was almost entirely silent in her own meditation. Despite her father’s assurances, Tobias seemed to have little idea what exactly her contact with the dragon scale would do to her. All she knew was that, judging by the historical record, she should be dead, something that was not at all comforting to the girl. Why was she alive? She thought back to the day, when her home, family, and indeed her entire life had been destroyed in a single terrible blaze, and tried to remember what she’d done when she’d touched the scale. It felt as though it had happened months ago, so much had happened since that terrible day. She’d touched the scale for only a moment, perhaps that was why she wasn’t dead? No, that was ridiculous, this was a powerful magic she’d touched, it surely only needed the slightest touch to be able to consume her...and yet, it had not.

Caitlyn was jerked out of her thought by her father talking to her. She looked up at him, feeling scared and confused. She wasn’t supposed to be alive. The Dragon should have killed her, along with her friends, family, neighbors, her home, her city. The scale should have killed her, as it had her grandfather and everyone in history who’d ever come into contact with one. “No,” she said, a little shakily. “I’m afraid.”
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Christopher felt the same way about his daughter, and held her hands in his, "Caitlyn, honey, I'm sure we'll figure this all out. Right Tobias?" He asked, turning around to ask him directly. Tobias was gone however. Looking down the hall, one could see him looking frantically through the bookshelves. He came back with another dust coated book, and started flipping through the pages. "Usually when someone whom isn't born with magic powers is infused with a sort of magical energy, a physical attribute of them changes. In your case, I can tell its your eyes. But also, these physical changes can come out in the form of scars, or markings on the skin. I believe this one," he said tapping the branding Caitlyn had received from touching the scale, "may be one such marking. That's when he flipped the page, and found the exact same symbol, and his jaw dropped. "How is this possiblehuh" He stared at the page mind blown, and uttered, "she's got the mark of an arch Mage!"
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Caitlyn nodded at her father, not entirely comforted. He hadn’t known what was going to happen to her, and the contact he’d reached in Faela, Tobias, also seemed stumped by her power, scuttering around his little shop for some kind of hint, throwing out bits of information that Caitlyn had not quite understood, but had not seemed, to her at least, directly related to her. He’d thrown information about scales and curses at them, but he hadn’t answered the most important question...was she going to die? As Tobias flipped through another book, her hopes weren’t exactly high. When he proclaimed her an Archmage, she looked at him, confused, before looking down at her hand, where the scale-shaped burn had been seared into her. She’d thought that mark of her own stupidity and desperation would fade with time as most scars did. To think that that would be the sign of an archmage, whatever that was, surprised her. “What does that mean?” she asked, already harboring some suspicions.

While the news that one was travelling with an archmage would fill the average person with a sense of safety and security, Zyliria was far from comforted. She’d heard of a couple arch mages, and they’d all met a terrible fate in the woods they’d only just barely managed to escape, thanks to Mother and her siblings. If Mother found out that she was an archmage, and who was to say she hadn’t known that the second Lyfiria and Imbyria had gone to her, she would pursue them relentlessly. Mother had not left the forest since she’d settled there with her children years and years ago, but an Archmage and Dragon magic wielder would doubtless be enough to pull her from the grove she’d spent her years in.
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The stout man was pacing excitedly, "My young girl, an archmage is a sorcerer who has almost complete control over their power. I may have to retract my earlier warning about not using your power. You have to practice as much as you can!" He read more into the description, "an archmage has to develop their powers so they don't lose control. Its better if they start training at an early age..." His eyes widened as he came to an epiphany, "maybe that's what happens when a person touches a scale! They are turned into an archmage, and are destroyed by the power they can't control!" He stroked his chin curiously, the shopkeeper paced through the room.

"What does this mean? She's safe?" Christopher asked hopefully. He had his hand on Caitlyn's shoulder, and said, "please tell me she's safe."

Tobias shrugged, and said, "I don't know, this theory has to have more testing, but I don't think it would be very humane..." He was deep in thought.

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Zyliria looked at Tobias, still flipping through another of his books, and Christopher, his hand still on his daughter’s shoulder, looking nervous, and couldn’t help but feel touched, in some way, to see the both of them struggling with complex magical theories to try and understand what exactly was happening to Caitlyn. Zyliria herself thought to herself, wondering if Caitlyn had indeed undergone a process not at all like that her siblings had undergone, for none of them paused for a moment, before smiling slightly. “I think you’ll find Caitlyn’s powers are quite...incendiary. It would be dangerous to stay in Faela, if we want her to both regularly practice and be in a position to not hurt anyone.” She would be quite happy to protect Caitlyn outside of the city, but she knew that, within the city walls, she was more under threat than the girl.

Caitlyn looked at Tobias, beginning to feel mildly frustrated with the merchant. Despite the trust her father seemed to have for the merchant, she was starting to develop some doubts. Each book he flipped through seemed to change his opinion of what would happen. One moment he was recommending that she not practice her magic, the next, he was suggesting that she practice as much as possible. She was, truth be told, getting very confused. Looking at Christopher and Zyliria, however, she realized that she was the only one who looked extremely confused. She sighed. “So, what should I exactly be doing here, then? Should I stay in Faela? Should I leave? Should I not use my powers at all? Should I Fight?”
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Tobias stroked his chin in deep thought. "Hmm, maybe just outside the walls would be a great place to practice. It's just outside the city, and you'd be under the protection of the guards. Also, judging by the state you were in, I can't imagine you'd be outside the walls for too long. How many times are you able to practice your magic before you pass out?" he asked curiously.
Christopher looked down at his daughter with a bit of pride, and said, "I can't believe it. My daughter, an Arch Mage! This is amazing! you're the most famous member in our family. More famous than even your great great grandfather!" He beamed down at her.
"We don't know for sure if she is an Arch Mage, but it all depends. Has the amount of time between when she falls unconscious become longer or shorter?"
"Um, shorter I think," Christopher said, unsure of himself. He was pretty sure it was true. She did seem like she was waking up quicker and quicker each time. The first time, she was unconscious for a day. Then, only a couple hours. She truly did seem to be getting stronger in Christopher's opinion.
"Then I think it is apparent, that Caitlyn truly is an ArchMage, given this information. This is astounding! This is incredible!" Tobias started getting excited, and he dove to his desk for a paper, so he could write down their findings.
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Caitlyn took a deep breath, trying to focus as her father and Tobias chattered with pride about her, now a designated archmage. She looked over at Zyliria, who was silent, staring at the two of them, ideas whizzing behind her eyes. Caitlyn took another deep breath, looking back at her father. “So...so…” she attempted to come up with some question, some set of words that could convey the confusion and fear she was feeling, but her vocabulary failed her. She simply sat there, trying to form a coherent sentence as Christopher and Tobias celebrated her.

She had never wanted to be an archmage. To have power, this power, the power of the very thing that had levelled her home, killed her family, killed virtually everyone she’d ever known, to have that same power coursing through her veins, to be able to use that same power to fight other people, to be able to become the very terror that she had felt…She had never thought of it before. She’d of course connected the fire she could now conjure to the dragonfire, but she’d never internalized what that meant, that she, in a way, had the potential in her to be as dangerous, as much of a monster, as the dragon that had taken everything from her. To think that she could become more powerful, could develop that same destructive power. How could she practice that same magic, how had she even dared use it!

She realized that she’d forgotten her deep breaths and gasped, struggling to take another breath. She coughed for a few moments, and finally managed to inhale. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked down to see Zyliria, not smiling like the rest of them, but looking fairly somber. She, it seemed, understood something of what she was feeling.

“It’s okay,” she said, quietly, her face still. Caitlyn took another few deep breaths, steadying herself, and swallowed. Perhaps there was more to being an archmage than simply this kind of magic. Perhaps there were other kinds of magic she could learn to use. A thought came to her, a wonderful, wonderful thought.

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Christopher turned from the jovial celebration he and Tobias had been sharing, with a look of glee on his face. As he looked in his young daughter's direction, he noticed the look on her face. It wasn't a happy look. One might think the news of something with this magnitude, and such an overwhelmingly fantastic outcome would bring joy to ones face, but it didn't seem the case. He quickly joined Zyliria's side, taking his child's hand in his own. "Honey, what's wrong? Why aren't you happy?" That's when he followed her gaze down to the marking on her hand. It all came flooding back to him. He felt a lump form in his throat, and remembered what she must have went through in order to obtain this power. They'd both lost the people that had meant the most to them.
"I... I know... I know," he felt his heart aching, and put a hand to his chest, "I miss them too."

Tobias looked up briefly, and saw the look on Caitlyn's face, and seemed puzzled by her reaction. Instead of coming over to console her though, he started documenting Caitlyn's reaction.
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Zyliria turned away from the two of them as they had a moment, father and daughter. Her eyes instead fell on Tobias, scribbling away as he watched the two of them. Her annoyance got to her and she walked over to him, plucking the quill easily from his hands and snapping the writing utensil in two. “Give them a moment,” she whispered dangerously, before returning to her corner, tossing the quill halves down onto a table as she passed it.

Caitlyn said nothing, but her arms wrapped around her father’s neck, pulling him down and hugging him, sobbing quietly into him. “I...I don’t want this power. I don’t want the power that killed them...everyone,” she whispered into Christopher’s ear. “I want to go home...but we don’t have any home.” she said, sadly. She broke from the hug, looking into her father’s eyes sadly. “What do I do now? Train as an archmage? How can I practice this?” Caitlyn’s magic, as far as she was concerned, had only one purpose - destruction. She had no desire to be able to become better at levelling cities as the dragon had. “Why would I practice this?” she asked, sadly.
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Tobias backed away from the desk with his hands in the air by his head. There was something about Zyliria's voice that inspired a bit of fear in him. He admired that greatly. It showed him that she really cared for her friends.

Christopher looked up at his daughter and realized how upset she must be by the new power she possessed. He looked at her hand. And took it in his own. "I-I don't know. I don't know why you should. I just want to know wherever you are, you're safe. I feel I've failed to protect you and your mother and brother, and now I feel I've failed you as a father." Tears welled up in his eyes, as he began to silently cry, looking down at the floor.

Against his better judgment, and ignoring Zyliria's imminent threat, Tobias stepped forward towards his desk, "Caitlyn, Christopher, may I shed a little light, on this?" He said, lifting a lamp up, letting the light from the flame dance across the walls. "You see, Caitlyn, you seem to have forgotten that fire has many different purposes. For example, lighting the way, when it is too dark to see. "He walked down a dark aisle, before reaching up to grab something. He returned with a metal helmet. He set it down with a clunk, and said, this helmet was forged in the fires of mount black-rock. You see? Fire doesn't always have to be a destructive force. It has the power to create." This was his best attempt at making The little girl in his shop feel better. He hoped speaking out of turn wouldn't anger Zyliria.
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Contented, Zyliria turned from Tobias to watch Christopher and Caitlyn, though she kept herself between the merchant and his paper. Looking at the two, she couldn’t help but wonder at the affection Christopher showed Caitlyn. It was a feeling of maternal affection she herself had never felt on herself. Mother was a different kind of parent, there was always an expectation from her, that, one day, you would ‘evolve’ as she called the terrible process Zyliria’s sisters had willingly undergone. Once that day came, and only until that day came, would one be deserving of her praise and affection. Mother had loved them, certainly, but there was a certain foreboding smile she gave those ‘unevolved’ children that had always slightly unnerved Zyliria. There was nothing like that in Christopher’s own expression as he looked into his daughter’s eyes. There was something pure about the way he looked at her, an expression not polluted by personal expectations like Mother’s, but unwavering, unyielding love.

Caitlyn reached upwards out of pure instinct, and rested a hand on her father’s cheek, her skin, somehow smooth despite being so easily combustible, caressing her father’s rough skin. “It’s okay,” she heard herself saying quietly to Christopher. “You did all that you could...all anyone could. You were there when I needed you most, when everyone else was gone.” She turned, slightly startled, as the stout merchant strode over past her to the lantern, and listened to him carefully. When he was finished, she stared at the metal helmet, set on one of the larger tables in the small shop. He was quite right, of course, though she hadn’t thought of it. She had been so focused on that great and terrible blaze that had wiped out her family, that she’d forgotten the dozens of other fires she’d seen and made. No place was more comforting than a seat close to the hearth. Nothing had ever tasted better than meat, simply flesh held to fire for a long enough time.

“You’re right,” she said, quietly. She gazed back at her hand, and at the small flame in the lamp, the tiny incomprehensible thing, dancing at her, death and life itself.
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Tobias felt happy with himself. He'd quite efficiently calmed the young girl by showing her a different perspective. She was unique, and all of this was new, foreign, and dangerous for a little girl, much too, in his opinion.

Christopher looked up at Tobias, and mouthed the words, "thank you." He'd done a fair job, and it reminded the knight why he'd found friendship in the merchant in the first place. That's when the door came open, and the sound of a man's boots thumped against the wood floor. Christopher froze up, he was hiding behind the chair, and Caitlyn was protected from sight by the back of the chair. Zyliria was able to see who it was, but it was almost definitely not someone she'd recognize. "I'm looking for a man and a girl, Have you seen them per chance" it was the man with the black hand on his face. His familiar voice rang out in both Christopher's ears and Caitlyn's.

"I'm sorry, but you'd have to be a bit more specific." Tobias said. He wasn't the kind of person that would give up his friends. "Now, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I only tend to my patrons." just before leaving however, the man with the black hand print took notice of Zyliria, me saw her ears and wolf tail. "Shouldn't you be outside the wall squatting in your own filth you mangy cur?"
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Caitlyn did not quite recognize the man’s voice at first, and turned slightly to see him. Noticing the burn in the shape of her own hand on his face, she turned back quickly, scooting a little lower in the chair, hiding behind the impressively gilded back of the fourth throne of the Roteron Empire. She looked at her father, wondering to herself why some rogue bandit would still be looking for them. How could he have possibly known to start looking for them in Faela, surely there were other places they could have gone, the odds of them clearing the woods where Zyliria’s sisters roamed were low enough! Was it merely extremely bad luck that had prompted the man to come into the exact building the two people he was looking for and ask for them?

Zyliria, clear on the other side of the room, had no magnificent ancient throne to crouch behind, though that was admittedly not the animus’ style. As the man turned and hurled some juvenile indignity at her, her face betrayed little emotion, though her tail fluffed up slightly, indicating her anger. She had been told, time and time again by Mother, that the outer world hated them, and, in her extremely occasional interactions with humans, Mother had been proven right. “Shouldn’t you be outside, washing off whatever filth it seems you’ve gotten there?” she said, waving a hand over her own face, unable to resist a jab. She was, truth be told, more nervous for Caitlyn and Christopher than for herself. She was just some animus that his kind would always harass, but they were people it seemed he was actually hunting.
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The bandit sneered at her for a second, before laughing a small chuckle, and saying, "You know, I'd always thought your kind was an unintelligent bunch of filthy mutts, but it seems you're different. How would you like to join us, little lady? You could be my pet, and I could scratch between your ears." He laughed at himself. Tobias stepped between the two of them, and said, "I think it's about time you left." It was more of a warning than anything. He placed a hand on the man's chest and began pushing him back, only for the bandit to slap his hand away, and reach for the sword at his waist. Tobias instantly reached for the whistle he wore around the neck, and said, "I'll call the guards unless you leave right now." The bandit spat in his face before turning around and storming out of the shop. Tobias simply grabbed a towel and wiped his face off.
"I curse his name day." He muttered under his breath.
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Zyliria, significantly more annoyed by the suggested of being the bandit’s pet than some feral creature felt her ears twitch, slinking further back on her head. She bared her teeth, readying for the fight, only to be intercepted from attacking the stuck-up medium rare annoyance by Tobias, who managed to send the bandit back out without any merchandise-damaging fight breaking out. Once the door was safely shut and the silhouette of the burnt man had passed the door, Zyliria turned to Christopher and Caitlyn, looking worried.

“He seems to be looking for you two.” she said, taking a few steps towards them, leaning slightly against the throne Caitlyn was sitting in. “I’m afraid that this is more than just some grudge between he and you because of,” she waved a hand over her face again.

Caitlyn shifted a little further up in the throne, looking similarly nervous. “I didn’t know he was here, in Faela...how did he find us?” she asked, looking at her father for an answer.

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"I'll bet he's trying to find you so he can take revenge. I'm guessing that his face tattoo was a gift from you little girl huh." He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Whatever his reasons may be, if be careful about that man. He's the kind of person to stab someone in the back and leave them for the Carrion fowl."
Christopher gave Tobias a stern look, telling him to tone down the comparisons.
"Zyliria, would you feel comfortable staying in the city for the next few days?" Christopher asked. He didn't want to make any hasty decisions about staying if Zyliria didn't want to stay. He sat on the arm of the throne, looking back at Zyliria. He affectionately placed his hand on Caitlyn's head, stroking her hair back.
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Caitlyn looked at her own hand again, thoughtfully. Here was, it seemed, the first time she’d ever used her magic come to haunt her, someone literally bearing her fingerprints imprinted on his face. It was, she supposed, somewhat reassuring, to have someone after them, something to force her to keep going rather than simply giving in to despair, and that it was her own fault. It was Caitlyn personally marked that person out herself, albeit accidentally. When Christopher asked whether Zyliria would like to stay in the city, Caitlyn look up sharply.
“Do you think it’s safe to stay here? What with him out and about, looking for us?” she shot a slightly nervous glance at at door, as if she expected to see his charred silhouette lurking behind the door. Faela was a large city, it was true, and there were surely a great many places to hide from but, she reminded herself...he had gotten astonishingly close within a very short time of them arriving in the city. He most likely knew the city far better than they, in any case, she herself had never been to the city, and Zyliria wasn’t even allowed within the city walls.

Zyliria also glared at the door, thinking of the bandit she’d just met. As the anger that came just before a fight dissipated, she felt her nerves returning to her once again. She had been recognized for what she was, and it would be only too easy for that man to report her to some authority and have her thrown back out of the city. She would be easily recognizable, which would surely make Caitlyn and Christopher all the more easily found by him. Then again, she thought, if he did go to the authorities, they would surely prevent the man from killing two refugees, one of them a young girl, though, if they were known to have brought in an animus, that might change their opinion of them. Zyliria frowned at Caitlyn.
“Well, Faela’s a pretty big city. There are a lot of places we could hide from him, you know.” she said. She looked over at Tobias. “I’m sure you know of a few places we could hide,” she said, smiling slightly. “But,” she said, turning back to Caitlyn. “If you are to practice your magic, there’s no chance of being able to do that here without being found at the very least.”

Caitlyn nodded, a thoughtful frown on her face. She looked up at her father and Tobias. “Are there places in Faela where I can learn to hone my abilities? Surely they would be able to give us protection from him?”

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When Caitlyn mentioned her worry about the bandit returning to the shop Tobias let out a short chortle, and said, "Don't worry about him coming around again. I've got something that'll make sure he stays clear," The merchant lifted up a crossbow and set it on the counter in front of him. "He's in for a nasty surprise if he doesn't keep away."

Christopher smiled at Tobias's confidence. The way he talked was comforting in a way, and it allowed him to breathe easy.

"Hmmmm..." Tobias said, scratching his chin the way he did, "There's a few places you might be able to do it, but I'd think you'd want to practice somewhere open, so you don't overheat... Maybe somewhere behind my shop. You could practice small. Possibly if you can manage."

Christopher nodded. He understood Caitlyn might not be able to control the volume at which she used her flames, but hopefully she could try. He looked over to Zyliria, and offered her a smile. The knight wished the animus didn't have to meet that bandit.

"Zyliria's right," Christopher said, "We can hide out here for a while, and that bandit will probably leave in a weeks time, thinking we've already left for another city. Tobias, do you think it would be possible for us to stay with you for the next week or so?"

Tobias, being the good natured friend he was, nodded happily, "Of course! anything for a friend!"
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Caitlyn smiled, but, inwardly, was not entirely comforted by Tobias. Knowledgeable as he might be, she had some doubts about the rotund merchants odds against a hardened, albeit singed, criminal. She looked towards the back of the shop, somewhere behind the cluttered shelves of mismatched artifacts of all manner. “I don’t know if any space in the city is really safe for me to practice my magic,” she said, thoughtfully. Having only conjured highly dangerous flames for combat purposes, and even then only in desperate situations, Caitlyn wasn’t sure she would even be able to practice, and, if she could, she had no idea how much control she would have in the likely combustible city.

Zyliria nodded at Christopher, smiling at Tobias. He was certainly an extremely helpful contact, and a good friend to have, it seemed to the animus. She had never spent as much time with any human as she had with Christopher and Caitlyn, and some part of her had believed that they were truly rare exceptions to the general vulgar nature of the humans that generally crossed her path in the woods. After meeting the merchant, she couldn’t help but wonder if mankind was, as a whole, more friendly than Mother had been letting on for all of her life.

She straightened, abruptly, realizing that she’d zoned out mid meditation. “Yes, thank you, Tobias,” she said. “Where would we be staying, exactly?” she asked, looking around the cramped shop. She doubted that there would be room for the four of them in there, though she doubted that this was Tobias’ only property in the city even more.
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Tobias, offered up a friendly smile to Zyliria, and said, "Perhaps I could offer you room and board in my home. It isn't too far from here." He chuckled at Caitlyn looking at the back of his shop.

"I don't mean back there silly child," he chuckled, and headed back to the back of the store, "Here," he says, as a door opening could be heard, and a breeze blew through the shop, "I'm the only one with a backyard for my shop. This used to be a home, but now, it's my shop, and I haven't had a use for this yard. The walls are high, and made of cobblestone, so it isn't likely you'll burn anything, or be seen." He looked over to Christopher, "Do you think this would be good?" he asked, making sure Christopher approved of this.

Christopher nodded happily, "Thank you so much for this Tobias," he said, pulling the man into a hug, "I really appreciate it," he pulled away, and smiled at his daughter, "Well? What do you say? Would you like to practice out back behind Tobias's shop?"
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Caitlyn smiled, but did not rise out of the throne of the Roterons. True, she was conscious, and felt like she had the physical energy needed to walk and talk, but, in terms of magic, she still felt depleted from the fight that morning. “That’s quite all right,” she said, smiling thankfully at Tobias. “I don’t think I’m quite recovered from this morning.” She leaned back in the throne. “Thank you, though...it will be a good place to practice, I’m sure,” she said.

Zyliria, back to Caitlyn’s side by the throne, nodded understandingly. Her sisters, when they’d used their magic, were often tired out for some time. She specifically remembered Lyfiria who, after growing a tree for the first time, had slept for two straight days. Mother had seemed to know it would happened, and did not seem nearly as surprised as her or the rest of her sisters. Caitlyn had used a lot of magic. Had she had the same kind of power that Zyliria’s family wielded, she likely wouldn’t be able to use magic again for a week or so. Caitlyn, however, was very different, more powerful, for a beginner at least, than her family.
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"Shall we depart?" Tobias asked with a friendly smile. It was a personal joy in life for him, to assist friends in need, and Christopher, his peculiar animus friend, and the child were no exceptions.

He started walking around the shop, locking things down, already anticipating Christopher's answer. "I believe it would be wise, plus I'd feel much safer in a place where that bandit isn't as likely to come snooping. Tell me Tobias, is it as quaint as I remember?" Of course, Christopher was joking, for Tobias had one of the larger homesteads in the city of Faela, with multiple floors heading up like a grand tower, yet modest in size compared to the other surrounding homes, as they weren't dwarfed by his home. Most vendors were better off than the farmers, so their houses would naturally be larger.

"Perhaps just a bit smaller," Tobias chortled, playing along with the joke. In all honesty, it was just code for heck no.

Tobias turned and gave a quick glance at Zyliria, and said, "I know the two of us may not know each other very well, but I'd like to ask for the opportunity to learn a bit more about the animi race, and I feel this may be my only chance at learning about your species... I mean no offense, if you were about to take any from what I'd just asked of you."

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Caitlyn smiled, and, understanding that Christopher and Tobias meant to leave, slid out of the Roteron throne to stand, somewhat shakily, on the wooden floor of the narrow, cluttered room. She stretched luxuriously, the only person really able to do so in the cramped quarters of the room given the girl’s small size, before looking up, slightly concerned, at Zyliria, who reflected her concern back at her.

The reason for Zyliria’s sudden distress was obvious. Her cloak, which had been a meager disguise at best, had been torn right down the middle, and was now hardly an effective disguise at all. Were they to attempt to leave the city, they would certainly be caught, never mind if they were to head to the area where the wealthier residences stood. She would be thrown out in a heartbeat. Zyliria scanned the shelves, trying to find something to wear that wasn’t extremely conspicious, before turning to Tobias nervously.

“Well, Tobias, before we leave, I’d really like to have something else to wear. Your floor has shattered by disguise, and I don’t think I’ll last very long looking like...well” she gestured vaguely over her face. “But,” she said, trying to look encouraging. “I would be happy to discuss my...family with you, once we get to somewhere safe,” she said, curtly.
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The sight of Zyliria being more comfortable and open towards Tobias brought a smile to Christopher's face. He liked how open she was being. The way her ears twitched a little made him chuckle a little. Still, the fact that she'd torn his cloak made him a bit upset.

With a smirk and a smile, Tobias simply went over to the coat rack, and picked up a coat from off the wall. "Here you go," He said with a smile, "I knew there was something I should have done a while ago." He reached behind her, and grabbed a hammer, taking it to a nail that was protruding out from the table Zyliria had leaned up against, tearing at the cloth from her waist down, revealing her tail. He hammered it in so it was no longer sticking out dangerously tipped with rust.

The portly vendor bent over, putting his hands down on his knees, so he was on eye level with Caitlyn, "So, what do you say little one? Ready to go somewhere you can rest easy?"

Christopher put a hand on Caitlyn's shoulder, feeling very safe with Tobias. He knew that he'd probably have to give Tobias a whole bunch of help with anything he wanted.
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Zyliria nodded, taking the coat from Tobias and slipping it over her shoulders. She would look strange, wearing a large coat on this sunny day, but at least the looks she would get would be those of curiosity, instead of the hatred she was certain she would likely garner if she stepped outside with her tail out in the open. She gave a slight shout of surprise as the remaining cloth was torn off of her by Tobias’ hammer, and moved away from the man, ruffling her new coat as she stepped swiftly to safety.

Caitlyn nodded at Tobias, taking a step forward, towards the exit. She took a deep breath, steadying herself. It was strange to think that only two days had passed, when so much had taken place. She’d lost so much, more than she could ever replace, but even after that, she had an opportunity she had never imagined. It was the only thing she could do, for her mother, and her brother, for all the people of Hostar, to become develop her own power. It would never balance out, but it would offer some ‘positive’ repercussions to the destruction of her hometown. She walked towards the door, and clasped the handle gently, pausing for another moment. She smiled, and opened the door. “Let’s go.”
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There was barely a moment of silence before Tobias turned around to be behind Caitlyn over by the door. "Alright. It shouldn't be too far a walk." He opened the door with Caitlyn, as Christopher was soon to follow.
Christopher looked out the window, and saw the large crowd swarming outside going about their business. "Caitlyn, take my hand," he said, holding his hand out to her. He didn't want her to get lost in the crowd. He looked to Zyliria, and knew she probably wouldn't appreciate the experience of being seperated from them. He reached out to Zyliria, holding his hand out to her. Tobias turned around hearing this, and nodded understanding what Christopher was doing. They would have to go right through the crowd to get to his home, and many a child had been seperated from their parents because of this swarm. Children were vulnerable in the way they can get scared and nervous while seperated from their family. Tobias could sense this about Zyliria, but instead of it being about her family, it was of her tail and ears.
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Caitlyn led the way out the door and into the crowd, before stopping when she realized that, having never been to Tobias’ home, or really Faela all that often, she had no actual idea she what direction she ought to take. She reached upwards, and took hold of her father’s hand, as he followed Tobias up the narrow, cluttered cobble-stoned path to his home, in one of the finer residential areas of the city, no doubt, quieter than the market, the bustling heart of Faela. As she skirted around the mobs of people of all ages and sizes, she tried, though it was very difficult amongst the masses of people, to look past the crowds at the spectacular shopfronts, where merchants displayed their most attractive wares, but was only able to catch the occasional golden glimmer of something large and expensive, or the iron wrought bars of small cages that must have held incredible magical creatures. While glancing on either side of the road, she made sure to keep a tight hold on her father’s hand. For a moment the terrible, terrible thought came to her that, were she to lose control in this position, she would likely burn her father’s hand, and kill dozens of onlookers. She shivered, and pushed the thought back in her mind. She wasn’t afraid of crowds, there was no need to worry about losing control at a time like this, when they were all perfectly safe. At that thought, some part of her mind reminded her that Zyliria was very much in danger, her only protection a simple coat from Tobias’ store. She pushed that thought back too. No, there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine, everything would be fine…

Zyliria, her body quivering with a mixture of fear and excitement, walked a few paces behind Caitlyn, and, when they began to move through the busier crowds, kept herself immediately behind Caitlyn, both hands clutching tightly to the edges of her new coat, feeling her heart jump whenever someone walked too closely too her, and she felt the fabric shift slightly against them. She noticed Christopher’s hand extended out to her, and nodded curtly. She did not need his hand, that much was certain to her. Moreover, she did not trust the coat enough to let even a finger of her’s leave it. She grimaced at Christopher, and continued making their way up the road, towards Tobias’ house.

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The knight saw Zyliria holding onto the cloth white knuckled, and could see how scared she was. Whenever someone passed by her, he noticed her jump a little. Up ahead was a mob of people. This was what Christopher and Tobias were fearful of. If Zyliria was in any way, not attached to the group, she would surely get lost. Christopher put an arm over Zyliria's shoulders and pulled her close.
"You can beat me when we get to Tobias's house, but I'm not too sure how well Caitlyn's opinion will be of you. Just know that this is necessary to keep you safe." He knew Zyliria valued her personal space, but that didn't matter right now, since they would be walking into a hive of human activity where people could easily be seperated. Tobias heard the whole thing, and stopped right before turning around to face the trio.
"He's right girl," he said speaking to the animus, "even I am afraid of walking through here sometimes. I've had my coin purse snatched from me a couple times, and those are little in value compared to a person. It'd be a shame to lose you." Tobias offered his hand to Caitlyn as well, "that goes the same for you little missy."
They were all waiting on Zyliria to comply, as they wouldn't move on without her.
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Caitlyn, already clasping her father’s hand, waved the one currently in hers by way of reminding him, smiling up at him. She turned, again trying to lead them, though she knew not where, through the thick masses of people that had congealed up the street, but was stopped again by the two men, trying to get Zyliria to stick with them so as to not get lost in the street. She turned to see Zyliria was remarkably on edge, her fingers tightly gripping the edges of the coat, keeping it tight against her frame, though not so tight as to expose that one peculiarity, her tail. She felt sorry for her, but did hope she would hurry up, in being difficult she was only making it harder for herself, keeping her in danger for longer than needed.

Zyliria grimaced at Christopher, but said nothing for a few moments, unable to really let go of her new coat and properly beat up Christopher there and then. No, he was right, she supposed, it would be a catastrophe to get lost in a place like this, totally unfamiliar and, if the slightest thing went wrong, entirely unfriendly. She nodded, her teeth to tightly grit to be able to say much. “Very well,” she finally managed, and the four of them made their way into the crowd.
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After seeing the little girl reminding him that she was already being well taken care of by her father, Tobias smirked, and simply watched as she started walking ahead, trying to lead the way to a place where she did not know.

Having Zyliria closer to him as to prevent her from becoming lost, and his daughter's hand in his own, Christopher felt more relaxed, as he walked forwards slowly behind Tobias, as they all stepped into the swarming mosh pit of people rushing about trying to get the best deals on their wares. Everyone was shouting and yelling over one another, trying to be heard as they advertised their stock. The sound hurt Christopher's ears, but didn't seem to faze Tobias as he had to travel through this crowd at the end of each day. The knight looked to his daughter who seemed to be having a problem with the volume of the merchants and the patrons combined. He hoped and prayed to his gods that she wouldn't lose control of her powers and end up scorching him, or anyone around them, for their fear of any sort of magic would send the trio straight out of town, or worse, on the sharp end of a spear.
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If Christopher found the sheer noise of the bustling market of Faela painful, it was absolute torture the hypersensitive animus ears of Zyliria. Her ears were meant to hear the sound of a deer, light as the wind itself, picking its way silently through the brush, not to be exposed to the raw shouts of some few thousand merchants and shoppers. It made her feel slightly dizzy, and she swayed slightly, protected under Christopher’s arm, still clinging tightly to the coat, her teeth grit, doing her best to keep pace as the mass pressed against her.

Caitlyn, on Christopher’s other side, reacted somewhat similarly to being plunged into the claustrophopic world of being a fairly short child in a mass of people far taller than her. Her senses, sharpened in some curious regards even she did not fully understand just yet, were fortunately not as keen as the animus’ ears, and, while quite loud, she was able to have some refuge by virtue of her height; she was short enough to duck under the shouting men and women. Not entirely sure, she called out to Tobias, though she highly doubted whether even the merchant, his hearing presumably designed to pick out specific inquiries from the incoherent mass.
“Tobias! How far is it, to your place?” she shouted up at where she believed Tobias was. She couldn’t quite see the man, and had her faith entirely in her father’s guiding hand.
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Amongst all the shouts, Christopher heard his little girl's voice join in, calling out a question. His lungs were more powerful, so hopefully he could get her question out to him. "Tobias! How far is it to your home?" He shouted out loudly to the man. The stout man turned around hearing his friend's call, and answered succinctly, "Just down this street! It usually isn't this crowded!" He had his hands over his ears, trying to protect them as the noise usually wasn't this loud. "But Tobias! What's got this crowd so rowdy?" the father replied. To this Tobias shrugged, and shouted, "Don't know! Perhaps we can find out once we get to my homestead!"

They walked on for about five more minutes, people bumping into each other, knocking each other around. Christopher could have sworn he'd seen someone fall down, and not be able to get up again. Quite possibly they'd been trampled by careless feet. He made sure to shield Caitlyn's eyes from the sight as they passed. Soon enough, the crowd had started dwindling, until the road was much clearer, and they could actually hear each other. Well... Sort of. They were all quite deafened by the raucous noise of the shoppers. Up ahead was what looked like a three story house. It was quite extravagant, yet it didn't dwarf his neighbors, who had houses around the same size. Some with two stories, some with three. His was by far smaller as far as land went however, as it built straight up, it seemed that trinkets and bits and bobbles weren't a very good business. Well, For that neighborhood at least, as many of his neighbors had the size of his house near doubled as just a guest home. Tobias hopped up his front steps, and fumbled with his keys, his head still aching a bit. Christopher had subconsciously forgotten to take his arm from Zyliria's shoulders, so it simply stayed there, keeping her secured. He understood a bit about how sensitive an animus's ears were, so he could tell she was in quite a bit of pain. for his head to hurt this much, it wouldn't be hard for him to imagine she'd be close to losing her sanity.
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Struggling to hold her father’s hand in the crowd, it was all Caitlyn could do just to hold on as she and the rest of their group were buffeted by the crowds. She was surprised when they arrived, pulling themselves from the masses, at Tobias’ house. He had said it was a quieter part of the city but, she supposed, compared to the peace and quiet Hostar had once had, no part of the city could ever truly be considered quiet. She was filled, momentarily at least, with a sense of nostalgia, but that soon passed, replaced by a sense of curiousity as they entered Tobias’ residence. It was small, especially compared to Hostar. What struck Caitlyn, the village girl who’d rarely visited the cities, was how narrow all the houses were, and how they had little, if any, gardens. Hostar as a city was far wider than it was tall. Faela, crowded within its city walls, was completely packed with people. They slid into the building, Caitlyn looking around the room with interest. The room was much like Tobias’ store, cluttered with arrays of interesting items, dozens of little brass and silver objects she did not understand, the heads of various animals, some she recognized, some she did not.

Zyliria had fared ever poorer in the crowds. Surrounded by loud, loud humans, she had had to endure deafening, ear splitting noise far longer than any of her kind should have been exposed too. As such, even as they passed the threshold into Tobias’ house, and the noise died down, she was still somewhat shell shocked, her eyes dazed, her ears ringing painfully, clinging to her cloak tightly, thankful for the arm over her shoulders, unaware who's it was.
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Tobias rushed out the back door of his home, only to return with an armful of logs for the fireplace. A thought passed through his mind, that perhaps the little girl could start up the fire using her magic. But now wasn't the time to try to take advantage of a power that wasn't fully under control. He stacked the logs atop eachother after scraping some of the ash out into a wooden box for disposal.

Christopher lead his daughter and Zyliria over to the couch across the room from the fireplace. Truthfully, it was simply a bench with many different pelts and hides of animals tossed onto it, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Christopher sat Zyliria down on the couch, his arm still draped over her shoulders. "Zyliria, are you okay? Can you hear me? Hold up two fingers if you can." Truthfully his words were muffled by the hopefully temporary deafness. He looked over to his daughter and pulled her into his lap so she could possibly help in any way she could. The knight used his free arm to unbuckle the sheath on his back, setting the sword down on the floor.
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Caitlyn sat on the couch, wondering with a twinge in her stomach as to what beautiful rare creatures might have been killed whose skins she now rested on, leaning against her father slightly as Christopher checked on Zyliria. She watched as Tobias kneeled by the side of the fireplace, working on building a fire. She watched him work and, when he was done, she stared at the flames, thoughtfully. She raised a hand towards it, feeling its warmth. It was a different kind of warmth than when she herself made the flames, she realized, the feeling came from beyond her, heating her palms before the warmth worked itself inwards, unlike her own fire, which seemed to come from her very core before being shot out of her hands. She closed her hands, and set them on her lap, before turning to attend to Zyliria.

Zyliria, still shell shocked, allowed herself to be walked over to the couch, sitting down in the warm softness of a dozen animal pelts. Her sensitive ears still rang, but the painful hum of the residual sounds of the market was dying down. She was able to make out Christopher, talking in a loud, but measured down. She nodded shakily, and raised two fingers.
“I...I can hear you.” said Zyliria, moving her jaw in irregular patterns to try and speed up the process of ending the painful ringing in her ears. “You humans are really really loud in close quarters,” she said, offering a pained smile to Christopher.

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The knight offered Zyliria a smile, and said, "it's good to know you aren't deaf." His hearing just cleared up as he heard the sound of a fire. He looked over and saw Tobias stoking the small flame, getting it to roar in the fireplace. Christopher's arm stayed on Zyliria's shoulders, holding her close to help her feel a bit more secure as she was still shaky. Christopher placed a hand on Caitlyn's shoulder, holding her close as well, simply for the sake of having her there.

The portly shop owner turned around after finishing up the fireplace, and smiled as he saw the three relaxing on his couch. "Rough couple days?" He asked with a smirk.

"You have no idea." Christopher rested his head on his daughter's, and closed his eyes contently. "Thank you for letting us stay with you Tobias. You have no idea what this means to us.
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Zyliria smiled shakily at Christopher’s remark, and, as Tobias’ and Christopher chatted, she felt her sense of hearing slowly restore itself to her. She felt her hands, which had been tightly clasped around the edges of her jacket, loosen slowly, until she could move them. Less tense, she slowly shrugged herself out from under Christopher’s protective arm, sliding a little away from him on the couch, leaning against the opposite side. She had to admit, however, that she did appreciate what she’d done. Somewhat sheepishly, she muttered, her own voice sounding very far away given her shot hearing “Thank you.” She wasn’t entirely sure whether the words she said were audible to anyone other than her, but she’d said it.

Caitlyn chuckled lightly at the conversation her father and Tobias made across the room as Christopher held her. Though she’d never heard of Tobias before Christopher had mentioned him on the road to Faela, they seemed to be good friends. The life of a wandering knight, she supposed, serving the realm in whatever way he did, she wasn’t really sure. It made her proud of her father, to see the connections he’d made across the world on his adventuring.
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Christopher held his daughter to his chest and stroked her hair gently as he relaxed. He looked over at Zyliria who was still wearing his coat over her shoulders as she'd curled up on the couch next to him. He noticed she was sort of using her tail a bit like a blanket or a pillow to keep her warm. He smiled at the animus, and looked back to where Tobias had been, only to see he'd gone. He came walking in with three loaves of bread, and some freshly dried jerkey.

"I can't imagine you three have eaten much for the past couple days have you?" Tobias inquired, setting down the tray with fixings onto the table in front of the three weary travelers.

The knight couldn't help the grin on his face as he looked up to his friend who was bringing them food. "Nothing but an apple," he said, remembering how Zyliria scolded his horse for begging for more apples... wait... his horse! "Darn it," he said, "I left my horse by the pond."

Tobias chuckled, and said, "well I guess she followed you then, cause she's standing just outside the kitchen window." Tobias chuckled heartily. He looked over at Zyliria, and couldn't help a deep giggle at seeing the animus on his couch. "Never would I think an animus would be sitting in my home, in the flesh." He turned around cheerfully, and went to prepare a more proper meal.

Christopher reached forwards and grabbed a loaf of bread before ripping it in half a bit messily. He put some of the jerky between the two pieces and ate it like a sandwich.
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Zyliria nodded at Christopher, noticed that he was watching her tail. The tail ruffled slightly, wound smoothly around part of her body. She generally did not pay much attention to what her tail was doing, its movements were largely subconscious, save when she’d had to keep it as tight to her person as possible, when she’d had to go through the crowds outside. That her tail was moving indicated, even to her, that she was comfortable though, she supposed, any warm, quiet place compared to the ordeal she’d just endured. The ringing in her ears slowly faded, though it was still quite loud by the time Tobias arrived with a small platter of food. Her hunger coming to her in the absence the overwhelming fear that had taken priority in her mind, she was quick to follow Christopher’s lead in wolfing down the meat. Zyliria turned, surprised that Caitlyn had not joined their impromptu feast, but the girl seemed lost in her own thoughts, staring into the fire. Zyliria didn’t trouble her, continuing to eat happily. She nodded at Tobias when he stated his pleasure at having her, and gestured, with a slight grimace, at the furs they were currently resting on.

“Well, I’m glad I’ve made it to your house with my flesh, instead of ending up skinned like these things.” She said, patting the pile of skins with a hand. “I probably wouldn’t even be that comfortable a seat.” She said, attempting to make an admittedly very dark joke.

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"No, probably not, but you're pretty enough to be mounted on the wall," Tobias joked, matching her dark humor with a little quip of his own. He smiled before heading back into the kitchen where he was just starting to make some soup for dinner, the aroma of some delicious chicken broth with garlic and slivers of parsley.

Christopher finished chewing up a bite of his makeshift sandwich, and looked over to see his daughter sitting there in silence as he ate. "Is there something wrong Caitlyn?" He asked her curiously, "you haven't even touched your food."

The bread and jerky still sat on the platter that Tobias had brought in so generously. He did truly hope his daughter was going to eat. She needed to stay strong.
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Zyliria winced slightly at his joke, but laughed nonetheless, eyeing the walls of the large room they were in. They were lined with curiosities, thick glass cases filled with strange objects, vials of liquids that glowed gently, along with an assortment of creatures heads, some she recognized, some she didn’t, and some she was pretty sure weren’t even real animals. Instead of responding to Tobias’ wit she continued to eat, happy to get some food after their extremely busy day. In that single day. she realized, they’d fought off a couple of her sisters, arrived in the city, met Tobias, and walked in the presence of thousands of humans with nothing but her friends and a thick coat without her true identity being unveiled twice. And that had all been done off of a single apple, she thought, smiling as she tucked into the jerky, closing her eyes and savoring the smell of soup cooking.

Caitlyn, jerked from her reverie, nodded hastily, picking at a slab of bread and eating, slowly at first, but faster and faster as she realized how hungry she was. She’d simply been too busy, too preoccupied with her new fate and new powers, to much think about food. But, now that it was laid before her, the scent of even more soothing her, she felt the hunger that her nerves had been obscuring.
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As his little girl tore into the bread viciously, Christopher watched in sligh amusement before chuckling as he took yet another bite of his improvised sandwich. The jerky was delicious, and Seemed as if it wasn't only expertly dried, but seasoned to perfection as well. "This jerky is amazing Tobias, how'd you make it?"
The merchant smiled goodheaetedly and said, oh how I wish I could take credit for that. It's actually a gift from one of the merchants near my shop. He drops a small batch of jerky off at my shop whenever he has excess. Since you'll be staying here for a few days, I guess I could see if I could special order a batch for you three for on the road... assuming you'll all stick together," he said, looking towards the animus who he felt like he'd accidentally offended slightly by his joke."
"Thank you so much. I'd really appreciate it," the knight said, taking another large bite of the bread and jerky combo.
Tobias then asked, "how do each of you like your soup? Spicy? Salty? Sweet?" He would use this knowledge to tailor their soups to how they wanted it. Also, Tobias felt people's decisions in taste revealed their personalities.
"I'll take mine spicy please," said Christopher, looking over at his daughter, a small smile on his face as he looked at the young girl.
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Caitlyn looked up from her bread to Tobias, who continued to stare inquiringly at her. “I’ll...um, I’ll have spicy too,” she replied, looking to her father uncertainly. She was never really very certain about food, so usually just went with her father’s judgement on that matter, which had yet to fail her.

Zyliria waved a hand indifferently. “I can have spicy too, it doesn’t matter to me,” she said. She offered a smile to Tobias, by way of indicating that she had not minded his joke. She wouldn’t have taken it from some scoundrel on the street, certainly, but, as he’d offered them his home and fed them, and as it had been her to have started the joke, she was fine with his continuation of it.

Despite the fact that her hearing had taken a significant shock that Zyliria had not yet entirely recovered from, it was she who first heard the sounds of newcomer riding over towards the house. Her ears perked up, and she turned, worriedly, towards the door. A moment later, there was a powerful, single knock. Both Zyliria and Caitlyn instantly turned back to Tobias. “Who is it?” Zyliria whispered, her eyes flitting between door and merchant, her thoughts instantly going to the worst, soldiers who were somehow aware of her presence, or, even worse, aware of Caitlyn’s presence. An animus discovered in the city would likely be thrown out, in all probability not without a severe beating, but a fire mage with no understanding or control over her powers? Zyliria had no idea how they might react to that.

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Tobias turned around and informed them with a hushed whisper, "it's the guards! Quick! Hide that tail and those ears." The knight turned to Zyliria, and lifted the cloth back over the top of Zyliria to hide her telltale signs of her species. He turned to his daughter, and said, "sweetie, lay here and close your eyes." He pointed to his lap, suggesting she use it as a pillow. Her eyes, which Tobias had yet to notice were still a bizarre purple which would instantly give her away. Tobias walked over to the door and put on a smile. He knew it was the guards, since they'd usually come through the neighborhood to check in on things and he was a friendly person. They'd usually come for a mug of mead or some jerky, but never would they knock once. It was the guards code for official business. Something was wrong.

Christopher sat there on the couch with his daughter, and the now covered animus. He'd let Zyliria choose wether or not she would go hide or stay natural.
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Zyliria nodded thankfully to Christopher, though she brushed the hood she now wore slightly, for it to be a little more comfortable on her ears, and for it to fall a little lower over her face, obscuring her eyes to anyone taller than her which, she’d found, most of the city was. She remained seated on the long couch, her hands tightening around the slightly frayed edges of the robe she had on.

Caitlyn, on the other hand, slid down from the chair, walking towards a window curiously. “I just want to see.” She muttered quietly to her father, sliding the crooked pane of the window, already ajar, gently open. She peered out from the window, and gasped in surprise.

There was, as Tobias had said, the guards. However, he was mistaken to think they were alone. Indeed, the whole street was blocked by a mob of what seemed to Caitlyn to be angry villagers. Between the mb and the house stood about five thick, well built men, dressed in shining steel armor and dazzling white cloaks. They stood behind another man, this one astride a horse, a powerful creature that seemed twice as imposing as her own father’s horse. The man on top of the horse was no less striking. an ornate helmet, styled in the shape of an eagle’s head, the symbol of the city of Faela rested under one arm. His free hand rested lazily against his side, resting against the hilt of his sword, but Caitlyn could tell that, if the situation demanded, he could have his sword drawn at a moment’s notice. He seemed to not have noticed Caitlyn, who drew back sharply from the window, looking over at her father and Zyliria.
“There’s uh...a lot of people out there.” she mumbled, before dutifully walking back between Christopher and Zyliria.

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When Caitlyn rose from the couch, Christopher tried to reach forwards and grab at her to keep her from exposing herself. He failed and watched tensely as his daughter walked up to the window and peeked out, only to report the amount of people there, and come right back. When she got in arms reach, Christopher grabbed hold of her, and pulled her up onto the couch so she'd lay down. "Caitlyn, we don't know if these people are friendly to magic at all, let alone Zyliria for that matter. Keep your head down and your eyes closed." The knight feared this would be the day he would lose the last of his kin.

Tobias opened the door just a bit so he could poke his head out, and saw the large mob of people. It seemed as though the group had followed them home, but were considerably quieter since they were in the presence of the captain of the guard. "Why hey there, Cap'n," Tobias said cheerfully, using the nickname only close friends of the high ranking officer were allowed to use. "Tell me, would you mind telling that crowd back there to back off and shut their yaps? They're scaring the horse," he said referring to Christopher's steed. "Anyways, what seems to be the problem officer?"

Christopher was scared, but confident, as he'd seen Tobias barter with a blacksmith to a point where he'd believed a sword that was meant for the Jarl was basically scrap, and bought it for such price. Sure it may not have been legal, but still, it was a marvel to watch him manipulate and sway opinions in his favor. No doubt he'd be doing the same here today.
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Zyliria said nothing, her face still down, her eyes seemingly locked on her knees. Caitlyn, after having secured her look, sat next to her father, leaning awkwardly to the side so as to continue to watch through the side of the door, held open by Tobias as he called out to the Captain.

The Captain winced slightly as Tobias informally addressed him. While he might have, as far as Caitlyn knew, be close friends with Tobias, it was clear he did not enjoy having a nickname used in the presence of so many people. He slid down from his horse, his dark blue cloak ruffling slightly in the breeze as he landed on his shining silver shoes. He raised a hand, gesturing vaguely behind him, and his comrades turned, shooing the crowd away from him. Something about the way he kept his other hand lazily wrapped around the hilt of his sword told Caitlyn that Tobias was nowhere near a threat.

“Sorry about all this, Tobias.” The Captain said, his voice quiet but firm. “We came to see what all the trouble was about. The commoners, they come up with such wild stories.” He took another step towards Tobias, one foot resting in the doorway of the residence. “The tale these folks seem to be telling is that our old friend merchant Tobias is harboring an animus and...well, no one really seems to be able to agree one what else you’ve got in there. I’ve heard a demon, a witch, I don’t know why they can’t stick to one story.” He smiled dangerously. “So, my dear sir, what say you you show me this little menagerie you’ve been keeping from me.”

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As the large group of people backed up away from the house, Tobias started feeling a bit more comfortable, preparing himself for a quick farce to convince the cap'n to leave without a second thought.. hopefully. When the heard the official's statement about claims by the mob, he simply let out a chuckle. "Oh you mean my guests? Heh, no they're not creatures. Quite the contrary. In fact, it's just an old friend and his daughters. I'm letting them stay here for a while," he leaned in close, and whispered, "they came from Hostar Cap. The only survivors..." he put on a bit of a sad face, and turned around, glancing over his shoulder for a moment at the trio on his couch. "Yup. Just as I thought. They're asleep," he said, just loud enough for the words to fall upon the three sets of ears, especially Zyliria's, as her ears were hypersensitive.

Just as Tobias says this, Christopher immediately pulls Caitlyn into his lap, and gently puts an arm around Zyliria , urging her to take a similar position to his daughter, before falling limp himself with his mouth wide open. In order to keep this charade up, they'd have to play along perfectly.

"Mhm... I really don't think it'd be fair to wake them. They have just gone through a traumatic experience after all. I'll let you take a peek at em, but I don't believe that they'd take kindly to being snuck up on in their sleep. It is my understanding that they had a run in with a string of bandits recently." At this, he pulled the door open just wide enough for the Cap'n to peek inside. He let out a fake, but convincing little chuckle as he peeked back into the home, "that older daughter's an interesting one ain't she? She goes around picking up pieces of fabric and wires to make ears that she can wear on the top of her head. What an interesting place Hostar must have been." He says, knowing full well that this high ranking official had never stepped foot in another city. "I think it's some sort of a fashion trend. You have to admit, it's kinda cute." Just as he says this, he pulls the door shut a little once more to hide the three once again. "Now, might I ask from where did these allegations find their origins? I wish to find the slanderous wyrm who claimed I'd break town law. As you know, I take my dignity seriously."
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The Captain nodded, his expression grave. “I have heard of what happened over there. From what I heard, there weren’t any survivors at all.” He straightened imperceptibly, and waved his hands to the guards, who set about dispersing the mob even further. The Captain himself, however, did not budge, continuing to stare at the merchant, growing increasingly suspicious. He shot the three visitors in question a glance. They were barely visible from his angle, cloaked in shadows, but they seemed still, and fairly human. As Tobias continued talking about how one daughter folded fabric into his ears, he scowled. He had never travelled beyond the shadow of Faela’s battlements, it was true, but he was not a fool. He scowled, but did nothing, looking over the mob, largely cleared away but still large enough to make trouble. He was charged with keeping the peace and upholding the law, in that order. He nodded, turning slightly to go. “I wish to meet with them. Shall we say dinner at my place, in three days time?” He turned, cloak swishing in the doorway, as he marched off, his guard following him back up the way.

As she heard the door shut, Caitlyn made to sit up, only to feel Zyliria’s hand press sharply on her head. “Not yet” she breathed at Caitlyn, her eyes still shut. “Wait until we’re sure he’s gone first.” Caitlyn blinked by way of nodding while not moving her head, and shut her eyes. Zyliria closed her own eyes as well, leaning against Christopher’s shoulder, painfully aware of how awkward she felt, pretending to be his sleeping daughter.
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When the captain suggested that he meet the trio, no, stated that he'd meet them in three days, without waiting for an answer and turning around to leave, Tobias reached out, and placed a hand upon the official's shoulder piece on his armor. Now, to any other citizen, an action like this, laying a hand upon a city guard, no less the captain, would be a capital offense. But Tobias knew that he was above most citizens in social stature. He may not have the most money, but he was still a close acquaintance of the high ranking officer.

After a few moments of silence with his hand on the man's shoulder, the merchant said, "I don't know if you'll be able to meet all of them. The youngest one's not in the best mental state. Watching everything and everyone you know and love be taken from you, being unable to do anything... tends to do a lot of damage to a young child. I'll let them know of your wish to meet them, but I can't promise that they'll all be present for this dinner. I do hope you can forgive them if they're not all present." He removed his hand from the shoulder piece and looked upon the captain's face, noticing the skepticism and suspicion he held on his face. "And have I ever deceived you before? Have I not proven myself to be trustworthy of you?"

Christopher winced as he heard this statement, as it seemed very forced, as if he was begging to be trusted. Like a man holding a bloody sword in front of a dying man claiming it wasn't him.

"I may just be a shopkeeper, but I do right by my friends, and maintain trust by only speaking true. Are we not friends Cap'n?" He stood there, leaning up against the frame of his door, with a calm and collected look on his face.

To the knight sitting on the couch, it sounded like an amazing and compelling argument made by the salesman. It took guts to lie straight in the captain of the city guards face. Perhaps he'd actually be able to pull this off! He could tell Zyliria was feeling awkward there, but it was a necessary uncomfortableness. Despite the fact that Zyliria was feeling uncomfortable however, he felt a wave of nostalgia as he was reminded of how Caitlyn and her brother used to snuggle up to him like this back when they lived in Hostar. Still it was different, as Zyliria was more the size of his wife. Then a terrible wave of sadness rolled over him as he remembered that inescapable fact that he'd never get to hold them again. He choked it down, trying to keep silent as he waited for Tobias to return.

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The Captain froze in the doorway as Tobias rested a hand on his armor plated shoulder, and Caitlyn could sense the man stiffen, his hand clenching around the the hilt of his sword. It would have been easy for him to turn, draw, and slice the merchant where he stood. But no, captains of law enforcement do not regularly slay their charges in their doorways. When he turned, his lips were curled in a sympathetic smile. “I can only imagine what this family of yours has gone through. Surviving such an event...of course it can...change people.” he said, quietly. He straightened slightly, several inches taller than Tobias, the steel of his armor shining in the dipping sunlight, formidable and dangerous. His smile might have attempted to convey some kindness, but the Captain’s grey eyes offered no emotion. “I do not wish to frighten your family, the father or the daughters. I still will meet with them. Faela is tough place to get accustomed to, I’m sure you’ll agree, a little more...sophisticated, shall we say, than Hostar is...was, I suppose now. I intend to...talk with them about what will be...expected of them here.” He turned again, his guards returning to his horse, and mounted the gray creature, before offering a sweeping nod back towards Tobias. “Three days, then.” he said, turning the horse, and riding back up the way, the troops falling in behind him.

Zyliria and Caitlyn opened their eyes a fraction of an inch as they heard the clatter of horse hooves that must have meant the Captain was finally leaving, but did not yet make any movements, still on their guard. “Why does he want to meet us so badly?” Caitlyn whispered, barely audible to any but the fine ears of Zyliria. She scowled slightly.

“He wants to make sure we actually are all human.” She hissed down at her. “He wants to prove Tobias’ story at a time when there isn’t a mob outside, I suppose.” Caitlyn looked fearful for a moment, but quickly regained her composure.
“Then I suppose we’ll have to leave Faela before then.” Caitlyn replied, confidently. Zyliria frowned again.
“That won’t work either, the guards will be on even higher alert with these rumors about. We were lucky to get in, but getting out, I don’t know if our luck will last.” she hissed back.Caitlyn was silent for a few moments, trying to figure out their way out of their predicament.
“Then...then…” she was silent again, unable for the moment to come up with anything.

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Tobias drew away from the knight as he rode off, and returned inside to see Zyliria and Caitlyn conversing over the top of Christopher. "I see you know the news then. The captain of the guard wishes you come to his home for dinner."

Christopher nodded in understanding, knowing what this entailed, as the captain of a city guard would not take no for an answer. "Perhaps going to meet with him won't be too difficult a task... however I have no idea how we could be capable of hiding Caitlyn's eyes from plain sight. Tobias, you came up with a great way of hiding Zyliria's ears, and I'm hoping a sundress would be large enough to cover her tail... I don't suppose you would have the materials you'd mentioned for crafting some ears would you?" He asked hopefully, as purchasing the required materials would be a red flag.

Tobias nodded, and said, "though I'm in short supply of copper, you'll find I'm in no shortage of leather and velvet." He smiled, and said, "honestly, I can't think of any way we could hide Caitlyn's eye color. The only idea I can think of would be to go to a glasses artist, as he's the best with making wearable art." Tobias pondered for a moment before saying "I have however heard about a court made dabbling in the magic of color, and discovered that colors such as blue or Even purple. It seems that blue has the greatest effect in calming victims of damaging experiences."
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Caitlyn and Zyliria shared another nervous glance as Tobias and Christopher discussed how they would plan to fool the Faelian Captain. As far as Caitlyn could tell, this plan was tenuous at best. Close scrutiny would likely show that Zyliria’s ears were extremely real, Caitlyn was more confident in her own disguise. Of course, it was easier to hide eye color than an extra pair of ears.

The next three days were a hasty blur for the four of them. Zyliria and Caitlyn were kept in the house at all times, generally behind as many doors and walls as they could be kept behind. Christopher spent most of his time with them, though there were moments when even he had to leave them for several hours at a time, leaving to get the various things they needed if they were going to pull off his plan to fool the Captain. Tobias had given Zyliria strings of wire and silks for her to learn the basics of how to create the ears he had ascribed to her, though he was getting a local craftsman to create the actual pair she’d be holding during their evening, something for her to play with and to lend the story that her ears were in fact of her own creation credence. Zyliria has spent much of her time alone anxiously playing with the strings of metal, and, while she had yet to come up with anything even slightly resembling her ears, she had snapped about half of the wires she’d gotten. Caitlyn’s glasses took a bit longer to get, she only got it the afternoon before their scheduled dinner with the Captain, so she was still getting used to them as they stole their way up the streets towards the city walls, along which the Captain’s quarters were posted.

Sunset on the third day found the four of them outside the thick wooden gates to the Captain’s quarters. It was part of one of the fortifications set around the city walls, though it served little defensive purpose, a set of wide, short rooms within one of the castles, accessible from within the city but connected to the gates and the outposts there. Caitlyn was wearing her glasses, the wire of the lenses cutting unfamiliarly into her skin, the entire world tinted a curious tinge of light blue. While not entirely pleased with her disguise, Caitlyn was not envious of Zyliria’s disguise. The animus’ entire face was hidden under a thick, dark hood, and in one of her hands she clutched the fake ears. Tobias had insisted on fitting some wire on her own ears, which dimmed her hearing terribly. Everything echoed slightly; she wasn’t quite able to pick out sounds as keenly as she usually could. Tobias knocked on the door, and it instantly flew opened. Zyliria instantly looked down, her hood hiding her face from whomever was about to receive them. She breathed deeply, and realized that she was shaking under the cloak and hood. She hoped her nerves would go unnoticed by the captain.

Standing behind the door was not the Captain himself, but a woman. She was tall, and wore a dazzling smile as she stared at the four newcomers. She smiled down indulgently at Caitlyn, who shied back slightly, a little nervous of the new, happy face. Caitlyn stared at the girl, taking in her bizarre appearance. She was in a long, turquoise dress with an exceptionally wide trail and a strange, oddly transluscent, blue tinged ruff. Her eyes bulged slightly, and were a dark shade of brown. She fixed them all with her piercing eyes, smiling, before talking. Her voice was surprisingly low.

“Hello! My name is Mareena, and I’m work for the Captain. Come on in, he’s been expecting you!” She turned in the threshold, a bad idea, and her dress blocked the doorway for a few moments as she navigated through the narrow entryway, but soon she was through, beckoning for them to follow. Zyliria was still shaking, her ears ringing from the voice, not quite hearing the words she had said, but following the group into the captain’s lodgings nonetheless.
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It was more than obvious that Zyliria was uncomfortable with her disguise. Not only was her tail crumpled and hidden away from view beneath the fabric of a sundress that Tobias had been so gracious and generous to purchase, but her ears were also encased in wire and cloth as well. Tobias had requested she carry two pairs, one on her ears, and one for if the captain wanted to investigate their structure.

One thing was for sure, however. Christopher was worried even more than his daughter or Zyliria combined. He cared for both of them, and if some tragedy were to befall them, he would not be able to live with himself. Tonight was a make or break event. If all went well, they'd be able to go along with their original plan of waiting around for the bandits to leave, but perhaps there could be a way he could swing this meeting in his favor. If he were able to carefully phrase each word.

As the door swung open, it was dreadfully apparent that the captain was not the one greeting them, as a peculiar looking woman had taken the initiative of opening the door. She made her position in the house apparent by declaring that she worked for the captain, but she didn’t specify how exactly she served him. still, the extravagant garb she wore suggested that not only was the captain a strong man, but a wealthy one as well, outfitting his staff with beautiful clothing.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Mareena. Do tell, are you the only worker here?” He looked around the corridor as they headed towards a door at the end of the walkway, a separate hall leading off in different directions, perhaps for different guest rooms, or facilities.

Christopher made sure his “daughters” were behind him, as to make sure they were safe. As they went further into the home, he could feel his chest closing in upon itself, the gravity of the situation finally sinking in, hitting him like a sack of bricks.
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Mareena led them down the wooden hallways of the captain’s residence, which creaked noisily as they passed through, easily alerting the captain, and indeed anyone on the surrounding battlements, that his guests had arrived at last. “Correct, Sir Knight, I am the only worker here. The Captain lives by himself, so he does not require much in the way of staff. These chambers were made for a man with family though, so much of it is uninhabited. It still creaks quite a bit though, I’m afraid.” She flashed Christopher another winning smile. “The Captain will be seeing you in the dining room, I do hope you won’t mind, he has already begun eating.”

Caitlyn stared in mingled curiosity and anxiety at their guide. Mareena had been unnervingly happy when she’d met them at the door, but something was off, though Caitlyn couldn’t quite tell what it was. Perhaps it was the overwhelming sense that they were walking into some kind of trap. The Captain, no matter how certain Tobias and her father were sure they could fool him, must have something up his sleeve they had yet to anticipate. She turned to Zyliria, hoping to communicate this to her without detection from Mareena, but the animus’ face, covered by most of the hood she had on, was unreachable. It was clear that the wiring in her ears was having some unintended consequences on her senses.

Zyliria looked up at their host’s assistant, squinting slightly. Perhaps it was the wire and cloth over her ears, but the interference with her hearing seemed to be throwing her other senses off kilter as well. Trying her best to snatch a glimpse of this Mareena while keeping her head mostly covered, she was just able to make out the blue green of her thick dress before they had rounded a corner and entered the dining room, where, she assumed, the captain would be waiting.

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“We don’t mind at all,” the knight said, replying to Mareena. Each step forwards brought him closer and closer to the captain, where both Zyliria and Caitlyn would be directly in front of the very man in charge of throwing them out of Faela, or worse. He made another quick check to make sure that the animus and his daughter were safe. It definitely seemed that Zyliria wasn’t comfortable at all, and Caitlyn wasn’t in a good way either.

As they entered the dining room, Zyliria attempted to take note of any doors or windows in case she needed to make a speedy escape. When her gaze met the captain’s, her eyes widened before she tucked her cloak around herself tighter to hide herself. The amount or concentration she had to have to keep her tail from moving on it’s own was enough to make her shake slightly.

Christopher looked up at the man sitting at the end of the table, already helping himself to the plate set out in front of him. He gulped quietly, and waited to be addressed. He’d been approached by city guards before on previous trips, and knew they did not like to be approached, let alone talked to first. He and his company stood on the other side of the room from the captain of the guard, waiting to be told they could sit.

The smell of freshly cooked mutton and baked potato filled the dining room, and there were three plates set up with just such food, as well as a tankard of some liquor, presumably for Christopher, and two smaller mugs, filled with chilled water.
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“The refugees from Hostar are here, Captain Airyn.” Mareena said politely, her large blue dress swishing as she bent in a formal curtsy, before stepping to the side of Christopher, Caitlyn, and Zyliria, standing beside the door and sliding it gently shut behind them. She stood in place, waiting for orders, smiling placidly.

The roof of the dining room was low, and the top of the captain’s head only barely did not brush up against it as he rose, smiling with an icy politeness. With a curt nod and grand sweeping gesture across the table to each of the plates. “Please, be seated.” Waiting for a moment for each of them to sit down, the Captain seated himself again on his seat, his eyes fixing in on each of them, before finally fixing on Christopher. He offered Christopher a pitying smile.

“I must give my most heartfelt apologies to you, my friend.” His voice was smooth, but seemed sincere enough. “From what I hear, you were the only survivors of the attack on Hostar. It was a lovely little town, I was terribly saddened to hear it had been destroyed.” He glanced along the table at Zyliria and Cailtyn. “I am certainly glad that my friend Tobias has agreed to help you. If you need anything else, please, come to me, I would be happy to help you get your feet back on the ground.”

Caitlyn sat down carefully, across from her father, and between Zyliria and the Captain. She wasn’t much of a presence, but she felt that, as Zyliria knew what she was capable of, that her presence between her and the captain would put Zyliria at least a little more at ease. Shooting a glance at the animus, it did not seem she’d noticed, her hood so low that her face was entirely invisible to both Caitlyn and, she assumed the Captain. Her eyes went back to the Captain. He was tall, and even sitting her towered over the small girl, his smile in a cool blue cloak somehow as intimidating as his cold expression and steel armor that he’d worn when he’d visited Tobias. That being said, so far, everything seemed to going well, if anything he seemed welcoming, though his tone was still level, unreadable.
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Zyliria took a seat, her tail winding itself around her waist as she sat down, so she wouldn’t be sitting on her tail. Luckily for her, the cloak covered this action pretty well. She stared down at the food set out in front of her. She picked up a fork, and started poking gingerly at her baked potatoes. She could feel her ears wanting to twitch, but knew that would be catastrophic, so she would have to endure the torment.

Christopher nodded gravely as Captain Airyn brought up Hostar. It still was a touchy subject for him, seeing as his whole family and a large group of his friends had perished there. He started getting choked up, which turned out to work in his favor when he said, “Th-thank you so much, Captain. That means a lot...” his voice trailed off as he got lost in thought.

Zyliria looked up across the table at the man, taking notice of his shaky voice. She could tell that his hometown and his family was a touchy subject. Of course, so was her own family, but for different reasons.
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The Captain nodded gravely over at Christopher, before turning to Caitlyn and Zyliria. Caitlyn could feel the animus shrink back slightly, and she herself sat a little straighter to try and block his view of Zyliria a little, though she was hardly big enough to do much. The Captain’s grey blue eyes fixed on her own, and seemed to narrow slightly. Stirring slightly in his seat, the Captain spoke once again.

“Yes, we heard some truly terrible stories of the destruction there. We had some people come by not too long ago, about yesterday, who told us a thing or two about what happened there.” The Captain’s eyes drifted from Caitlyn to Zyliria to Christopher, seeming to be calculating something. “He said that none of the houses had survived the damage, the walls had all been torn to pieces.” Caitlyn felt anxious, and could tell that, whatever the Captain had said earlier, he was about to tell them the real reason he’d been so interested in them. “He did, however, report one...interesting phenomenon to still be residing amongst the ruins.” Caitlyn held onto the arms of her chair tightly, her eyes going to her father, nervously. “He said something about a young girl, with the power to create flames.”

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Zyliria’s eyes widened once more as she heard the captain’s declaration. All those times that she’d been told about how Caitlyn had saved her father from the bandits flashed through her mind all at once. She had to fight back the urge to fold back her ears, and risk blowing her cover.

Similarly, Christopher’s heart began racing as the captains eyes were upon him. “Perhaps it was a fire imp? They are known for inhabiting recent sites of fire you know.” It was a boldface lie, but he couldn’t expect Airyn to have much knowledge of magical creatures outside the walls of Faela. He glanced over at Zyliria before glancing back at the captain.
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Caitlyn felt herself shrink slightly in her seat nervously. They’d met the bandit earlier in Faela, it made sense that he would have gone to Airyn the moment he’d seen her and Caitlyn. Keeping her head still, Caitlyn’s eyes darted over to Zyliria. The animus was completely still, eyes wide, her nerves apparent to anyone able to see her face.

“Perhaps,” said the Captain, drily. “Though I can’t say I’ve heard of fire imps living that deep in the forests. Woods, you know, not the best place for fire creatures.” He was silent for a moment, drinking from the goblet to his side. “Or cities, for that matter.” Airyn continued. “Can you imagine the danger of such a creature in Faela? A fire could ruin this entire town, kill thousands...it would be a disaster.” The Captain’s eyes were on Christopher’s, he looked almost sorrowful. “You understand that we can’t be expected to host a threat to the entire town, I hope.”

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Christopher’s eyes widened for a moment at what Captain Airyn had just said. “That, I can understand, but I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting, Captain,” he said, his tone becoming quite stern as he sat there, his food and drink still left untouched. A few moments of silence passed, the two men staring each other down. “Might I ask whom these people were? If they are survivors from Hostar, then you could surely understand my wishes of knowing whom they might be.” Christopher was dancing around the subject that the Captain of the Guard was trying to discuss.

Zyliria too looked down at her untouched plate, and then to Caitlyn’s. Her food too was left untouched. No doubt, the lack of eating going on during today’s supper seemed to her, quite suspicious, so she reached forwards, shakily for the eating utensils before really grasping them, and attempting to cut through the cooked mutton. She was so used to eating raw meat that the sight of cooked sheep was repulsive to her, but she’d force herself to eat it.

Of course, she remembered all those times her older sister would roast her prey and eat it cooked as the rest of her siblings would watch on in disgust.

Zyliria gently nudged Caitlyn’s boot with her own, to try to wake her from her stress, and start eating. Zyliria took a bite, and couldn’t help but squirm uncomfortably as the cooked meat went down her throat. She attempted pulling her cloak around her even tighter in an attempt to make it seem as though she was shivering from the cold.

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Captain Airyn either did not notice Christopher's tone hardening, or did not care. He continued sipping from his goblet, before setting it down with a quiet clank. “He did not appear to from the city himself, but a traveler who was merely passing through, according to him.” The Captain’s gaze slowly shifted across the two girls again.

Caitlyn, who’d been watching the Captain attentively this whole time, felt the tap on her boot and was startled to find Zyliria struggling down part of the food she’d been served. With her own knife and fork, she began to eat her own mutton. It was perhaps a bit too well done, even for her taste, but she supposed that even if it were the finest platter she’d ever eaten from in the world she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it, given the tension in the room.

The Captain, leaning slightly towards Caitlyn and Zyliria, frowned slightly, still talking to Christopher. “As I understand it, you are a knight of this great kingdom. Surely you must understand the need to protect the people of this town from any danger, whether it be invading armies or other, more magical threats.” Turning his attention back to the girls, the Captain said, with a surprising gentleness. “What do you two think of all this?”

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The knight noticed the way Captain Airyn had used his knighthood against him. He nodded with a grimace, not exactly liking what the captain was suggesting. “I can understand the wish to protect from threats of any kind, I of all people should know that, yes, but not because I am a knight, but because I am a father.” Christopher said, staring at the man intensely.

Zyliria froze, and her tail wound itself around herself even tighter as the captain leaned in and spoke to her and the young girl. The way the man spoke made her fearful of wether or not the captain knew about them and was just toying with them, or if he was prying for some information. Just as the captain had asked the two girls for their opinion, Caitlyn had taken another small bite of lamb, so she wouldn’t be the one answering Airyn’s question.

“I-I don’t know what to think...” she said, frozen still. Nobody needs to get hurt... but...” in her mind, Caitlyn flailing a few feet over head spewing flames from each hand replayed in slow motion and she remembered the fear on the young girl’s face. Zyliria didn’t much care for the people of this city, but she knew that if Caitlyn did something like that on a massive scale, there’d be no way she’d forgive herself. That’s when her eyes widened as she realized she’d just said ‘But’...
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The captain smiled slightly at Christopher’s comment. “Indeed. I suppose there are similarities between fatherhood and the service of a knighthood, that sense of protection of something...greater than self.” He sighed, faintly, looking back down at his plate, though his voice was still clear. “It makes one wonder, you know, what one would do if one service contradicted the other. If, by making one sacrifice, you could save untold thousands...surely that would be worth it?”

Caitlyn knew full well that she was the subject of the discussion, though she was not entirely sure what the word ‘sacrifice’ meant. She felt more and more nervous about sitting so close to Airyn. As he spoke, however, she couldn’t help but be reminded of her own thoughts, a few days ago, when she’d realized how dangerous she really could be. Remembering Tobias’ words from then, she cleared her throat, hesitantly. “Well, perhaps, Captain…” her voice trailed off in a mixture of nerves, and a realization that Zyliria had not yet finished speaking. With curiosity, and a mounting sense of betrayal fueled by her nerves, Caitlyn turned to Zyliria, her eyes wide. Did Zyliria think she was too dangerous to be allowed to remain in Faela?

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All this talk of sacrifice and responsibilities was starting to grate on Christopher’s nerves. “My sir, one thing you may be forgetting is that sacrifice is always without question balanced with regret. And if one were to sacrifice something needlessly, the regret would only expand tenfold.” The knight had to make sure to use larger words to try to keep Caitlyn from understanding the direction his conversation was going in. “I sacrificed my duty as a father, and a husband to serve in the name of King Angelo, and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since then, that I don’t think of that which I’ve sacrificed, and the regret that’s come with it.” Christopher began choking slightly on his words but pushed through. “So when you try and speak lightly of sacrificing one duty to pursue another, take care to know who you are talking to. Not a lower ranking soldier in the king’s stead, but a man who’s lost almost everything making such hypothetical sacrifices.” He was gripping tightly onto his fork, his knuckles turning blue as he stared over at the captain who seemed hell bent on learning wether or not Caitlyn or Zyliria were afflicted by some form of magic.

The animus sat there stunned by the knights words. A few words flew over her head, as they weren’t often if at all spoken out on the roads twisting through the forests, but she could understand enough. She herself had experienced her own share of sacrifices, but not felt much regret. She had of course sacrificed her ties with her family, and instead of regret, felt liberated. She could sense the raw emotion that Christopher was fighting to hold back. She glanced over at Caitlyn, and saw the look of pure shock and disbelief on the young girl’s face and it sunk in that her thoughts and words may have just cost her her relationship with the young child. She hung her head low, and simply stared down at her plate as she began poking at her baked potato weakly.

It was more than obvious to her now, that Christopher, this whole time, had been trying to keep himself together to seem strong for his daughter, and that was the purest form of love she’d ever seen. Not even her own mother had shown her much affection compared to the other animus who’d already ‘found’ their powers. A single tear began to well up on her right eye as she realized she’d never had someone that cared for her as much as Christopher cared for Caitlyn. She quickly wiped away the wetness from her eyes with her sleeve, and sat there in silence.
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Caitlyn listened to her father carefully. It was only at this point that she realized that Christopher felt guilty for the destruction of their home. She wasn’t sure what one more person could have done for Hostar, even as skilled a warrior as Christopher was no match for a dragon capable of wiping out towns so quickly, but she understood his grief at having not been there when all but she had been killed. Turning to Zyliria once again, she saw the animus, her head still low, and realized she was crying. The momentary confusion she’d felt towards Zyliria faded, and she felt a rush of empathy. No doubt the animus was also thinking of what she had lost, family that had only a few days ago tried to kill her and her new companions.

At the head of the table, the Captain’s brow furrowed as he listened to Christopher. When the knight’s voice finally faltered, he spoke, his voice gentler than it had been. “I sense a misunderstanding between the two of us, Sir Christopher. I do not mean to threaten you or your,” his eyes flitted to Caitlyn and Zyliria, before locking back on Christopher. “children. I only wonder whether Faela is the best place for them. We here are a minor city in the realm, and we do not have the ability to shelter you all within our walls and protect ourselves from...what might happen.” His voice hardening slightly, the Captain continued. “You have sacrificed much, in your service, but do not forget that sacrifice is our duty, as knights of the realm. Do not think you are the only knight here to have lost many a dear thing in the service of the king.”

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Christopher looked over, and could see his daughter looking solemnly towards Zyliria. He hoped she misunderstood his words, but there was no doubt that his faltering voice betrayed his large words, and laid all to bare.

Looking back to the captain seated at the head of the table, hearing him talk about how he wondered wether or not Faela was a safe enough place for Zyliria and Caitlyn. “The safest place for my daughters..” he paused, and looked back to the girls across the table, “is by my side. I’m more than capable of keeping them safe.” He paused once more, “besides, I’m sure you and city guard are working hard to keep the city safe.”

Zyliria was mentally battling with her emotions, trying to battle her feelings with logic. ‘She never loved you.’ but that hurt too much to think. ‘She had high expectations.’ But she was the first to refuse. Now she felt like a failure, not having done enough to gain her mother’s affection. She looked towards Caitlyn, considering it even for a moment, but then she froze. ‘She’s evil. This is what she wants.’ before the little girl could turn her head to notice her glancing over, Zyliria snapped back to her plate, and fought harder and harder with herself as she came to grips with what she almost did. She buried her face into her hands to try and block out everything.
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Seeming to give up on Christopher, or perhaps intrigued by Zyliria’s sudden motion, Airyn’s attention shifted from the knight to the girls between them. “Are you all right there?” the Captain asked, fixing his steel eyes on Zyliria. “Something the matter?”

Beside Zyliria, Caitlyn slipped down from her chair to get a closer look at the animus. Her face was pale, and she did look a bit unwell. Gently setting an arm on Zyliria’s shoulder, Caitlyn turned to the Captain, trying to set herself between the two of them, blocking his view of the animus so that, hopefully, he wouldn’t notice how real her “fake ears” were. “I’m afraid my sister here is quite unwell, she looks like she’s about to pass out at any moment.” Giving Zyliria’s shoulder a gently squeeze to try and prompt her to get moving, Caitlyn quickly said, “I think she just needs some fresh air, we’ll be out, for just a little bit.” In truth, Caitlyn desperately wanted to leave as soon as possible, for the Captain, with all his antagonizing remarks to her father and his odd glances at both her and Zyliria had her on edge.

On the opposite side of the room, the door swung open sharply, causing all four of them to jump. Caitlyn turned to see Marina, looking curiously in, standing in the doorway, blocking the exit. “Sorry, I thought I heard raised voices, just wondering if all is going well in here.”

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As all the attention started being directed towards the animus, she began feeling more and more claustrophobic. She looked over at the window, desperately wanting to flee. That’s when she turned and saw that the captains eyes here upon her, and she shrunk down a bit more. She couldn’t hear the man through the fabric ears. After sitting there for a moment, she began shuddering as the stress was getting to her. She turned and looked into the eyes of the child who had put her arm around her. Zyliria couldn’t shake the stress she was under. She needed to go outside.

Christopher looked over to the woman standing in the doorway, and for some reason, felt extremely unsettled by the sight of her. “We’re fine miss. No need to worry.” He looked back to his daughter and the animus, and could tell that she wasn’t doing well. At hearing Captain Airyn asking if Zyliria was okay, the knight looked up at the captain, and replied, “She hasn’t been the same since I found her and her sister. She goes through panic spells like this every day.” He fibbed, trying to channel the cleverness that Tobias was known for, but knew that Zyliria wasn’t putting on an act. She was seriously in a panic.

Zyliria was just barely able to whisper to Caitlyn, “