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Jan 20th, 2018, 03:53am

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xx HypnoSenpai's OC Showcase
« Thread started on: Sep 1st, 2016, 9:05pm »

So I like using either canon anime girls, or this female OC r when I play as a victim.

Name: Aoi Akahara
Age: Usually age 17 (High School)
Appearance: Her top half of her school uniform consists of a blue-green blazer with a white dress shirt and violet tie. Her bottom half of her school uniform is a sky blue skirt that reaches to mid-thigh. She also has black stockings and brown loafers. Her sky blue hair is kept short, and parted so it covers the left eye (which is dark green). She is 5'4 and weighs 99 lb. It doesn't really show it, but her "chest" is of C-cup size.
Personality: Aoi is normally introverted, usually spending her free time reading manga or watching anime, but she will be happy engaging in conversation with anyone. She is very nice and caring, willing to help out freshmen who are lost on campus and help teachers carry supplies. Although she will be willing to play along with someone, she isn't naive, and can be very skeptical if someone is being shady. However, she is all around a good person.
Background information: Although a normal, introverted student, her fame comes from the Softball Club as a really good pitcher. She is also in the Animal Care Club
Likes: Anime, Manga, Cooking Breakfast (the only meal she can cook without disaster), Softball, and Animals.
Dislikes: Wasabi, People Being Mean, and Manipulative People

There you go guys!
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Feel free to PM me if you wanna RP!
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xx Re: HypnoSenpai's OC Showcase
« Reply #1 on: Sep 7th, 2016, 2:35pm »

Would you count ash's female companions from Pokemon? Lol
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Prefers victim role but can play predator
Prefers at least a little foot play (mainly tickling)
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Must take place in jungle
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