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Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Emiko on Jul 2nd, 2016, 2:36pm

Ok, so I was recently watching the Jungle Book with one of my younger relatives. While he watched it, I was curious if he, like many of us here would find something...unique about Kaa. As it turned out, he didn't even really notice the snake and found Baloo to be his hero. Still though, that got me thinking... What is it about US (hypno-fanatics specifically) that caught our interest in hypnosis?

I've always wondered where our interest in hypnosis started, at what age we consciously knew of it, and how it developed over time. My curiosity really got the better of me after giving this all some thought last night while I was sleeping and while I was at work today. So because I am interested to kind of find out some answers, I have something I want to ask of all of you.

I want to do a type of case study on our community. This isn't some psychoanalytical thing I'm going to document and present to the press, or something like that. I am merely curious what got us into hypnosis and where it all started. In the long run, I just want to satisfy my own little curiosities. I'm sure you guys want to as well!

So I guess the big question you guys are asking is what do I need from you? Well, I'm looking for volunteers that wouldn't care to post up their information regarding their experiences with hypnosis. Specifically, I'm looking for people to post up what it was that started their fascination with hypnosis, at the age it started, and how it has developed in you over time. In addition to that, putting up any other information you think would be helpful for analyzing would be awesome!

I'm not looking to turn this thing into some sort private study. I just want to do a simple study to see if there are common roots and paths of development for our interest. As such, I'd be happy just reading your posts and thoughts publicly in this thread. I'd love to hear from anyone who wanted to share their experiences! Likewise, I will be more than happy to post my own experiences and thoughts if we have a few takers.

So yeah... I'll leave this here for anyone that is interested.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by thrawn92 on Jul 2nd, 2016, 9:18pm

I'd post my thoughts up here... but the way I got into hypnosis really isn't appropriate for this site, TBH.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Cydonia921 on Jul 2nd, 2016, 9:39pm

Alright, well this is going to be a tad lengthy but I suppose that I can share it. It's pretty safe for work, so I'll just do this.

So like a lot of people on the sight, my first thought about hypnosis had been about Kaa in the Jungle Book (1967). I was roughly three years old at the time I first watched in, and I don't know why but the scenes fascinated me as a kid. The thing that particularly caught my interest in it had been the fact that Mowgli seemed to be rather pleased in it, as if he had been in a very blissful state. Of course, this tied neatly into my vore interest, which is a completely different subject.

Anyways, as I got older I got more and more curious towards the subject, so I decided to study into it a bit in Middle School (roughly the time I joined the site). At first I felt that some of the studies were nonsense, but the more I read about it the more interested I became by the fact that some people were more susceptible.

Then, tenth grade came around. This had been when I found a form of self-induced hypnosis through meditation. It was difficult at first, but after about a month of trying I had been able to shut myself off through the use of a metronome app. Timing my breaths with it, I was able to ease myself until I slipped into it. After that, I continued to study into it, but my interest didn't border on fetish after that experience, more like fascination.

That's just my personal experience.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Perilous on Jul 3rd, 2016, 01:16am

For me, it started at a young age when I saw the Jungle Book (not sure if it was the first time). But at first Kaa was scary, and I didn't like those scenes at all. However, my fear became curiosity. I found myself wondering if Kaa and Mowgli could be friends, or if Mowgli could learn to deal with him. I guess I started my own fan fiction in my head. But there were multiple reasons why I was drawn to it, and it wasn't just the hypnosis (though that was a big part of it). There was also the element of danger. Jungle Book wasn't the only cartoon that got me interested in the danger-element, and other movies caught my interest in hypnosis too.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Katsumi on Jul 4th, 2016, 06:14am

I guess I'll share what I can, it sounds fun to participate.
For me I started my fascination with hypnosis from Jungle Book's Mowgli and Kaa confrontation around the age of 8, other shows fed this fascination as well such as Scooby Doo when Daphne gets hypnotized by the ghost clown, and Pokemon where Misty gets hypnotized by a Hypno.
At first I enjoyed fantasizing of having hypnotic powers of my own and the control I could have over those close to me and perhaps making those not so close to me a lot more friendlier.

This eventually grew into me fantasizing of others using their own hypnotic abilities upon me and making me a sweet blissful little servant. And that is why I'm now in the mind set of being a switch when it comes to hypnotic interactions.

I guess the control aspect is what appeals to me most, either gaining it or letting it go to the other.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Kana Tokisho on Jul 4th, 2016, 07:39am

Mine started back in high school my independent travelling teacher was talking to me about how she got over her fear of roller coasters via hypnotherapy of course I've not really successfully had a proper hypnotic trance.

I have asked my mom about hypnotherapy she doesn't really believe it works nor should I need it.

The only thing I can give is how someone with a mental disability gets into a trance it has happened twice but I've always been aware and it normally wears off after a few minutes it really sucks then again it could just be me I find it hard to relax with family around.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Hannah on Jul 4th, 2016, 10:58am

So, I guess I'll put my two cents in here. My interest in hypnosis first started when I saw a SpongeBob episode that had to do with hypnosis. This was in 2005, but I probably started to really be fascinated with it two years later, when I was about ten years old. I couldn't tell you what actually drew me to hypnosis, but natural curiosity got the best of me and I started googling things about hypnosis.

My interest in hypnosis has fluctuated up and down from then. I see it as a hobby now. Hypnosis recordings didn't work on me, so I wrote and made my own. I was told I was good at it, so I made a couple more, and since then, I've kind of been away from the whole hypnosis scene. I had a pretty popular hypno-manipulations based deviantArt account a year or so ago, but I deleted it because the people there were getting a little too creepy.
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Emiko on Jul 4th, 2016, 11:47am

It's nice to see where everyone started from. ^^ I love seeing where all of this started with you guys. Since everyone's been kind enough to share their stories, I'll likewise share mine.

Obviously, my interest in hypnosis all started when I saw the jungle book. I was either four or five, but I had an immediate fascination with it. It's so strange to me... Almost as if it happened yesterday, I can remember getting really curious about what was happening to Mowgli and just feeling drawn to it... I don't know, but it just really, REALLY appealed to me.

Kaa's first encounter with Mowgli stuck with me for a very long time. Strange to say, we simply rented the Jungle Book, so it was actually several years later before I saw it again. That didn't change that I was incredibly fascinated by Kaa. So much so that I can remember fantasizing about it as a child into even my teenage years.

My interest in hypnosis started with Kaa, but it only grew watching hypnotic scenes in movies such as Daphne being hypnotized by the ghost clown and the episode of Disney's Gargoyles where they encounter the Banshee. For some reason, that episode REALLY got my attention.

Anyway, my interest in hypnosis was pretty much fed through these various exposures. I tried to learn more about it as a teenager and how to do it. Never did pick up talent of entrancing others until a few years ago. When I was about 21, I got into some online hypnosis, but I had some bad history with that. Pretty much these days, I just role play about it with an occasionally, very rare hypnosis session. I emphasize very rare though.

I guess for me, my interest started when I was very young. It stuck with me and was only fed through the rare media exposure I was given. Entering my teenage years, I started learning more about it and experienced it for myself in my late teens into early adulthood. It's so strange how small, little seeds of exposure can have such a profound impact on all of our lives...
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by Katsumi on Jul 5th, 2016, 05:48am

Hehe. I like hearing your experience having your hypnotic interest grow Emiko. <3
As I grew older I was influenced by a lot of media with hypnotic scenes, making me find hypnotism more and more appealing. ^.^
Re: Hypnosis Case Study
Post by HypnoticDragon on Jul 30th, 2017, 9:47pm

I remember watching a lot of Kaa hypnosis videos online when I was like 8(Shoutout to you KaaVFX! Your edits are amazing!) So I`ve been into Kaa for about 4-5 years. Eventually and inevitably I found roleplays and stories about Kaa and man I read my boat-load share of them. My favorite are the interactive ones. And I recently decided "Hey, there is this site where Kaa-Fans hang out and rp. I like Kaa and I love rp like nobodys business so hey lets join!" And I joined. And now I continue to rp like nobodys business. End of story. I cant remember when I first started getting interested in Kaa but I am and thats what matters.