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Oct 20th, 2017, 3:23pm

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xx Jungle Rhythm
« Thread started on: Jun 29th, 2017, 11:03pm »

"It's not like you want to be here, is it?" Amy asked in a stern, unmovable tone. "How can you despise the jungle? It's a paradise."
"Not sure how you can want to be here, it's smelly, hot and my clothes are sticking uncomfortably to my skin," replied a silver-haired girl in earnest, her tattoos distracting the towering blonde from a hanging vine, which then proceeded to coil itself around her throat.
"Uhk!" she choked.
"Oh, look at you two, what a…cute couple."
The vine constricted Amy's throat, and every time she dared move it would tighten, restricting her airways. Soon her face began to turn a dark shade of red, blood rushing to her skin as the oxygen was forced from her lungs.
"Ukk! G-get this plant off m-me!"
Annabel brushed her metallic hair to the side and smiled. "Not much of a paradise after all, hmm?"
She grabbed the vine and formed a grimacing expression.
"Oh, I forgot to mention, there's a sticky resin coating the vine…" Amy laughed as she quickly bobbed her head down and began laughing hysterically. "Haha, here…have a taste!"
The glue-like resin of the vine, instantly souring her mood, dampened the silver strands of angelic hair, replacing the light silver tone with dark grey.
"You think that's funny? Oh, I'll show you funny…" warned Annabel as she lunged at the ash-blonde, wrapping her arms around her torso and pinning her to the ground, summoning her superior weight to defeat her. They crashed through the undergrowth, flattening bushes in their wake as they rolled down a hill, filling the humid air with a deafening chorus of snapping branches.
All this attention alerted a certain devious python as he lifted his head from the nest of coils. Atop his perch he saw all, his vision piercing the dense foliage of the jungle as he felt the vibrations course through his scaly body, like someone ringing the dinner bell. Curious to see what was making all the ruckus, the old python uncoiled himself from the sturdy tree branch and began following the source of the vibrations, moving like liquid gold as his dark brown coils slipped effortlessly from tree to tree, causing them to creak and snap under his colossal weight. For an old python, he moved with frightening efficiency.
"What'sssssssssss thisssssssssss?" he giggled as he peered through a group of leaves, his bright, amber eyes gazing hungrily upon two girls. They were odd looking, not anything like the native tribespeople he was used to seeing day in and day out — occasionally some finding themselves in his divine coils. He could see their heat, his forked-tongue flickering in and out in repeated patterns as he became aroused. It was obvious that they were foreign, judging by the tone of their skin and mannerisms, and that forced a distinct rumble to bellow across his empty belly — so in need of company.
"Ha, pinned ya' again!" Annabel laughed as was kicked off and thrown across the clearing.
The ash-blonde licked her lips and dusted the dirt from her shoulders.
"You're going to pay for that, I assure you…"
"Well, at least my hair isn't turning yellow in this heat, aye?"
The two girls cleaned themselves up and giggled.
"Where are we anyway?" the silver-haired girl asked confidently, a broad smile painted across her pale, snow-white cheeks.
"Beats me, you were the one who decided to have a little tumble off the cliff…" Amy explained bashfully.
The area didn't look at all familiar. There were thorny bushes everywhere, colourful flowers sprouting from their branches and secreting a powerful, overwhelming pollen that invaded the girl's senses, clouding their judgement. The pollen had an unusual property, dissolving awareness and numbing the senses of any who came near enough to pick up its effects.
"We appear to be in a clearing of some sorts."
Amy frowned. "…Are you kidding? Of course we're in a clearing."
The silver-haired girl blushed and replied. "Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but we should probably get back to the trail before we become even more lost."
"Stay close to me, I wouldn't us to get separated, who knows what dangers are out here, so far from the trail…" the lithe blonde commanded, using an dominating tone.
"Whoa, hold on for just one-second," Annabel interrupted her, before continuing, "if anyone should take the lead, it should be me, not some pompous, arrogant blonde who can't hold her own."
Kaa chuckled in the shadows, enjoying the two girls argument as they debated over who would lead the other. He understood a wide range of languages, being a super intelligent python who had stood the test of time, now at the grand age of one-hundred and seven. He barely fit in the bush, all of his seventeen-meter long, one and a half thick body sliding over the roots as he moved to get a better view of the squabbling girls. The fact that they were clearly feisty sent adrenaline rushing through his serpentine body, increasing his heart rate as it literally pounded onwards. He decided to play the waiting game, for attacking prey in a group was suicidal at best, and he valued his own life above anything else.
Annabel had grown tired of arguing and stormed off ahead. "Find your own way back, I'm fed up of this!"
"Wait, ok you can lead just…stop!" the blonde whimpered as her eyes welled up. Her legs kicked in to fifth gear as she sprinted after her silver-haired friend.
It didn't take long for her to lose sight of Annabel, for she had seemingly vanished in to the abyssal depths of the undergrowth, leaving her completely and utterly alone.
"ANNABEL!" she shouted, her booming voice disturbing a group of brightly-coloured macaws as they departed from their perches in the canopy.
She paused for a moment, her voice cracking and adopting a faintness as she began searching the dense undergrowth, demanding that her friend reveal herself. There was nothing more daunting, more terrifying than being hopelessly lost in the endless jungle, for there was no mercy to be had in mother nature's garden of eden — her playground. Amy wasn't exceptional at navigating anywhere, let alone the infinite jungle, and she knew that, without Annabel, her chances of getting out were slim at best.
Her black shorts were dampened by the severe humidity, her Lacoste white top, too large for her, was also plastered to her upper torso. Fortunately, her ash-brown hair was tied up in a pony-tail, exposing her face to the world and making it easier to bear the scorching temperatures of the mid-afternoon. Her slender arms swatted many giant leaves from her path as she continued to search for her friend, who by now had found a quiet spot on a log not far away, refusing to listen to her pleas, teaching her a valuable lesson about respect. However, neither of the girls could anticipate what was about to happen next, for out of the canopy slithered a sinister, old python whose belly rumbled impatiently, desiring new company.
"Ssssssssay now, what have we here?" came a sly voice, hissing loudly.
Amy's heart froze instantly as she stopped dead in her tracks, refusing to move an inch. "W-who's t-there?"
The python decided to keep himself concealed in the upper-branches — playing with his food was always an exciting practise. "Mhmhmh! Why, wouldn't you like to know."
"Is that you, Annabel?" she asked foolishly, her eyebrows dropping as she formed a frown. Her silver-haired friend had a habit of teasing her by using different voices, something she didn't take kindly too.
"Oh, you have another friend with you?" the old python asked, growing excited as his eyes widened with lust. "Interesssssssssting, mmm…I ssssssssssshould like to meet this…'Annabel'."
"Very funny, now…get out of the bushes and hug me you silly girl." Amy laughed, wiping sweat from her forehead.
"Mhmhmhmh…be careful what you…wisssssssssssh for, girl-cub!"
The young woman turned around, frowning, as her jaw dropped.
From the shadows of a large bush slithered the largest python she had ever laid eyes on, far larger than the ones usually found in a zoo. It was ginormous, filling the entire area of the clearing. Each coil was thicker than her muscular thighs, nearly twice so, and appeared to shimmer beautifully in the glorious sunshine. Her eyes opened wide as she gasped, nearly collapsing to her knees as she gazed upon the mighty serpent.
"Oh…my, y-you're…beautiful…" she stuttered.
A rye hiss of satisfaction escaped the python's mouth as his amber eyes flared. It wasn't often that prey stuck around, let alone complimented his appearance. Surprised by her reaction, he decided to poke around. His head bobbed and weaved as he slithered closer, forming a circle behind her, preventing the blonde from running away.
He lowered his tone, summoning his unquestionable powers of seduction as he asked. "Sssssssssso, you're not…afraid of me?"
"Oh, quite the contrary, I love…w-wait a minute, YOU CAN TALK?" Amy shuddered, her jaw dropping for a second time. "That's i-impossible!"
"Mhmhmhm! You silly little girl-cub, I've lived ten lifetimes and have learned every language there is," the python replied with haste, before adding, "might I inquire assssssssss to…why you 'love' snakes? Assuming of course that was what you were about to say…"
The towering blonde watched with growing interest as he circled around her. The sound of his sliding coils, rasping scales as they cracked the dead and decaying leaves of the forest floor, and the bone-chilling, guttural hiss pleasured her to no end. Fear wasn't something she knew when dealing with reptiles, especially snakes, and the sight of one far larger than any in existence simply baffled her — she was simply speechless.
"W-well yes, and if I may say so, you're rather…stunning," the young girl blushed darkly, holding her hand underneath her chin as she sighed with primeval vigor.
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xx Re: Jungle Rhythm
« Reply #1 on: Jun 29th, 2017, 11:03pm »

Once again, the old python was taken aback. "My dear, I believe you flatter me too much. However, allow me to return the favour."
"Oh…l-little old me?"
Noticing her moment of weakness, the giant python moved closer, meeting her at eye-level. "Yesssssssss, if I may say so, you're a very attractive girl-cub — as far as your species goes anyway."
Amy was impressed, confounded by the charming personality of this mysterious python. Was he a long-lost species? Surely, judging by the hyper intelligence he clearly possessed.
"Please, I'm not attractive — really?" she quickly corrected herself, growing in confidence."
"Hmm? Oh, ccccccccertainly…"
It was at that point that the python's tail began lightly coiling around Amy's dainty ankle, so slowly that she couldn't even feel it invade her pale flesh. Patience was his greatest asset, a quality that he utilised to absolute perfection. The young girl didn't know it, but she was doomed the moment he laid eyes on her.
"Do you have a name?" she asked with a generous, beaming smile.
"Kaa, yessssssssss, and what about you, my dear?"
His tail sped up, looping across her freshly shaven calf and advancing upwards.
"A-Amy, Amy Blackshire…very nice to meet you, Kaa."
Kaa he was called by the inhabitants of the jungle, all of whom despised him. Jungle elephants, buffalo, boar and a host of others fled in his wake, even the infamously feared leopards, sporting a coat of black and gold. He was the undisputed ruler of the jungle, a python in his prime, for the long years of the world had gifted him with experience and knowledge. Never before had he come across a human so white, so devoid of colour. In a way she was beautiful to him, but there was only one thing on Kaa's mind — sating his insatiable lust for prey. He was, first and foremost, a sinister serpent, who lacked mercy and compassion, rather he relied heavily on seduction as a means to dominate his countless victims. As he slithered around the young woman once more, he had gotten a fair good look at her voluptuous, irresistible form. She was tall, yes, but also carried rippling muscle, had relatively slender shoulders and was somewhat allured by him, which he found surprising considering he hadn't even started seducing her. It was only a matter of time.
"Ssssssssssssay now, would you like me to show you a way out of the jungle?" he asked kindly, licking the tip of her twitching, salty nose. "I couldn't help but think that you were…losssssssst?"
"Lost? Oh, yes, I've been abandoned here by my friend," Amy sighed in disappointment, forming an expression of hatred.
Kaa's excitement soared. "You mean, there'ssssssssss someone elssssssssse with you?"
She paused for a moment as she glared curiously at the python. "Yes…why?"
"No reason, none what…sssssssso…ever…mhmhmh!" he chuckled, tickling her nose with his forked-tongue.
Kaa's belly rumbled once more, punching him, demanding that he finish her off right there and then. Happy to oblige, the python progressed the conversation.
"Tell me, Amy, ssssssssssshall I show you the way out of here?"
"I'd love that!" she replied in an instant, her cheeks flushing red.
"Hmm, excellent. In that cassssssse, hold still please."
Before she had a moment to protest, the old python formed a seat for her and placed it firmly against her shapely backside, before heaving her high in to the canopy, away from the dangers of the jungle floor. He gazed around a few times, making sure he hadn't been spotted by other predators that might be lurking nearby. Confident in his privacy, Kaa continued to pull her up, lapping his tail across her silky smooth thighs, rubbing them with the tip of his tail and forcing an exasperated reaction. His cool scales felt amazing against her own, boiling hot skin, like slipping in to an icy bath that didn't sting.
"Where are we going, Kaa?" Amy asked innocently, peering around the upper-branches of the trees.
"Oh, sssssssssomewhere no one will ever find you…"
He hissed sharply and gulped. "I mean, no one will be able to harm you."
"Well that's…nice, I guess…"
The moment of tension was broken when they reached the top of an Indian Rosewood Tree, a towering specimen even for its kind, and settled on a thick, winding branch that overlooked the entire jungle. The breeze was soft and gentle, relieving the young girl from the awful humidity.
"Oh my, it's stunning up here," she gasped, "I told my friend that it was a paradise, but she thought otherwise."
"You like it here?" Kaa hissed, coiling a great portion of his thick body around the branch before looking at her again. He didn't think much of the jungle.
"So, how do I get out of here?"
"Mhmhmhmhm! Did I ssssssssssay that?" he teased, looking skywards.
"…Yes, you promised to show me the way out of the jungle, Kaa."
He hissed lowly, almost purring as he gazed at her. "My ssssssssssilly little, insignificant girl-cub, I promised you nothing."
Before had a chance to protest, Kaa's eyes began to swirl and change colour.
"Y-you tricked me! Y-oh…"
In an instant, the old python's eyes were upon her, filling her field of view, blocking out the sunlight as it cascaded down from the azure-blue heavens. She had no time to cover her eyes, it was over as quickly as it had begun. A legion of bright, rainbow-like colours began to rotate and spin, fizzing along as her own eyes followed suit, the beautiful, sapphire-blue gradually replaced by the spectacular colours of Kaa's booming, intimidating eyes. The first step to claiming the young girl as his prey was finally under way — hypnosis.
"That'sssssssssss right, ssssssssstare in to my eyes, and let yoursssssssssself go…" he persuaded, his charming voice going straight through her beating heart that now thundered along.
Amy's body tingled, her spine arching as she felt a wave of a numbing sensation spread across her aching muscles, shutting them down one at a time. She didn't know it, but the hypnosis being dished out upon her not only took control of her mind, but her body as well. Soon, she would be nothing more than a puppet on strings, completely at the python's mercy. Kaa himself was overjoyed, for she proved far too easy to capture and lead away from anyone who might want to protect her from what was to inevitably follow.
"I-what a-are…y-you doing t-to me…?" Amy managed to splutter as she bobbed her head back and forth, her wide eyes swimming in all the colours of the rainbow.
"Sssssssssssssshhhhhhh, don't tire yourssssssssself out…jussssssssst give in to my coilssssssss…" Kaa hissed, his eyes nearly touching hers.
The tip of his tail began a mission down her shoulders, winding around them and drawing her arms taught to her sides. It moved slowly, flowing down her chest and perky breasts, tickling the tips of her erect nipples as the scales slid against her body, sending more shivers down her spine. The coils began to build, flowing like maple syrup as she continued to succumb to the effects of the hypnosis. A broad smile marched across her pale, parted lips, revealing her pearly, white teeth.
"Yessssssss, that'sssssssssss it. Who's a good girl…hmm?" he chuckled, applying a long, wet lick across her lips as he quickly unwound his coils and placed the tip of his tail on her forehead. A distinctly loud 'pinging' sound echoed across the canopy as her head shot up for a moment before returning back downwards to rejoin her neck. It was now, in that fateful moment, that Amy had completely and utterly resigned herself to the will of the giant python.
Kaa looked at his prey with lust.
"Lissssssssten, I wan't you to walk towardssssssssss the end of the branch…barefoot"
She complied before he could even finish his sentence, getting up on her own two feet and removing her footwear, heading straight for the tip of the curving, unstable branch that was splintering under their combined weight. As she began to fall off the edge, he stopped her with his coils, forming a staircase for her to walk down as he began singing angelically.
Kaa manipulated Amy's sumptuous form so that she was now lying on the thickest part of his body, right in the middle. He swung her back and forth, singing the same song over…and over again, seducing his prey with false words. Deception was his ploy, and it worked like a charm, for it never failed him. Amy simply grinned, blushing as her eyes continued to swirl, her mind turned to nothing but mulch, totally obedient. She could do nothing but wait for his command, and she would follow without question, such was the gravity of her helpless state. In a flash, as he began singing the final verse, Kaa lunged her in to the air and formed a cocoon of his thickest, strongest coils underneath, using his neck to slide her in and she did so in elegant fashion, like a graceful ballerina finishing a piece. The coils were humongous, covering her entirely save for her pretty head and faintly kicking, bare feet. To tease her further, the great python laid back against the base of the tree and grinned, lowering his eyes as the tip of his tail began tickling her delicate, sensitive soles, issuing a ticklish reaction. She squirmed feebly in his grasp, unable to move even if she wanted to.
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xx Re: Jungle Rhythm
« Reply #2 on: Jun 29th, 2017, 11:03pm »

His coils began to inch inwards, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed as she breathed in and out in rhythmic patterns. The coils were so overpowering, thick and immensely strong, like titanium as they worked to constrict her airways, forcing the precious air from her lungs — which were now set ablaze. A choke fell from her parted lips as she formed a desperate expression, though she was still bound to her captor by the assertive hypnosis. They rotated perpendicular to one another, grinding and pulling at her young body, squeezing tighter, without care, without compassion — crushing. There was a ripping sound as her top was bundled up by the rotating coils, and her soft stomach was exposed, soon lavished by the forked-tongue of the great python as he explored the deepest recesses of her sensitive navel. The coils continued to crush her body, pushing her slender arms closer towards her sides, treating them as though they were frail twigs. There was no escape, and her cheeks, now a dark shade of purple, seemed to emanate the scale of her predicament. Water teared from her eyes as she coughed and sputtered, begging for air even through her addled-mind. Kaa's inescapable coils were so tight, so…close, the best hug she had ever known, closer than any lover.
"Breathlesssssssssss, are we?" he hissed deviously.
Amy nodded, smiling once more.
"…Good, now…be a good girl and look at my mouth…I wouldn't want you to miss this for the world!"
He brought the hypnotised blonde over and positioned his head above her own, massaging her crown as he looked at her pretty face one last time.
"You know, it's a sssssssssshame, you really are a pretty one, aren't you? If only you were a sssssssssssssnake, all well…time to put you out of your misssssssssssery…mhmhmhmhm!"
The old python's mouth opened impossibly wide, his hissing increasing in tone as he shut his eyes and descended upon her. It was time to swallow the helpless blonde whole, for his rumbling belly had been without company for far too long.
He stretched over her head with ease, creating a dull, sucking sound as his scales were stretched to compensate for her timely arrival. Her head was taken in first, her eyes still swirling endlessly, a broad smile plastered on her face as she appeared to celebrate her demise. Kaa ignored her hypnotised state, consumed by the growing lust to swallow her whole as he flowed past her face, and her head was enveloped in darkness. It wasn't completely dark inside, his stretching scales revealed the elastic skin beneath, and the scorching sunlight illuminated the interior of his throat, displaying the internal muscles as they grabbed her skin. It was in that moment that she awoke, the hypnosis wearing off as a part of her brain overcame the effects, desperate to preserve her life. The sapphire-blue of her eyes returned, and a shocked expression, mimicking that of pure horror appeared. Amy kicked wildly, pleading to be freed from her impending doom, but the python wasn't letting up now — he had secured her as a meal fair and square.
Her screams were numbed by the tightness of the python's interior, for she grinned but not in a way that some might expect, grinding her teeth together as she struggled to breathe. It was unbearably hot and sticky, a solution coating her body to ease her one-way journey towards the belly where she would remain until the digestion process commenced. Kaa moved over her shoulders, marching onwards towards her generous, bouncing breasts, making sure to give them a good taste before continuing onwards. Although sinister and somewhat perverted, the old python was still ruthlessly efficient in dominating his prey - Amy was no different. Far more attractive than his usual quarry, yes, but she would suffer the same treatment, that much was certain.
There was another grinding noise as he pulled himself over his prey's body, sucking her down with no great amount of effort at all. For safety purposes, he left his windpipe hanging just outside his mouth, making sure he could breathe throughout the arduously long process. He sorely wished he could talk to taunt her of her coming demise.
Amy was petrified, not only had she been tricked and lied to, but her young life was about to draw to a sudden, dramatic close at the hands of a deviously intelligent python. She had been completely outsmarted, outdone, outthought — and she loved it in some senseless manner. The idea of being deceived fascinated her, and she soon began to analyse the details of her situation in greater depth. She could see a lot inside the python's winding, uncomfortably tight body. Kaa, by now, had reached her child-bearing hips, and even though she would bear no children, he took sadistic pleasure in to arriving at that realisation. Down the blonde girl went, descending in to the pink darkness as she was literally squeezed through Kaa's body, as though she were on a slippery, yet smelly, waterslide at an amusement park of some sorts.
After another ten minutes, her gentle — faintly kicking feet — were the last thing to prove her existence. Kaa had taken two hours swallowing her, and it was an incredibly sensual experience for him, enhanced by Amy's obedience, even after the effects of his hypnosis long wore off. As she slipped through his body, her feet joined her, and he stretched his mouth, hissing in victory. He turned his attention to her sliding body, drooping his eyes as he watched her flow towards his belly, his beautiful scales stretching to compensate her size. It was tremendously satisfying to witness a young girl's curvaceous form slip through his body, like watching the first rain of the wet season thunder across the expanse of the jungle. Another hiss left his mouth as he watched her come to a stop, resting in his great belly before resting his shovel-like head atop her breasts, which could easily be seen from the outside world.
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