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Jan 22nd, 2018, 01:03am

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xx A Night Forgotten, A Life to Cherish (Open)
« Thread started on: Aug 22nd, 2017, 02:36am »

Meiko was your average, salary making employee. She got up at seven o'clock every morning, started work at nine, and came home by five thirty on a good day. She enjoyed a light breakfast with coffee, a strong lunch to give her energy, and a modest dinner to help her sleep at night. When she wasn't catching up with friends, she was catching up on the latest TV series. Regardless of the day, she always seemed to keep a smile

However, that's only scratching the surface. She owned a car and a spacious, two-bedroom house, but the only furniture she owned was a sofa with a foldaway bed, and an old dresser. The only appliances she owned were a TV, mini fridge, laptop and microwave, all of which she kept in the same room. Meiko felt that her future depended on the house, and had taken great strides to be frugal so she could continue to pay for it. That isn't to say she didn't treat herself once in a while, but she didn't see the need to buy extra furniture and vanities, feeling she had what she needed to stay happy, or so she thought. The only thing she didn't fix was the sense of loneliness she felt everytime she came home to her empty house.

Then one day, as she was waking up to the sound of her phone alarm, she noticed that there was something different. Meiko wasn't able to reach the phone alarm, no matter how many times she tried moving her arm. When she looked down at herself, she was shocked to find that her arms were bound by a scaly cocoon adorned with odd patterns. "What the?!" She struggled in vain to break free from it, but it seemed that there was no way out. Wanting to know the danger she was in, her eyes followed the scaly tail back to its origin, only to find...

(I'm looking for a lamia hypnotist for my human victim. Any gender or age is fine. Please PM me before posting.)
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