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Jan 20th, 2018, 03:52am

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xx HypnoticDragon`s OC`s Of Pure Epicness!
« Thread started on: Jul 10th, 2017, 01:33am »


Appearance: SunDrop has shimmery white scales whereas her mane, wings, and underbelly are a warm golden. Like most dragon she can breathe fire but she has exceptionally strong wings capable of breaking dragon bones if need be.

BackStory: SunDrop served under the fair rule of Queen SwiftTail all her life. She and her best friend Dove both worked on the expansion crew. Then Cyclone stole the throne exiling anyone who still supported SwiftTail. She fled to The DewDrop Jungle where she reunites with Dove, LightningBash, Prince Sparrow, Queen SwiftTail, and Briar. Together they set out to restore the throne.

Personality: SunDrop is very social and outgoing. She loves to be with other dragon, to go on adventures, and just have fun! Her best friend is Dove but she is buddies with everyone on the expansion crew(her job)

RolePlays: Sun Kissed Coils, The Protector
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xx Re: HypnoticDragon`s OC`s Of Pure Epicness!
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Appearance: Briar has emerald green scales though her underbelly, wings, and frill are a much paler green. Like the green on those shrubs with the tiny purple flowers. She also has a sharp spade on the end of her tail loaded with venom. She looks a bit like a Rainwing(If you dont know what that is look it up online)

BackStory: Briar lived in The DewDrop Jungle until the fire dragons attacked the jungle to steal some of it`s land. Later the rest of Briar`s kind called it The Blood Rain Battle. The attackers took many prisoners including Rose, Briar`s mother. This crushed Briar. The only thing she has left of her mother is a necklace of polished wooden beads. In addition to that she also has a long burn scar from the battle. Later her father committed suicide from sorrow, grief, and depression. A bit later King RedWood took Briar under his wing and trained her to be his top assassin.

Personality: Before the Blood Rain Battle, Briar was a calm and nice dragon to be with. She had some friends and loved to read. After the battle she became very introverted and violent and tended to lash out at other dragons. After her father killed himself it got worse. To help her King Redwood took her under his wing and trained her as his assassin. But killing dragons for a living probably didnt help her mental state very much...... Most dragons see her as violent, unstable, and dangerous but she has a softer side if your patient enough to bring it out.

Roleplays: Sun Kissed Coils
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