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Jan 20th, 2018, 1:25pm

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 veryhotthread  Author  Topic: Mysterious Fathoms Below (Rebooted! Arr!)  (Read 2752 times)
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xx Re: Mysterious Fathoms Below (Rebooted! Arr!)
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As the two Captains clambered across the ship, Ren dragging what appeared to be a small child along with her, Jonathan Hearty continued to wrestle with the ship’s wheel, struggling to right the course of the ship, as first Connor, and then Ren called that land was fast approaching. The ship had already taken a bad hit a few moments earlier, and listed horribly to one side. Even as he pulled furiously at the wheel, trying his best to turn the ship, he knew it was fruitless. The ship ground to a very sudden halt, and Hearty was tossed from the ship’s wheel into the side of the deck, sliding across the rain-slicked wood a few feet. He rose again, his hands attempting to wipe clean his overcoat, though the garment was thoroughly soaked through, and squinted out at the island they’d lodged themselves onto. Perhaps it was simply because they were no longer at risk of meeting a watery death, but it seemed the storm was less severe than it had been a few moments ago, when they’d been over deeper waters.

Jonathan squinted up, at the island they’d just crashed into. If he knew where they were, there certainly wasn’t any known, inhabited island that they could have run into. He supposed it might have been possible that they had been sent very, very far off course. In all likelihood, this was just a very small island that only existed to catch unaware sailors off guard, or sailors who had been too busy battling a hurricane to notice in time.

Sighing, Jonathan looked up the soaked decks of the ship. “There’s...there’s nothing more we can do tonight. We’re...we’re safe enough for now.” The First Mate of the Titan slid down the side of a railing, exhausted. The crew would not be troubled for the rest of the night.

Mornings were always slow for the city of Kaimahina. As sunlight gently streamed through the tall windows of her room, Evangelion rose slowly, brushing her long purple hair out of her eyes. She slid out of her soft bed smoothly, her long dark purple tail swaying powerfully as she rose uprise, stretching luxuriously. As she awoke, memories of the night before flooded back to her, the terrible beauty of the storm, the little ship bobbing on the water’s surface and...her sister. Evangelion moved across her bedroom, opening the high doors and entering the antechamber to her and Guinevere’s bedrooms. Her sister was not there, but the door to her room was closed. She wondered if her sister was in, or if she was already out and about. She stared for a moment at the dark ornate door, lost in thought.

What had Finn and Gwen talked about, Eva wondered, on the long trip rom the surface to the Royal Castle? She could scarcely imagine the rage Finn must have unleashed on her older sister. She pictured it, Gwen stoically staring at the castle, Finn shouting and raging at her, Obs sneering over at the both of them. And what would their mother say? The thought gave Eva pause. Had Finn gone to her? Would he go to her? Finn had been trying to do more and more around the castle and the kingdom, and the Queen was ill, but this was such an important issue, surely he couldn’t leave their mother out of this matter.

Evangelion, sitting in the antechamber, realized that, as she had been thinking, voices were drawing louder and louder. Evangelion sat up a little straighter, listening carefully.
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