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Mar 19th, 2018, 03:09am

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xx Section Rules
« Thread started on: Jan 31st, 2014, 7:23pm »

The RP critique board is the section of the site where members may request to have their role plays reviewed by one of our staff approved critics. As with the other sections of the forums, there are some rules that I expect to be followed. The rules of this board include the following:

1. In order to have your role play reviewed by one of our critics, you must follow these directions. Failure to do so will result in the denial of your request for a review.

2. Please be courteous when asking for critiques. Don't submit more than TWO of your role plays at a time to be critiqued. If you want more than two role plays looked at, wait until one of your other submissions has been reviewed before submitting another.

3. Don't get upset at what a critic has to say about you and your story. By submitting your story up for review, YOU are giving your consent for them to critique your work. Good or bad, humbly accept what the critic has to say. Remember, you are the one asking for a review.

4. Tie in to the rule above, a critic is to submit their reviews in a calm and respectful manner. Even if the role play was less than ideal, you can be respectful and kind in how you review it. Submit your reviews respectfully.

5. If you have questions or concerns about a critique you have received, please contact the critic via PM. If you feel like a portion of a critique was needlessly rude and disrespectful, please contact either me or a moderator via PM. Don't try to handle any of these situations publicly.

6. Once you have submitted your request, please allow ample time for our critics to look over your thread and review it. Don't pester the critics about getting to your work or constantly post to ask what is taking so long.

7. Only make posts in your own request thread. DO NOT post in any request thread relating to role plays that you were not involved in.

8. ONLY staff approved critics are allowed to review role plays. If you are not on the staff and try to review a role play, you will be in trouble.

9. Critics that are staff approved are banned from going 'rogue' and reviewing any role play that they want. You may only review a role play if you have been requested to do so.

10. As this is an RP critique section, critics are not to critique anything other than role plays. The list of non-critique items includes stories, pictures, videos, or other similar works of art. For the time being, critics may only review submitted role plays and nothing else.

11. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules or procedures of the RP critic board, feel free to send your questions either to me or one of the moderators via PM.
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