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Jan 18th, 2018, 12:22pm

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xx Marik's Library of Truth
« Thread started on: Mar 27th, 2013, 4:12pm »

Don't ask about the name, I just wanted something different from just 'Marik's Library' or 'Marik's RP showcase'.
Anyways, these rps that I post here all have some significance because of either immense enjoyment or some milestone in my roleplaying.

The following role plays all follow some tale involving my OC: Cody, who has a very special place in my heart. I created him shortly after seeing the 25th Anniversery Concert of Les Miserables and based him primarily off of Gavroche. Unlike Gavroche, Cody is much more innocent to the world and has much more of a desire to become part of a family. Most of the roleplays I've had him in show him being integrated into a new family and allowing this wish to come true.
Today while writing this, I decided that in the current rp I am, Cody would be retired. As one final goodbye to him. He is one of my favorite OCs and even though I will no longer use him, he served me in many great rps!

The New Pack Member
With Aoekfreak09
In this story, Cody is discovered by a girl named Kairi who lives with wolves. After taking him in, Cody becomes integrated into the pack and begins to learn their ways.

I Don't Have a Family
With Draculablade
In this, one of my favorite rps due to its interesting plot, Cody is kidnapped by nagas who wish to put him for ransom. When they discover that he has no parents to pay the ransom, two of the three feel bad for him and decide to take him in.

You're Royalty Now!
With Aoefreak09
In Cody's final rp, he is discovered by a naga named Amasis, who lives in a 16th century naga kingdom near Egypt. Not only does he live there, but he is a prince! After saving him, Amasis decides to become his guardian and make him a prince.
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4. Communicate with me when rping

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xx Re: Marik's Library of Truth
« Reply #1 on: Mar 27th, 2013, 4:31pm »

Glad to know the RP we did together is one of your favorite. cheesy
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