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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:29pm

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xx Nowhereman's RP Archive
« Thread started on: Jan 7th, 2014, 7:38pm »

This is an archive for a select few of the RPs that I personally enjoyed on this site with wonderful partners.

Sirens and Serpents (Formerly The Lone Jungle Girls)
Partner: BlockingMars (My debut RP)

See what happens when two beauties of the jungles are united together with some common traits. What is better than one jungle girl? How about two or three who quickly became friends.

One Girl, Two Worlds, Three Friends
Partner: TheSketchComet
Status: Cancelled due to Partner's Deactivation.

There was a young girl who grew up among the animals. She was enjoying her life in the jungle until one fateful day, the day that her life will be changed forvever. Now in the dvide between the world the jungle and the world of humans.

Tale of the Telescopic Python
Partner: pokecolies

A story of two differeny curios of the jungle. A girl who was raised by tigers, and a snake who can change his size at will. What awaits the newly formed duo, only you can find out what will happen to them

The Wild Flower
Partner: Pajamas (Formerly), K-Hypnotized224

Princess Daisy of Sarasaland was going to visit her best friend by boat. But due to circumstances, she washed up on a jungle paradise. With the help of newfound friends, she will now add jungle girl into her resumè. An adventure you won't see in a game.

Jungle Training
Partner: CoilKing50

Metroid: Unforseen Uprising
Partner: K-Hypnotized224
Status: Ongoing

Once again, Samus Aran must save the galaxy. Sent to the planet of ice and snow. Will she persevere to continue her misson? Or will her blood turn into ice?

Samus and the Two Snakes
Partner: Jumbojuicebox

It had seem that everyones favorite bounty huntress had crash landed on a mysterious planet. Populated by a wide variety of flora and fauna. She will need to survive in the jungle if she wants to leave.

The Last Gems.

My most recent RP's, these are the ones I wish to continue before I leave the site.

Jungle Raised
Partner: ProfYANA

A chronological tale about a girl being raised by a rare White Tiger. The types of perils and misadventures that our little one may get involed in.

Scales of Time
Partner: Ninetails927

It is interesting how a friendship can form between a girl and her pet. Watch how it unfolded as a chance encounter now leads them to a friendhsip worth a lifetime.

Mending a Burnt Bridge
Partner: BlockingMars.

Kaa had a problem. He just met a girl-cub that used to be his best friend, now turned enemy? Can he repair the bond that was once shattered? Or is he doomed to lose the closest friend he had.
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