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Mar 17th, 2018, 2:28pm

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xx Shadow Rider's RP Showcase
« Thread started on: Apr 21st, 2013, 07:07am »

This took me a long time to put together! I'd done more than I thought, and they were all buried in the deep dank places of old yore. Here are my completed RPs, all here for you to peruse. They're not in any order, in all honesty.

Note: None of the characters shown here (aside from Corso) are being used in any RPs in the present day, please do not ask for them to be used! /inbeforepeoplestartasking

Wait a minute... One of my starting ones. Makes me cringe whenever I look at it, but eh. I can't hide history.

Too weak... A very 'meh' one considering my partner's grammar and punctuation (or rather, lack of) and my inexperience.

Nothing like that here... One of the few RPs in which my ghost Nimh was used. No other comment here.

Hypnotizing the Hypnotic Hedgehog One of the RPs I'm really proud of.

Dimensional Daze: Part 3 It saddens me that quite a few people will probably never know about this nonsense. BUT IT WAS THE BEST NONSENSE EVER.

Sleepy, sleepy Razor Another old one, still finding my feet. A bit meh, but alright.

Shelter from the storm Uh yeah, this complicated piece of nonsense.

The swordsman's mistress Hey, do you remember when Crimson used to RP? I do, and he was pretty damn awesome! This was one of our crowning glories, I think. I still wasn't very good at this stage, but we made it work.

Mousemerised I haven't really much to comment on this, in all honesty.

The Power of Teamwork One of the few group RPs I've ever been in, but it was pretty damn cool. I was still a bit of a newbie at the time though, as it probably shows.

Unexpected Visitor My latest finished one, I'm disappointed with this for a couple of reasons. The key one being Naga Corso being a whiny b*tch which ruins the atmosphere totally.

And last but not least, A Visit to Tanya's I know it's not properly finished, so sue me. This little monster used to be my longest until 'the Mesmerised Mercenary's Mistake' overtook it, and was the apple of my eye and my greatest work. Looks a little bad when I look at it right now (Tanya is too angsty and mostly useless, for instance), but it holds a place in my heart.
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